R21 Comes To A Close

Written by Duck on August 18 2013

Who’s still in the running for a premiership and who’s got mad Monday tomorrow?


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41 thoughts on “R21 Comes To A Close”

  1. 2105/Rockliff

    Knocked out of two finals and going into two prelims with a nice Heppell donut with no trades left.



  2. had the week off but only got 2084. Basically have all the players in doubt next week in Cox, Hartlett, Heppell, Hanley, clisby. This coupled with horrific performances by Shaw, Dusty (25!!!), Cotchin, Ablett (c), Fyfe, JJK, Griffen and Mckenzie basically leaves my backline at Goddard…

    Thank god for
    Pendles- 110
    Swan- 129
    Monfries- 109
    Goddard- 110
    Rocky- 105
    Bartel- 135
    Stevie J- 110
    barlow- 117
    Kennedy (Finally)- 136
    Minson- 108

    Still fuming over my choice of taking Cotchin over selwood in round 12 despite selwood being 40k cheaper…


  3. 5/5 Preliminary Finals coming up for Catta’s Clan next week end, including a 1st prelim v MJ in LoEC1. Looking forward to the challenge v MJ again, but it may be interesting with injuries & MRP for both our teams!

    Bring it on ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. 2209/Gaz massive shit week i was projected for 2500 so many premos did bad, gaz big let down =[, should of went Barlow instead, Only played 1 game and won it rest had week off

    Ranked 329 overall so guess not to bad ๐Ÿ˜›

    Stevie J

    Thompsonโ€ฆ (Lucky Duffield scored a 83)


  5. 2299/Selwood

    Pretty stoked with my score this week, being the 3rd highest of all the top 100 players. Shoots my ranking back up to 15th from 30th and gives me an outside chance of finishing the season back in the top 10. (Looks like ‘TheDimmaWits’ has one hand on the $50k, 128 points up on 2nd place).

    Through to the Prelim in all 5 leagues.


  6. 2197/GAJ 3/3 League Wins
    What might’ve been: 2334/Joelwood (Duffield on for Heppell, Lamb on for Martin)

    Into 3 Minor Prelims and 1 Major.

    My captaincy curse continued – but I dodged a bullet because I was tossing up between GAJ and Cox. JPK blasted out a nice score to put my league results beyond doubt.


    Martin (25)
    Heppell (39)
    Hanley (55)
    McKenzie (55)
    Cotchin (62)

    Passing without honours:
    Duffield (E) 83
    Staker (73)
    Ablett (C) 97
    Cox (89)
    Priddis (88)
    Rioli (96)
    Lamb (E) (71)
    Gibbs (89)

    Passing with distinction:
    Zorko (101)
    Rockliff (105)
    Goddard (110)
    Franklin (101)
    Pendlebury (110)
    Maric (118)

    Class Presidents:
    Swan (129)
    JPK (136)
    Bartel (135)
    Deledio (143)
    Joelwood (144)

    Got 3 trades left, so got to decide how to split them: 1-2 or 2-1. Clouds over Cox, Heppell, Hanley… Still got Nicholls on the bench too.


  7. 1989 ๐Ÿ™

    So I finished the regular season sitting in the top 400 overall, and sitting top 4 in all 5 of my leagues. Then come finals… Last week scored 2101 and lost all my games, luckily had a double chance but i moved down to 621 overall. This week lost all 5 again with this weeks shocking sub 2000 score to end my finals campaign. Will surely drop way way way out of the top 1000 as well.

    My team can’t handle the pressure of finals…


  8. 2253 -wowweee!! Being down & out, so in a last ditch effort for victory against Fishy in LoEC , I traded in D.Pearce (Google search to see who he is and who he plays for) and boy oh boy didn’t he deliver to drag the Burblers` over the line and set up a prelim against Roo bloke.

    Well done Dave, good game


  9. 2113 / Selwood

    Not a huge score but it was a tough weekend. I managed to sneak into four prelim finals, absolutely stoked!! Even more so considering I have no trades and a guaranteed donut in the backline (Clisby, Goodes and Clarke all out for the season). Special thanks to the following players for getting me over the line:

    * Heath Shaw & Dusty Martin – you two numbnuts practically nullified that donut of mine……respect

    * Ben McEvoy – subbed out early, cheque is in the mail son!

    * Gary Ablett – every opponent had you as captain. Learnt my lesson from last week and used the loophole on you and Selwood. In the end it was the difference between Prelim Finals and Mad Monday.

    Good luck in your prelims!!!!


  10. Like most I had Hepp and Hanley. Rotten luck in an elim final.

    What on earth happened to: Dusty, Shaw, Cotch, Rok, Griff and JJK?

    How can this many disasters stike on one weekend?


