Rookie Review Rd8

Written by Huttabito on May 14 2019

Boss man has taken me aside after my poor start to the 2019 SuperCoach season and is sending me to the reserves for the next 3 weeks (not really) and the Rookie Review duties have been handed over to the current ranked 282 SuperCoacher out there in Chillo for the time being.

Mrs Huttabito wants my full undivided attention on our honeymoon she is taking me to remote Africa with little to no internet (really). Enjoy your time with Chillo and Chillo, enjoy writing – thanks a bunch!

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd8AvgBE
HoreMEL$350,000 (+$33.8k)8983.831
Rozee (FWD)PTA$373,300 (+$14.7k)777977
Duursma (MID)PTA$327,500 (+$11.5k)6170.165
WilkieSTK$321,500 (+$4.5k)6267.466
CollinsGCS$303,100 (+$2.6k)7163.562
Answerth (MID)BRI$171,300 (+$54.0k)4963.3-19
ScrimshawHAW$315,200 (+$0.7k)DNP6362
ClarkGEE$250,300 (+$10.8k)8159.926
Lockhart (MID)MEL$221,400 (+$41.4k)7457.6-29
YoungWBD$171,900 (+$18.4k)3043.522
Burgess (FWD)GCS$172,100DNP37.846


Melbourne JUST got over the line against Gold Coast, but Hore, who has been a rookie revelation in defence after his recall scored another solid 89 points this week from 19 disposals (15 kicks) at 57% DE to go with 4 marks, 2 tackles, 5 1%ers and a goal. Lockhart was enjoying the space he was given to finish with a second team high 9 marks to go with 19 disposals (9 kicks) and 74 points.

Clark was moved on by many this week, including by yours truly, but finished with his season high score of 81 points due to 17 disposals (14 kicks), 7 marks, 4 tackles, 4 1%ers and 2 goals buying himself a few more weeks of cash generation.


Other than Young scoring a 30, you can’t be too displeased with the defence rookie this week as all others scored not to dissimilar to their current averages. Those who held onto Scrimshaw may feel a little hard done by after his day was cut short on 63 points from 44% game time after a concussion.


Keilty played his second game but another low score (35) means he is very irrelevant as this current stage of the season.

Goodbye for now: It’s that time of year where many rookies have hit their peak price point and breakeven has moved up close to their average. Rozee, Duursma, Wilkie, Collins and Scrimshaw (due to the concussion) have all reached this point and coaches are free to do as they will. Unlikley to change in price at all so wait for a decent downgrade/upgrade target and they are still scoring quite well.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd8AvgBE
WalshCAR$439,000 (-$13.6k)7092101
ConstableGEE$326,000 (+$23.0k)9281.422
StackRIC$312,500 (+$37.1k)717911
B.SmithWBD$365,500 (+$14.2k)6371.468
ThomasNTH$301,800 (+$50.31k)7964.2-7
RossRIC$252,000 (+$14.3k)1563.465
HayesWBD$192,200 (+$27.5k)5557.310
GibbonsCAR$270,300 (+$4.1k)6154.144
ScottNTH$172,800 DNP5412
AtkinsGEE$256,100 (-$3.7k)1252.853


Geelong late change:
OUT Menegola, IN J.Selwood
Nek minute (literally)
OUT J.Selwood, IN Constable
Read the late team sheets. Those that were by their phones and were able to react and place him on the field were rewarded with a 92 point game due ot 27 disposals (11 kicks), 10 marks and 3 tackles. Been moved on by a few coaches recently due to his resting, return and then omitting 3 weeks apart. Who knows where he sits with J.Selwood and Menegola waiting to return but if he plays, he will score well and continue making moolah.

Thomas continues to churn out good scores only after price changes and this time scored 79 points against Geelong. He finished up with 17 disposals (3 kicks), 1 mark, 5 tackles and a goal and looks set to rise $200k on his starting price in the next fortnight.


Ross and Atkins both suffered injuries this week which would have cause agony for many coaches – I personally fielded Ross and did have Atkins on field until Constable was a late inclusion. Ross had his ankle caught under a Fyfe tackle in the opening 10 minutes of the game and finished on 15 points while Atkins struggle with a hamstring tweak but tried his best to push though it to no avail and finished on 12 points himself. With these in their price cycle, they will halt over the next fornight which is a shame as they both looked like they would both get over $300k by the end of next week.


