Offseason Punters Club 2013

Written by Motts on August 30 2013

Hawker’s suggested putting together an offseason Punters Club so I’m throwing it out there to see how much interest there is.

I’m open to how we structure it but am pretty happy with how the one I’m in now goes:

  1. Everybody pays $10 a week
  2. One punter a week gets to punt with the money allocated for that week
  3. If you win more than the money that’s been allocated to you for the week, you get another crack the week after
  4. Betting is usually on the nags but I’m happy to open it up to anything – EPL, tennis, golf, whatever

I’m happy to act as the repository for the group’s funds but I don’t want to be chasing people for dough so its going to have to be cash up front for this. Punters’ bets will be published on SCT on Saturday mornings. I’ll be putting the bets on via

Let me know if you’re keen in Comments.

Probably a good time to look at your best bets for this week. The first Group 1 of the spring, the Memsie Stakes, is on tomorrow. Atlantic Jewel will start the short price favourite ($1.90 at time of writing) but with Its a Dundeel, Super Cool, Fiorente and Green Moon all running it should be a ripping race. Box all except Green Moon up in a flexi trifecta and hope AJ doesn’t get up.


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24 thoughts on “Offseason Punters Club 2013”

  1. Not a big punter, so I wouldn’t be involved, but I’ll be interested to follow your results each week.

    I did however put on my first AFL/SC multi on in a long time this round:

    All SC points H2H:

    JPK to beat ROK $1.70
    – JPK has beaten ROK in 5 of the last 6 games.
    – JPK has a great history against the Hawks with 143, 126 and 176 in his last 3 against them.
    – ROK has had one big game (159, 2012) in his last 4 encounters against them. The other three have yielded scores of 89, 95, 91

    Murphy to beat Gibbs $1.90
    – As we all know first hand, Gibbs has not tonned up in the last 8 games, only scoring 90+ once in that period
    – Murphy hasn’t been great, but has still beaten Gibbs in the last 3 games and the only game he dropped under 90 in his last 6 was against Crowley
    – Murphy has a much better record against Port with 4 scores of 127+ in his last 5 against them
    – Gibbs has dropped a 79 and 89 in his last two against the Power.

    Watson to beat Goddard $1.80
    – Watson has gone 110+ 13 times in 17 games (not counting collarbone game)
    – Goddard has gone 110+ only 8 times in 21 games
    – Watson dominated the game against the Tigers in R9 with 166 points
    – Goddard plays pretty well against Richmond, but hasn’t gone massive for a while against them (last 3: 104, 106, 102).

    Multi at Sportsbet for $5.81


  2. Well motts looks like it will be a goer.

    So of course I am in.

    Should be fun tracking the results hopefully we get a few good wins and everyone can fly to Thailand to celebrate the end of year function.


  3. I’m interested, but recognising my weakness as a poor gambler, it’s probably not in everyone’s best interests for me not to take the reigns when it comes too placing the bets…. So if your short on numbers I can offer chip in the cash and hand over the betting reigns to someone else…. But prob best you only count me in if short on numbers.


  4. Right so we’ve got:

    That’s 11 meaning it’ll be a A$110 outlay. I’ll endeavour to get an email out this week.


  5. What’s the punter order Mottsy?

    Reason being I’ll be overseas on the 28th Sept and 12th Oct.
    If I’m up for either of these weekends, please amend as I’ll need to do the form!

    Thanks mate.



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