  11. mad monday for me. bundled out in straights sets with one of my worst scores of the year. i’m still in a bit of shock. nothing to play for but got two trades left so gonna sack Martin and Shaw in protest against their disgraceful scores, and stripping Ablett of the C.
    would really like to thank everyone who gave me a thumb or offered advice, and especially to all the fine folks that run this site- it’s definitely the best SC resource there is, and apart from trade tips etc always good for a few laughs too. thanks very much for all the hard work, can’t wait for next year!


  12. 2256 / GAJ

    Shaw, Heppell & JJK dissapointed.
    Heppell, Hartlett & Cox all in doubt for next week. Meant i had to hold back on trades this week.
    2 big pre-lim’s this week, so hopefully at least 1 or 2 from the 3 in doubt come up.


  13. 2175

    What a disaster of a round. Used my last trade to bring Dusty for Nicholls and he thanked me by belting out a courageous 25! ๐Ÿ˜ก GAJ failed as capt. Suffered two injury subs in Heppell & Hanley, and if Hartless’ shoulder doesn’t get him, the MRP will!

    Unbelievably though managed to improve my ranking from 68 to 59!! :mrgreen: Made the prelim in my cash league and the LoEC2, but bowed out in straight sets in the SCT cash league.

    Sweating on Kroozer to play if Cox gets done by the MRP with MrBean and Rowe no chance to play. Heppell, Hanley and Hartless all gone for the year, and Cotchin has an inj shin. Looking at at least 1 donut, maybe 2. Outta trades. I’ll never learn ๐Ÿ™


  14. Still in 4/5.

    Took a bit of bad luck with some big scores from his previous weeks donuts, plus huge scores from his emergencies of sam mayes and blitzer, and scott d thompson donutting for me to knock me out by 90 points.

    The synchronicity was against me. Shiat happens.

    4/5 is still good and I am still in my main league, and the bloods are in the top 4.

    Game on…. moles. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. 2,126/Swan (Via VC)..

    Dunno what feeling is worse.. Having Heater, Hep D, Hartlett & McKenzie in the D.. Or having Big Ivan & Bartel on the pine… Ranking still went up somehow.. Now sitting at 5,002.. Lost my only match this week, but have 4 prelims next wk.. The real problem is that I only have 1 trade left.. Awful couple of weeks leading into the deep end of the finals…


  16. 2216/Swan
    in 5/5 league matches next week.
    looking with 2 matches to go to sneak into the top 200 as im currently 247.
    hope for good news with hep, hanley, cox otherwise i could be in a bit of trouble.
    i have 3 trades left, with the carnage of this week do you suggest
    T/U- 2-1 order of trades
    T/D- 1-2 order of trades
    im sure there are some in the same situation with critical matches to come


  17. 2210/GAJ Fell for the Ablett trap again this week, and lost with a huge finale by my opponent.
    It’s not often that you get a run of bad luck like I did yesterday to finish the season, into the last day I had McEvoy, Fyfe and Griffin and a 60 point advantage vs Danyle Pearce and Tory Dickson. Some weeks I would have said that the 60 point advantage might have been enough, but it wasn’t to be. 122 and 152 from my opponent followed by McEvoy being subbed out on 23 and poor weeks from Griffin and Fyfe, needless to say I lost and was shattered. That was the unlosable game and I really disapointing end to my SCeason.

    Good luck to everyone still heading into finals. I’m still in my non preferred league, but the competition just doesnt match up. Cheers for a good year where I’ve followed this and made it into the top 10000 for the first time.


  18. 2,387 this round. Gaz. (spewing I didn’t go with Selwood again nearly would have got the $1000 bucks for the round).

    117th highest score of the round and puts me back into the top 1000! Through to 3 prelims with two trades and 176k. Feeling confident but you never know…



    Still alive but soooooooo many injuries, MRP and disappointing scores …… limping towards the finish line

    Hoping my opponent has the same issues

    TU – Sacrifice a chicken to the SC Gods
    TD – Too late the SC Gods have been angered


  20. 1995/GAJ did the loop with Pendles as VC, gut feeling was to put C on Selwood but went GAJ. Captain choice has flogged me last 4-5 weeks, always putting it on Pendles or GAJ in the down week, Such is life!! Had 2 donuts in defence so lucky to get through.
    No trades left.


  21. Long time reader first time writer.
    Dustin Martin WTF!!!
    Hannebery – Premium midfielder? More like average dog turd. Cant handle a tag much!!!! Hasnt scored over 100 since bringing him in recently.
    Fyfe gets a nomination for shittest trade in too. Brought him in for the finals and scored sub100 both times.
    Undefeated in my league until losing last 3 games of the year.
    FMSC!! 2 trades left – bash em up your A


  22. 2250/gaz

    Only had one game in sct4 and got through to the prelim so thats 5 prelims this week…ranked about 2300 so absolutely stoked, no trades left and have cox, hartlett and hanley so hope they all pull through



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