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Written by Schwarzwalder on July 5 2018

Catta wants to know where all our SCT Coaches are sitting at the moment.ย  Has 2018 been kind to you?ย  Or has it been a continual struggle?ย  Where are you on the overall rankings after Rd15?


Where do you stand right now on the Overall Rankings?

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25 thoughts on “Poll – Overall Ranking”

  1. 4243, the byes sent me from 1900 down a flight of stairs to about 6000, but at full premo I’m coming back and hopefully finish inside 2k.


  2. Cattaโ€™sClan@SCT
    6 trades to go after Iโ€™ve replaced Fyfe

    Won 20/20 leagues in the last fortnight ( not Fortnite for you young gamers out there ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    This week my opposition ladder placing are ….3x18th, 1x17th, 1x16th, 1x15th, 1x12th, 1x7th, 1x6th & 1x5th …so going for 30/30 league wins in 3 weeks if Iโ€™m lucky.

    Current ladder postions for Cattaโ€™s Clan in all leagues are currently …. 6 x top 4โ€™s, 2 x top 8โ€™s, 1x11th & 1 x 12th

    3 leagues in the top 100 including … 2x Cattaโ€™s Challenge @SCT leagues & SCT contributes league
    2 leagues in the top 200 including a Cattaโ€™sChallenge @ SCT league & a healthy long lasting cash league
    Others are cash & friends leagues

    Great to see so many coaches & leagues from SCT in the top 50, 100, 1000, 10,000….well done to you all

    Good luck for a strong finish SCT coaches


  3. 269 – hoping to stay within top 500 and for premiums in my team to stay on the field and not continue to be injured – Fyfe, Heeney, Crouch, Battle, Redman


  4. Currently 831 – held steady over the byes (jumped, then dropped, then held) and jumped a couple hundred spots last week.

    I’m not aiming for a particular rank but by season’s end, although I’d be disappointed if I fall outside the top 1,000 considering my team and trade situation. My goal is to be within 1,000 points of the eventual winner, and I’m about 1,150 back now.


  5. Hi Daniel Z
    Great work mate. Iโ€™m one place and one point behind you!
    With only 4 trades left and an injured Fyfe on my bench, I am not confident of staying in the top 1,000 unless I have a lot of luck with injuries on the run home.
    Good luck!

    As for everyone else, there are some outstanding team and league performances among SCTers. Huge congrats to all and keep it going. Says everything there is to say about the quality of the contributors and coaches on this site. Thanks all.

    Go you good things! ๐Ÿ™‚



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