Stocker played his second game this weekend and put up a better performance than his debut. Up against last years runners up he had 16 disposals (10 kicks) at an impressive 88% DE to go with 3 marks, 3 tackles, 2 1%ers and a goal assist. That said, 6 clangers, 4 being free kicks against held him to 57 points for the afternoon and now heads into next week on the bubble.

Goodbye for now: Like above, some rookies are just done. Walsh has slowed down the last 3 weeks and averaged 79 over this time and coaches can make up their mind to hold to the bye or not. GWS this weekend but Carltons draw opens up again afterwards. Other top 10 pick in B.Smith has also reached his peak without another solid game averaging 71.4 over the first 8 rounds and can be cashed out for $230k to a lower priced rookie.


O'BrienADE$374,300 (+$33.6k)6689.333
ClarkeESS$182,200 (+$39.6k)6057.7-16

No studs, no newbies (although Clarke did pop his bubble) just O’Brien being a dud on 66 points which is his lowest for the year. Can’t complain, what a cash cow he has been for 15% of coaches. 2 more weeks and I reckon he will be good to be downgraded when he faces Gawn.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd8AvgBE
BakerRIC$321,100 (+$30.9k)7283.833
BoltonRIC$250,900 (+$57.0k)12679.3-35
MiersGEE$365,300 (+$27.8k)8074.345
Drew (MID)PTA$321,800 (-0.6k)5973.159
LarkeyNTH$177,100 (+$53.2k)7764-12
ParkerSTK$254,100 (+$5.1k)2558.155
PetrucelleWCE$274,600 (+$0.1k)6157.148
Setterfield (MID)CAR$213,000 (+$19.4k)6755.45
MooreHAW$162,700 (+$38.8k)4653.3-24
LewisHAW$198,700 (+$12.9k)395228
Taylor (MID)NTH$117,3003131-


It was painful watching the WA boy Bolton run around and hand it to the Dockers on Sunday and fighting for his spot in Richmonds 22, he was just too pacy for the abundance of tall defenders kicking a game high 4 goals. 16 disposals (10 kicks), 2 marks, 7 tackles, 3 1%ers and 126 SuperCoach points will see him in the seniors for at least another week.

Miers once again gets his name as a stud for his handful of owners. 80 points against North Melbourne sees his as the money profitable forward to date.

Setterfield finally got a recall to seniors after having to come back through the VFL after his 2 game suspension earlier this year. Traded out by 30k coaches and held by 100k over this time, he repaid the faith with 15 disposals (4 kicks) at 87% DE, 1 mark, 5 tackles and a couple of 1%ers for 67 points.


Parker had a season low 25 points against Eagles and struggled to get his hands on the ball finding it just the 8 times and was hurt with just the 2 contested possessions and 2 clangers. His time is nearing an end without another score in the 70/80s so if you own him, starting thinking about the future.


The Ham smells a little off and a 41 point game against Sydney after being recalled from a 44 against North in Rd5 means he is probably on very few radars this year and probably for the best – rookie we target now we want in our teams all the way through to the byes.

Taylor made his senior debut on the weekend but thankfully we get another look as very few will be jumping on after a 31 point game.


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27 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd8”

  1. Cheers Chillo, and Hutta have a great honeymoon in Africa.
    Unfortunately I think Walsh’s great start is his own worst enemy. He may still have some good scores in him, but if he tails off in the next few games he’s likely to drop 50k and will have undone a lot of the good work. Unlike Kelly , he’s just a youngster and entering winter you wouldn’t blame him for putting in a few sub par rounds.


  2. Thanks Hutta, I’ll try to find some downgrades while you’re on safari.
    Stocker for me this week, the best of a bunch of bad options and probably the only way I can get to Macrae


  3. Thanks both and have an amazing time in Africa, Hutta.

    As an owner, am not too bothered about Ross’ injury as it means three more weeks until he peaks, more if he misses a week. As long as he gets a recall he should be ripe bang on the R14 bye. Timely.

    Will make a decent loophole this week too, if he doesn’t get up.


    1. There is no time frame on Ross allsaints, so I’d say it’s an LTI (syndesmosis – might require surgery). Plus, young player, so won’t be risked. Don’t think he’ll back before his bye. Won’t lose cash, but don’t count on him!

      I’m still annoyed with Chris Scott’s antics, and that I couldn’t get Constable on the field in time for Ross 😡


      1. Same here. Knowing Scott, it wouldn’t surprise me if he dumps Constable this week too! Hope not but who knows!


      2. This from the Richmond website:

        “Midfielder Jack Ross has a left ankle syndesmosis sprain and currently has no time frame on his injury.”

