R22 Captain Selection

Written by Duck on August 23 2013

This is it, stuff this up and it’s season over.

I’m leaning towards Swan or Pendlebury Friday night into GAJ on Sunday. I hope it doesn’t get to that and one of the Pies boys brings me home a buck fifty or more … just need to pick correctly now.

What are you doing? Going for a straight out C or a VC option first?

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34 thoughts on “R22 Captain Selection”

  1. I need some advice boys.
    Like most SC owners who are still alive in the finals, my opponents team line-up, and my line-up, are almost identical, so I’m looking for an edge with my captain choice.
    I wanted to make Pendles my VC and use the loophole if he kills it. The problem is, my opponent will do the exact same thing. One difference in our teams, however, is I have Swan, and he doesn’t.
    My question is, should I play defence and keep Pendles as VC, or should I go balls out and make Swan my VC? If Pendles outscores Swan by a fair margin, I may be screwed, but if its the other way around, it may win me my matchup.
    Would like some input thanks fellas…. Cheers.


  2. Dilemma, which option do I go for

    T/U Gawn – Goldstein (Leaving no coverage in backline if hanley is late withdrawal) – Take a Risk

    T/D Cox to Rucks, Trade Clisby – Mayne (comment other less than $483k) & Swing DPP Staker to Backline to give me coverage – Play it Safe


  3. Mmmmmm, the mind starts to plays tricks on you when you’re up against MJ in the 1st Prelim final in LoEC1……………not only a gun SC player but a king of the loophole when the opportunity is there!

    Pendles has belted out some gr8 scores on Friday night football, looking at his last 5 v WC, he’s gone 125, 155, 140, 138 & 139 for an average of 139.4

    Gazza, although off his tucker the last few weeks, he’s only 4 games v Saints in the GC jumper have gone 178, 64, 143 & 138 for an average of 130.75

    Swanny going along in typical Swan style of late, enjoyed his last 5 v WC but not gone calypso, he’s gone 135,118,117,130 & 86 for an average of 117.2

    Watson in his last 5 v the Blues has been mediocre for his standards, only netting scores of 79, 87, 104, 67 & 116 for an average of only 90.6

    Barlow going along well & pretty consistent but his 3 games v Port have also been quite average going 94, 80 & 86 for an average of only 86.6

    I’m thinking Pendles (VC) into the little master, although Gaz has been quiet over the last 2 weeks he’s 1 of the major reason’s I’m positioned where I am this season. So I’m looking at showing the faith and donning the big (C) on Gazza if Pendles has a sub 145 game tonight.

    PS……………… Subject to change MJ ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Help me out fellas, I’m choosing between JJK and Staker to fill the F6 spot. Both forward bench players are playing so I’m unable to implement the emergency loophole.

    Kennedy scored a terrible 45 two weeks ago in their 53 point win over Essendon (yes, 45 in a side that smashed the opposition), and followed it up with a 55 against Geelong last week. He has scored one goal in his past two games. His average, however, is better than Staker’s at 94.63 (67.0 over last three rounds). He plays Collingwood tonight at the MCG, he has only played there once this year for a 136 (vs Melbourne).

    Staker has scored 79 and 73 in his past two performances, and ultimately won me my semi-final as I fortunately subbed him on for Kennedy last minute. His average is 80.15 (14.48 less than Kennedy). He is versing the Bulldogs at the Gabba in which he has averaged 83.71 there this year.

    My opponent doesn’t have Kennedy whilst they have Staker, so this decision could be ‘match-defining’. I’m leaning towards Staker purely as to negate my opponent as I feel Kennedy may be in for another below average performance given the horrendous Melbourne weather we’ve had all week which won’t help him one bit as he attempts to break out of a form slump. Add that to two strong defenders in Keefe and Brown, with a loose Maxwell, and I can’t see him scoring much.

    But you guys help me out:

    T/U- Staker
    T/D- Kennedy


  5. I’m choosing Swan as VC over Pendles as my opponent doesn’t have Swan and I need to choose a POD (I have 2 donuts in the backline!).
    My dilemma is whether my captain should be Jack, Stevie J or Barlow. Stevie J and Jack have the potential to go big while Barlow is really consistent.
    T/U Stevie J
    T/D Jack
    Comment – Barlow


  6. Need to pull one out of the box to win as I have no cover for Scott D Thomspon in the backs, very frustarting as I have cover on the bench in all other lines ๐Ÿ™

    putting the VC on Dangermouse who can hopefully have a day out aginst the Dees into Gazza w…fingers crossed


  7. Any love for Joel Selwood for the VC loophole?

    Last 10 games:
    GWS Giants @ Skoda Stadium 137
    Brisbane @ Gabba 135
    Fremantle @ Simonds Stadium 54
    Hawthorn @ MCG 151
    Melbourne @ Simonds Stadium 133
    Adelaide @ AAMI Stadium 137
    St Kilda @ Simonds Stadium 151
    North Melbourne @ Etihad Stadium 103
    Port Adelaide @ Simonds Stadium 160
    West Coast @ Patersons Stadium 144

    10 Game Average: 130.5
    Take out the score of 54 and the average is: 139.0
    Last 4 games down at Kardina Park: 54, 133, 151, 160
    Last two meetings against the Swans: 111 and 163 fat ones

    He loves it dirty, tight and in-close (like most of us) and has now added goal scoring to his resume.


  8. This week draw and sort of helped me to some degree.

    For my POD Danger is the man, but I am going to need at least 150 from him to be any show.

    By Sunday I will know if Danger does not deliver what state I am in, if my opponents have struggled I can be safe whack it on Gazza, if however I am in trouble put it on Lids and hope for the best.

    Some saving grace.


  9. Hey guys looking for some advice on captains for this weekend, can’t pick between Ablett and Selwood. What are everyones thoughts.


    Selwood T/U

    Ablett T/D



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