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Written by Huttabito on April 9 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd3AvgBE
Rozee (FWD)PTA$259,800 (+$70.5k)11689.3-48
Duursma (MID)PTA$191,100 (+$60.3k)6670.3-32
ClarkGEE$196,100 (+$51.8k)6566.7-16
ScrimshawHAW$199,600 (+$49.8k)6466.3-26
CollinsGCS$225,200 (+$36.3k)7964-33
HoreMEL$117,300 DNP58-47
WilkieSTK$165,200 (+$40.3k)5554.34
Lockhart* (MID)MEL$102,4005744.5-29
Burgess (FWD)GCS$151,000 (+$27.1k)4444.3-16
McKayNTH$137,400 (+$13.5k)1834.327


Rozee was loving life against Brisbane racking up 21 disposals and getting a whopping 17 of them off by foot. Unfortunately he only went at 57% DE, but that didn’t matter with 11 contested possessions, 7 marks (2 contested), 2 tackles and firing away 9 shots at goal to walk away with a 5 goal haul to crack the SuperCoach tonne and end on 116 points. Clearly the #1 DEF/FWD rookie choice.

Collins seems to have recomposed after Rd1 putting in another intercepting display. 11 of his 14 possessions were contested and intercepts, giving his score a healthy boost to 79 points. Taking a team high 4 contested marks, he had 11 disposals (5 kicks) at 82% DE, 6 marks, 1 tackle and 5 1%ers.


McKay is just not relevant and another 18 in Rd4 will see him start to lose money and his 10k owners should be looking elsewhere for cash generation.


Rotham made his debut and led the attack for the Eagles across half back with a team high 5 rebound 50s. A good user of the ball, he had 9 disposals (7 kicks) at 89% DE to go with 4 marks, 2 tackles and 4 1%ers for 56 points.

Markov seemed to be everywhere (or you just remember him from him moustache!) but he did manage to collect 20 disposals (9 kicks) at 80% DE. He was held back due to only 6 contested possessions but he did take 5 marks, lay 2 tackles and put in 3 1%ers for 67 points.

Lockhart held his spot from the teams loss to Geelong (probably due to his intensity and willingness to attack the ball) and was one of five Melbourne players to kick multiple goals. 5 clangers and 57% DE held back his score as he finished with 57 points courtesy of 14 disposals (9 kicks), 5 marks (1 contested), 2 tackles and 2 goal. On the bubble, but who knows what could happen to a 0-3 Melbourne team at the selection table.

Goodbye for now: McKay


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd3AvgBE
ConstableGEE$211,600 (+$87.7k)9989.3-59
WalshCAR$270,700 (+$63.4k)11287.7-36
Davies-UniackeNTH$263,100 (+$65.6k)6487.3-27
ButtersPTA$217,700 (+$59.9k)7175.3-31
B.SmithWBD$216,200 (+$35.9k)8762-26
ScottNTH$165,000 (+$47.7k)4858.325
AtkinsGEE$148,200 (+$35.3k)3348.3-1
JonesADE$188,000 (+$16.7k)414626


Constable was robbed of his first SuperCoach tonne due to post game scaling but held his own in the midfield against the likes of the Crouch Bros, Sloane and Gibbs to score 99 of 23 disposals and a goal showing why he was worthy of last weeks rising star nomination.

Speaking of rising star nominations, Walsh had his name thrown into the ring this week with his “coming of age” game against Sydney. Equal team high disposals alongside Cripps, Walsh amassed 28 (16 kicks) with 13 contested possessions, 5 marks, 8 clearances, 3 tackles, 1 goal assist and a goal himself. He cracked the SuperCoach tonne in his 3rd game (first of many) to finish on 112 points.

Smith finally showed us why he was worthy of a top 10 draft pick last year collecting a 4th team high contested possessions (13) from his 12 disposals. Unfortunately he had 3 clangers and ran at a DE of 59% dropping what would have been an easy triple figure game to 87 points on the back of an additional 2 marks and 6 tackles against the Suns.


I might be harsh listing a rookie who scored 64 as a dud, but many coaches traded in Davies-Uniacke chasing his low breakeven and Rd1/2 scores. Just the 9 disposals at 89% DE, 1 mark, 2 tackles and 2 goal assists against Hawthorn.

Scott had an excuse for his poor performance in Rd2 (gastro) in comparision to Rd1 but a 48 against Hawthorn leaves a lot to be desired moving forward. Despite kicking an early goal, he just scraped to 48 due to a very uncontested game – collecting a second team low 2 contested possessions from his 12 disposals (5 kicks). A couple of marks and a tackle were his only other point scoring stats.

