Poll – Rozee Future

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 9 2019

A96J asked the question of Rozee in the Polling Station and we’re happy to help………..

After his five-goal-haul and 126pts against the Lions on the weekend, Connor Rozee jumped $70k in price and still has a breakeven of -48.  Is it too late to jump on?  For those that missed out?  Or should they let that ship sail?


Is it worth getting on Rozee (PTA) after his price rise?

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7 thoughts on “Poll – Rozee Future”

  1. We all knew he was going to be a good player. Just wish he showed this scoring potential in JLT. Would love to have him over setterfield at F5


    1. If you’ve got the spare $140k to make that trade, surely you could it more wisely than trading a rookie to a rookie.


  2. Im thinking trading him for dusty via heeney and pocketing the cash. Can then swing to defence for burgess and have long term dpp with moore.


    1. Only worth it if you’re going to be upgrading someone to a premium elsewhere with the gained cash, otherwise you’re just going backwards.


  3. Schwartz.

    Sorry to be a pain but… Rozee scored 116 not 126 last week.

    I’m feeling a little flat as I had the cash to go Hore to Rozee but opted to move Duursma back and get in Butters.

    I’m hoping its Butters turn to ton up this week.

    As for getting in Rozee this week. I feel the horse has bolted.

    Unless you have a very poor midpricer you need to offload, I would be avoiding Rozee as he has probably already made 30% of his cash, and is very unlikely to maintain his current average.

    Good luck to those that started him 🙂



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