Racing SuperCoach 2019

Written by Motts on September 10 2019

If you love the nags and supercoach there is a way to combine your passions over the spring racing carnival while you’re going through SC DT’s (hmmm that didn’t sound quite right).

Its called Racing SuperCoach, its free, you can win $25k and its a lot of fun.

You pick a stable of 10 horses. Then you pick a jockey (jocks are free). Like AFL SC you have a budget you need to work within for the horses ($2m) and the horse you simply can’t go without this year is Mystic Journey which will set you back a mere $500k. The cheapest horses will set you back $50k and there’s some good value to be found amongst them.

Like AFL SC, horse prices will change. You’ll see their values increase or decrease depending on their finishing position from the completion of round one. The better your stable performs in each round, the more money you will have to spend in the sale yard ahead of the next round.

Every time one of your horses finishes within the first ten places in a race you will receive points. The higher they place, the more points you get. The tougher the race, the more points you get. You nominate one ‘captain’ per week and receive double points for that runner. Your jockey will also earn points for every race in which he or she finishes first, second or third in that round.

Finish Position G1 Race G2 Race G3 Race Listed/Other Jockey
1 40 32 24 18 3
2 32 24 18 14 2
3 24 18 14 12 1
4 18 14 12 10
5 14 12 10 8
6 12 10 8 6
7 10 8 6 4
8 8 6 4 2
9 6 4 2 1
10 4 2 1 1

Now unlike AFL SC your horses don’t run every week so you need to consider carefully the list of races and the types of races that are on the schedule. The race meetings that are covered in SC Racing are:

2019 SuperCoach Racing Calendar

Round Date(s) Track(s) Group, Listed Races
One Sep 28/Sep 29 Rosehill and Caulfield Two G1, Three G2, Three G3, Two Listed
Two Oct 5 Randwick and Flemington Four G1, Five G2, Three G3, Four Listed
Three Oct 12 Randwick and Caulfield Five G1, Five G2, Three G3, Two Listed
Four Oct 19 Randwick and Caulfield Two G1, Two G2, Six G3, Three Listed
Five Oct 25/Oct 26 Moonee Valley Two G1, Four G2, Two G3, One Listed
Six Nov 2 Rosehill and Flemington Five G1, Four G2, Three G3
Seven Nov 5 Flemington One G1, Two G3, Three Listed
Eight Nov 7 Flemington One G1, Two G3, Two Listed
Nine Nov 9 Flemington Two G1, One G2, Two G3, One Listed

You’ll probably need to go to a gambling website to get an idea of who is racing in each of the races and who is favoured to win. Ideally what you’d like is a favourite that doesn’t cost very much that runs in plenty of races on the calendar. If you find one, let me know about it!

Each round, you’ll be able to pick a whole new stable, with unlimited trades from round to round.

That should all be clear by now but if you need more info you can go here.

I’m still working on my stable but will post it when I feel its done.

If you’re keen to join an SCT League, jump into 117189.

Good luck!


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20 thoughts on “Racing SuperCoach 2019”

  1. From the help section

    “Each round, you’ll be able to pick a whole new stable, with unlimited trades from round to round.”


    1. 710772 now full
      711739 now full
      551884 half full

      Just removed a couple more teams that’d joined 2 leagues. Please save me the trouble and don’t join more than 1 league.


    1. Hi Motts,
      Do you think that we could have a general discussion thread? Keep people interested through the off-season whilst Finals are being played?
      AFL news, finals teams, Trades – rumours and done deals. Just general footy stuff. I could post stuff that I come across or just keep putting it in the Coaches Box?
      Just a thought.


        1. Argh, f*ck. That’s gonna hurt.

          He’s such an underrated player- easily one of our best, CT. Brilliant foot skills, slicing lateral kicks, quick movement and creative positioning. Will be a huge loss.

          Hoping it’s just an innocuous recreational drug, rather than a performance enhancer- either way though, the precedent doesn’t look good.


          1. Hi GD. A big loss. He has not been found guilty of drug use but of tampering with a urine sample. Could get 4 years suspension.


  2. Hey Motts,
    Just to confirm,……..
    The points earned will not change if less than 10 runners in the race? Or will the left overs be added, or maybe even deducted to maintain balance of earnings?????


  3. I’m in. I suspect I won’t have much time to put into it, but I seem to do better the less I think about things……



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