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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 2 2017

Everyone’s 2nd favorite player: Robert Murphy.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fans convey their sympathies to an injured opposition player as with Murph in Rd3 last year.  You could see it on his face when it happened, he knew his season was over.  As a neutral supporter, the raw emotion showed by Bob during the Finals series was something special.  You can bet he’ll be itching to get back out there in 2017!

Murph may be turning 35 in June, but his best Supercoach years have all come over the age of 30.  His best effort came in 2013 with a 99 avg from 19 games played.  After averaging 89 & 91 over the next two years, Bob started 2016 in a blaze of glory with scores of 112, 102 & 95…….before his knee buckled late against Hawthorn in Rd3.

In any case, you know what you’re going to get with Murph.  Good user of the ball on both sides, never stops trying & someone that is hungry for his own premiership medal.  Is that enough justification for Supercoach?  If I was nit-picking, I’d say there are a number of Bulldogs ahead of him that will probably crack a 100 avg (Boyd, Johannisen, Bont, Macrae, Dahlhaus).  Can Murph get there as well?  At $392 300 it’s definitely a tempting offer but you’d be committing for the entire season.  Are you prepared to take that chance?


Can you find a spot for Murph in your starting line-up?

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