Atkins had a very quiet game with 6 disposals, 1 mark and a goal resulting in a score of 33. He needs to post a high score this week if he wants to keep his breakeven respectable.

Gibbons had that classic Carlton small forward game that coaches have come to hate. Nothing but 1 tackle in the first half, he finished with 4 disposals and 3 marks for 17 points.


Sydney bound Stack wasn’t on an AFL list a month ago but was given his chance against GWS and took the opportunity by the horns. Racking up an impressive 17 disposals (11 kicks) at 83% DE, he had 8 marks (1 contested), 3 tackles and a kicked a goal to score 108 on debut. Another outing like that in his next game and he will be a very popular rookie correction trade.

Wagner was recalled and was the Demons 3rd best ball user going at a DE of 92% from 12 disposals (5 kicks). He gave away 3 free kicks dropping his score to 65 but did lay 4 tackles, took 3 marks and put in a couple of 1%ers.

Thomas played his scored game on the weekend and will pop his price bubble in his next appearance but at his price and breakeven, scores of 37 is not what we are after.




O’Brien played his first senior game since 2016 (3rd in total) with Jacobs being ruled out. Finishing with 28 hitouts, he had 8 contested possessions to go with 11 disposals (5 kicks) at 82% DE, 3 marks, 3 tackles but 4 clangers reduced what would have been a triple figure game to 85.

Clarke played his first AFL game since being delisted by the Dockers and Essendon fans are already asking if he can be sent back West. 10 disposals (2 kicks) at 60% DE, 3 marks, 13 hitouts, 2 tackles and 4 1%ers for 49 points.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd3AvgBE
Drew (MID)PTA$194,00 (+$70.1k)3676.3-12
ParkerSTK$186,500 (+$69.2k)4774.3-26
MiersGEE$176,100 (+$52.2k)6963-48
PetrucelleWCE$162,200 (+$38.3k)5852.6-19
Setterfield (MID)CAR$176,700 (+$31.8k)375217
BlakelySYD$187,000 (+$20.2k)6147.713
LukosiusGCS$190,100 (-$12.7k)3330.363


Drew was heavily impacted by the return of Wines and was pushed out of most his centre bounce appearances. Just the 9 disposals at 56% DE and 4 clangers against Brisbane meaning he relied on 6 tackles to get most of his 36 points.

Parker had pretty much identical stats as his Rd2 game but finished with 40 points less on 47 with 2 less effective disposals, 1 less tackle, 1 less mark and no goal. Bit of a champion data love last week?

Setterfield appears a different player from JLT and Rd1 and is just not attacking the ball. 3 clangers and a second team low DE (46%) despite only collecting 4 contested possessions left him on 37 and not a flashy breakeven.

Lukosius needs to go if you have him. Bleeding money in Rd3 is the opposite of what we want from our rookies.


Moore got a late call up and made his debut with Roughead not getting up for the game and had 9 disposals (2 kicks) at 56% DE, 1 mark and 5 tackles for 40 points.

Balta got a recalled with Riewoldt being injured but he struggled to impact the game. This is probably due to the fact that he was used all over the ground and just couldn’t settle into a role. He started up forward, was used as a pinch hitter in the ruck but was also forced to play key defender for the last half of the game. All in all, he had 5 disposals (3 kicks) at 80% DE, 3 clangers, 8 hitouts, 2 tackles, 5 1%ers (2nd team high) and a goal assist for 31 points.

Goodbye for now: Lukosius


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11 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd3”

  1. Thanks Hutta. Was very impressed by Wagner’s efforts last week, but maybe that just because I can’t tell the two brothers apart on the field? One of them needs to dye his hair blue or something.
    Gibbons to Stack will probably be the most popular trade next week.


  2. Going to be hard to choose a rookie to cull for Stack next week. Don’t have Gibbons and no dpp in the mids


  3. D’s , 0 – 3 , backline under the pump & hore who was touted a an intercept marker cant get a game , perhaps there is something going on between him & the coaching staff


    1. A few (many?) of us were thinking the same with Ridley and Essendon. He then got an emergency call up after some of us traded and couldn’t get back on……..LOL


  4. Although LDU’s score was disappointing, for some reason Brad Scott only played him at 66% game time, so hopefully if that gets up to somewhere in the 80’s his scores will vastly improve.


  5. drew is an interesting one , now he’s only playing fwd , with 130,000 coaches probably playing him on the field this week , if he drops another score of 40 ish , could give those who don’t field him a leg up in the overall rankings


  6. For those with both Gibbons and Atkins is it worth going one of them to Wagner this week since we’ll probably still have a flog to trade for Stack next week?



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