        Richmond are keen to get a few games into RCD as their first round pick and Cotchin will also be back soon. I don’t think Ross will be back anytime soon.


  4. Is Joyce a decent downgrade target in defense?
    Based on the numbers he looks ok.
    Are there concerns around JS? Anyone have any insight?


    1. He was dropped last week as Nathan Brown returned. No JS while Briwn, Battle and Wilkie are all fit. If one goes down with an LTI, get on board!


    1. Not necessarily. It is all relative. As the season goes on, there are consistently less and less rookies to jump on and the quality of those rookies is also worse (ie they don’t get as fat as the early ones). Last year however, there was another little spike of good’uns through the bye weeks. Right now is pretty typical with a dearth of quality ones coming through.

      We need to look out for changes of circumstances. As Yiorgakis and David pointed out above, with Ross going down and looking to be out for quite some time, this may open the door for another, eg Collier-Dawkins. The injuries appear increasingly widespread so there may be good ones around the corner.

      There are a few players on the bubble who don’t appear to have decent JS, but if circumstances change at their respective clubs, will provide decent opportunities. They are: Hately, Rotham and Joyce. If they were given a decent run, ALL of them would make $150k comfortably. Sparrow and Lachie Keeffe are two others who are likely good for $100k each.

      With no attractive bubbles around with decent scoring potential and therefore cashgen in them, it might not hurt to look at players who have already passed their bubbles, but are still likely to offer you some cash generation. Don’t forget tho’, you will also be paying more for them since they have already experienced some (significant) increase.

      I realise that this sort of trading behaviour is not normally condoned, but given the current situation it might just be worth considering. The following players have passed their bubbles, but still offer a fair amount of cash over the coming weeks, IFF they retain their jobs and current averages:

      Player (pos’n): $ generation yet to be realised (@ 80% current average)

      Shai BOLTON (FWD): $124 600
      Noah ANSWERTH (DEF/MID): $118 100
      Nick LARKEY (FWD): $116 300
      Tarryn THOMAS (MID): $109 300
      Josh CORBETT (FWD): $97 800
      Jay LOCKHART (DEF/MID): $90 100

      Using the same model, ALL of the above are predicted to still make more money than bubble boys Ham and Stocker will, from this point right now. But of course you will have to pay (sometimes significantly) more for them.

      Just some thoughts. Do with it what you please. This is in no way a recommendation. It’s simply stats and math.


      1. thanks allsaints. I’m a first year player so was cautious initially with JS of rookies (all the Tigers rookies!!), and now wondering where the $$ comes from. some really helpful analysis above!


        1. if its your 1st year , its all about having fun with it
          if you cant find any worthy rooks to trade in & have trades up your sleeve ,
          try to identify identify your soft players have had an easy run that is coming to an end & have over scored ,
          trade down to another soft flat tracker coming into an easy run of low ranked teams & enjoy the ride , just make sure they’re fit
          most will say don’t trade unless its rookies or premos ,
          but if its your 1st year just enjoy it & experiment


      2. With Ross now out injured, both Shai BOLTON and Liam BAKER have been touted for more midfield minutes. At least until Cotch returns anyway.


  5. Trade Brodie Smith? BE of 109 and averaging 91.
    Believe he has done his job and at a juicy price for an upgrade


    1. His price will hover around where it currently is, but will still score 90s on ave. Upgrade all your rookies first, then worry about him.


  6. interesting that clarke played in the mids this week , he’s gett’n some upside from the danger debacle , will be holding the young fella for now


  7. If named Stocker comes in for Walsh. Walsh has been great but isn’t going up alot now if at all. Better to trade him at his peak. Hopefully i can get Constable on for him for ove week till Neele comes in probably next week. Stocker was a pick 19 that the Blues traded this year’s first round pick for. They really rate him and he has an AFL ready body. If not for the 4 frees against he would’ve gone big. Even if he’s a slow burn or in and out he will get a good game eventually… think Gibbons. Lol. Also Carlton are one of the better teams to use as a loophole if he is dropped later. Not like any rookies from here on are a guarantee for byes.. Not even Hately or Constable…


  8. Perhaps we can we have a poll on AllSaints listing of players listed, but not necessarily recommended, for this weeks down grade?
    I’ve an interest in 1, with thoughts still on 2 others.
    Who’s everyone’s top three interests?????


  9. I’m hesitant but I am bringing The Ham in for Parker. I’m pretty happy with 6 of my rookies having seemingly decent JS heading into the byes (and one of them existing as a DPP/VC loop) that I feel like it’s a calculated risk to take on.



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