Punters Club – Weendog

Written by Motts on April 4 2020

Caulfield R1 Phere Here $5.00 @ 17
Caulfield R4 Oasis Girl $5.00 Win @ 13
Randwick R3 Two Big Fari $10.00 Win @ 7
Randwick R3 Healing Hands $10.00 Place @ 4
Randwick R6 Mamaragan $20.00 Win @ 3.25
Randwick R9 Nettoyer $5.00 Win @ 34
Randwick R9 Prince Fawaz $5.00 Win @ 15
Randwick R9 Brandenburg $10.00 Win @ 8.50
Multi 1
Caulfield R1 Sahara Song Place
Caulfield R5 Absolute Flirt Place
Caulfiled R8 Benitoite Win
$10 @ 12.07
Multi 2
Randwick R5 Gallic Chieftain Place
Randwick R9 Yulong Prince Place
$10 @ 11
Multi 3
Randwick R2 Kubrick Place
Randwick R8 Pierata Place
$10 @ 3.96
Good luck to us all.

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14 thoughts on “Punters Club – Weendog”

  1. Well Done Weendog with Oasis getting home leading all the way. Pity we did not have the $19.60 Tote Odds.


    1. I punt with Bet365, TDA. Their price promise means we get the drift. $5 @ 19 = $95. Great stuff, weendog!!


      1. Haha – price drift sweet.

        And well done Mottsy as well for securing those odds! Just need one more to land to get in the green


  2. Great Stuff Weendog just what the PC needed and why Mottsy and I encouraged you to join the club on Twitter.


  3. So that’s it for Weendog. We’ll bank $200 of his winnings and he’ll be back next week with another hunge. Fantastic effort off two $5 bets today mate. I’ll be joining him next week.


  4. The carlton V richmond preliminary final game on 7 vault showed us heaps
    1. The coach is irrelevant and its all about the players.
    2. Malthouse is a crap coach who knows nothing about team synergy and player psychology, after losing the next game Malthouse forced Duigan, Betts, Henderson, Yarran, Garlett and Bell out of the club and Scotland and warnock chose to retire due to the psychological damage that Malthouse inflicted. Those constituted the best 8 players on ground.
    3. Rance is the most overrated defender of this century. When opposed to an actual footballer with equal athletic ability he can’t get a kick.
    4. Dimma is a terrible strategist, even a team of players who hate their ego maniac coach and would have missed the final if essendon didn’t run a drug testing regime on their players can nullify his his best strategies.
    5. Even after this evidence of his crapness Malthouse will still be called a great coach by the ‘no idea’ football media
    6. No live footy sucks more than having covid-19


    1. Deano if you are not aware Weendogs twitter account gives out free betting tips to his followers, live – betting on all sorts of sports especially AFL which is his speciality and he only occasionally dabbles on the horses.



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