Rare Gems – Round 22

Written by The Salamander on August 15 2019

As per last edition, I have loosened up on the rareness requirement ever so slightly, in order to bring you the most in-form PODs for your prelims/grand finals.

Player Name (Club, Price, Ownership, Average, 3-round-average, 5-round-average)


Kade Simpson (CARL, $465,800, 3.5 %, 81.1, 106.3, 99.8)

After a slow start to the year, the veteran Blue has been in very good form lately, posting scores of 87, 93, 125, 89, and 105 over the last five weeks.

Darcy Byrne-Jones (PTA, $509,200, 1.1 %, 90.7, 104.3, 106.0)

With only two sub-100 scores in the past seven weeks, with the remaining five being 110+, DBJ presents as the perfect option for those who want something a bit different in their backlines for the last couple of weeks.


Seb Ross (STK, $525,600, 1.2 %, 95.5, 129.3, 111.2)

With scores of 159, 100, and 129 in the last three weeks, the talented Saint presents as a good value option for anybody who wants a cheap midfielder.


Jarrod Witts (GCFC, 516,100, 3.8 %, 96.1, 110.0, 103.6)

Make no mistake, if you are looking for a relative POD in the ruck line over the last couple of weeks, Todd Goldstein is your man. However, if you can’t afford him, Witts is a reasonable alternative. With a relatively soft draw over the next two weeks, he could be a good-value pickup for cash-strapped coaches trying to salvage their season.


Mitch Robinson (BL, $550,400, 3.1 %, 93.7, 118.7, 110.4)

All the attention may be on Jarryd Lyons, but the Lions’ other free recruit has had four of his last five scores over 100. A good option if you don’t want to risk a KPP like Hawkins or a one-gamer like Narkle.

Honourable mention: Quinton Narkle (GEEL, $241,000, 0.2 %, 123.0, 123.0, 123.0)

With 21 touches, 6 clearances, and 4 tackles to go with his 2 goals, the talented young cat showed no sign of his VFL-mishaps on the weekend; it was only one game, and he was up against fairly meek opposition, but if you need someone cheap, and he get another game this week, he could be worth a look.

Are there any rare gems that you’re currently eyeing off? Let us know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 22”

  1. Is Hunter CLARK still classified as RARE?! I like him. A LOT.
    Should go well this week and COULD go massive against the Swans (if Buddy doesn’t get up). Remember Nic Newman rebounding up the left wing a few weeks ago?!?!


      1. Locked and loaded IFF Ratts gets the job.
        You must be delighted today Sal with the official appointment of Teague. Exciting times ahead I reckon.


    1. He is in mine.

      Gave him my coaches award last week for getting 111 while the rest of my backline were goofing off.



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