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Written by Motts on February 5 2011

I’ve looked into this a bit and had a couple of rare thoughts. First of all you need to understand this new rule: “you’ll play over 15 rounds, with the 5 rounds where three AFL clubs have a bye (Round 4, 5, 6, 16 and 19) also being ‘bye’ rounds in your leagues (no head-to-head match ups). Your team continues to play and score as usual in the general comp over those 5 rounds. Finals series follow during Rounds 21-24.”

So if all you’re looking to do is win your league and not win the whole thing, then it makes sense for you to pick players from teams who’s byes coincide with Rounds 4, 5, 6, 16 and 19. These are those teams:

R4: Brisbane Lions, St. Kilda, Western Bulldogs

R5: Melbourne, Sydney Swans, West Coast Eagles

R6: Fremantle, Geelong Cats, Hawthorn

R16: Adelaide Crows, Fremantle, Melbourne

R19: Brisbane Lions, Richmond, Sydney Swans

Players from Brisbane, Fremantle, Sydney, and Melbourne are therefore more attractive because both their byes occur on non-competitive weeks.

The other thing to keep in mind is who you’ll be missing during the SC Finals series over Rounds 21-24. These are the teams with byes in those weeks:

R21 -North

R22 -Geelong

R23 -Carlton

R24 – Essendon

So on that basis, I won’t be selecting any Essendon players that I don’t intend to upgrade during the season because I’m going to want every single gun I have to be on the park when I make my leagues’ GF’s.

Hope that all makes sense. Feel free to comment if you think I’ve interpreted this incorrectly or if you have any other tips that you think will help.


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38 thoughts on “New Rules Analysis”

  1. Motts, with round 4,5 and 6 byes in the leagues, will round 1,2 and 3 now count for head to heads? (Whereas in previous years these have just been “warm up” rounds.) Otherwise, the way I’m reading what you’re saying is that there won’t even be enough rounds for each team to play ALL teams in their league before Finals come about and also the first head to heads won’t be until round 7??

    Am I on the right page?


  2. OK…so, no Judd, no Murphy, no Gibbs …. well, maybe Gibbs, if we keep a trade up our sleeves for that week, or, can utilise a ‘super sub’ to come off the bench for preliminary final weekend.
    I am gutted that I will not be able to consider Essendon or Caaarlton players for my team ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. What I’m looking at is WHEN certain teams have their first bye, which could dictate how quickly rookies will grow in value.

    The last 3 teams to have their first bye are Essendon (R10), Richmond (R11) and Port (R12). So, all other things being equal, rookies from these teams will increase in value sooner than rookies from other teams.

    GC have both their byes in the first 9 rounds of the season. As compelling are the reasons for loading up on them from the start, R10 could be a perfect time to downgrade rookies from other teams to GC rookies, given that they will play every game from there on in.

    Also, Collingwood has it’s byes in R7 and R13. I’m only starting the season with only one premium Pie, but then by R14 will be looking to add more. (Collingwood is the first team to have BOTH byes out of the way.)

    There’s now so much info and general tips to help SC players. But what’s good about this year is that you can gain an advantage if you plan your season around WHEN teams have their byes.


  4. 2 GAMES IN A GAME , your either playing overall ranking or your playing for league wins …i will be picking my team for leaue wins … sorry scotland ,carazo , shit no gibbs …im in trouble …hehehe


  5. my team please comment

    Gibbs, Delidio, Bruce, Hurn, Drummond, Adcock, Otten

    Bench: talia, puopolo,duigan

    Goddard, Jack, Boak, Krakour, Gaff, heppel,

    Bench: Swallow (GC) , Harris ,Contin

    Forward: Riewolt, Didak, Rioli, Pettard, Dangerfield, Hurley, Petri

    Bench: Mzungu, Butcher, callinan,

    Ruck: Sandilands, Clarke

    Bench: j tippet, Bailey

    I have a strategy to have 3 rookies 3 premiums for midfield so dont worry bout that bit of it

    i have a bout 90 k left


  6. Pretty sure the person who wins the 55K will also win their leagues so the theory of two ways of approaching SuperCoach this year has an element of negativity in it.

    Of all the theories and ideas that people have floated, the clearest ones are these:
    > no more than two from one team in each line (ideally only one)
    > avoid guns from teams with late season byes (Judd, Murphy, Gibbs and Watson) unless you are happy to use up a trade on them through the course of the season
    > select carefully throughout the second half of the season to ensure you pick up players that have had both their byes

    Worse thing about all of this is that next year it’ll all revert back to the old SuperCoach that we know and love with the addition of GWS. All the tips and tricks we pick up along the way are going to be of no use to us next season!!



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