Rookie Review – Round 4

Written by Huttabito on April 19 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
OttenAdel$286.3k ($82.5k)9887.3-28
NewmanSyd$206.7k (+$82.8k)8086-64
McGrath (MID)Ess$278.1k (+$31.6k)9774.54
HamptonAdel$242.1k (+$35.3k)5262.56
StewartGeel$170.3k (+$21.4k)534825
MacreadieCarl$170.3k (+21.4k)3242.820
KellyAdel$206.4k (-$0.5k)2640.525
Berry* (MID)Bris$139.8k2930.521
Long (FWD)St K$117.3k2828-
Hibberd (MID)NM$123.9k-23-

Otten is now sitting at the top of the mantle being the current #1 rookie with an average of 87.2 after a second game in a row falling just shy of 100 points. His 98 points this week came from 13 disposals (6 kicks, 7 handballs) at 77% DE to go with 1 mark, 6 hitouts, 5 1%ers and 2 goals. Non-owners are calling him a Champion Data love child, but those who have him are taking his points while we can. He is proving to be a handy on-field option too as long as he is playing forward and he still has some serious cash to make with a 3 game average of 101.3(!!!) and a BE still in the negatives. I don’t often get tingly over players but I’m finding it very hard not to over Otten.

Newman was the most popular trade in this week with 48,565 people bringing him into their team, with some people being creative with popular swap outs being Gawn and O’Meara. Despite only spending 71% TOG, he still managed to score 80 points for the week from 19 disposals (13 kicks, 6 handballs), 4 marks, 3 clearances, 5 rebound 50s, 2 tackles and 3 1%ers. Had he not gone at a DE of 47% (4th lowest player on ground) he could have been staring down back to back triple figure scores. Rising over $80k this week and a BE of -64, he still have plenty to offer us and hopefully on a smaller ground this week he can increase his scoring and DE again. Sydney are sounding like that are about to swing the axe though and he would be hard pressed to be cut.

McGrath did himself no harm this week with 98 points as Essendons backline saw plenty of the ball in their 10 goal loss which meant he was able to see a fair amount of ball. He had 28 disposals (8 kicks, 20 handballs) this week to go with 4 marks, 2 rebound 50s, 4 tackles and 2 inside 50s. Dropping his BE and a 98 rolling through his price cycle, he has added a couple of weeks of cash generation next to his name.

Hampton, Hampton, Hampton… what to do with you? Starting and majority of the centre bounces, he seems to be a tad off the pace. He still collected 15 disposals (5 kicks, 10 handballs @ 66% contested) but his tackle count this week was reduced to 3 compared to last week which saw the drop in score again. His BE is now in the positives but should still make money for the weeks to come, but probably not one to be trusted on field until he can consistently put up good scores like Newman and Otten. With Cameron injured, he might be able to get into the action just a little bit more for us. I hope. I may just be clutching at straws with this one….

Williamson couldn’t unfortunately back up his first game performance as he struggled to get into the game and only managed 45 this week from 13 disposals (8 kicks, 5 handballs) at 69% DE. He is now on the bubble and with a BE of -53, which puts him in an awkward position for cash generation over the next 6 weeks if he can’t keep a 70+ in his cycle. Worth a look at though if you missed the boat on some others if he is named.

Stewart appears to be playing a full lock down role which is beginning to hurt his scores, even if he did manage to sneak forward this week and kick a goal helping him to 53 points. This week he had 8 disposals (3 kicks, 5 handballs) with most of his points coming due to his DE of 88%, 6 1%ers and the goal. It’s going to be a long ride with Stewart as he now begins to sit in limbo.

Macreadie came off for a chunk of the game with injury and only reached 72% TOG. He scored the 32 points this week from 9 disposals at 56% DE and 3 clangers. One to be looking at moving on soon if a decent (ha!) rookie comes along as he looks like topping out just over 200k.

Kelly, playing as a KPP for firming flag favourites, is going to struggle to score. Matching his BE of 27 this week, he looks just about toast. If you have him, consider moving him on, especially since he came off for the last half and went to hospital with an eye injury. With a BE of 25 and average of 40, there isn’t much more wriggle room.

Cox debuted for Brisbane this week and scored 40 points off 10 disposals (6 kicks, 4 handballs) at 40% DE to go with 4 marks, 2 tackles and 3 inside 50s. Not on the bubble until next game but will need a better game than 40 next week to even be considered.

Logue played his second game for Fremantle this week and only managed 21 points. Now on the bubble, given his price, average (36.5), BE (33) and KPP role, this rookie is the definition of letting it go through to the keeper.

Berry is another defender rookie on the bubble this week and coming off a 32, SuperCoachers alike were after a better game on the weekend but as it seems to go with the rookies this season, he looks rotten. Scoring just the 29 points from 10 disposals, 5 clangers hurt his score and is yet another rookie that can be forgotten about. Sorry folks.

Long showed promise in the JLT game he played and I know of several people that locked him into their starting sides knowing he would get early games after his suspension wore off. With handy DPP and rookies which look like they need moving off soon, Long was looking like a great option if he could back up his JLT game. Well he got an early game like the were hoping for, but with only 8 disposals at 63% DE for 28 points, he will need a better performance next week if others are to bring him in.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
Petrevski-SetonCarl$274.4k (+$33.5k)4968.8-4
Powell-PepperPort$227.5k (+$29.5k)416541
FoxSyd$156.5k (+$54.1k)5960.3-45
FooteSyd$197.9k (+$15.1k)514712

Fisher debuted this week for Carlton and watching the game, you can see why Motts had big wraps for the kid. His explosive pace is unbelievable and anyone with the ball within 10m of him isn’t safe. He needs to build a tank though as he only had 69% TOG but still managed to get to 74 points for the game, but when he does, watch out. He had 12 disposals (7 kicks, 5 handballs) at 92% DE to go with 3 marks, 5 tackles and a goal and with a repeat performance next week, will be a handy downgrade option.

Petrevski-Seton, was meant to make me look like a genius by loopholing a good score of his with SPP on the bench. I came out only 8 points in front after he only got to 49 points from 10 disposals (9 kicks, 1 handball) at 60% DE with 1 mark, 3 clearances, 3 tackles and 2 inside 50s, a shadow of his former self from last round. He seemed to be everywhere this game though but just was always one person off the ball or the loose ball bounced in the opposite direction. Might be one of those players who excels in the rain.

Powell-Pepper seems to have put his cue in the rack after the first two weeks after a second sub-par game in a row with only 8 disposals and 4 tackles this round. He has just come of the Showdown and GWS fixtures but heading into this weekend, he has 51 and 41 in his price cycle pushing his BE to 41 (same as this weeks score), which will begin to limit his cash generation for the next two weeks. He only has 4 more games before Port have their bye and looked set to push his price well into the $300k’s but now, will struggle to get there which puts a pickle in many peoples plans.

Fox was on the bubble this week and scored just under his average with 59 courtesy of 11 disposals at 55% DE with 5 tackles. Not a must have rookie if you do not have him but with a BE of -45 he is set to make $110k over the next 4 games he plays if he continues his 60 average. Heeney and Rohan are available as of this round so his JS has certainly dropped going forward.

Foote was also on the bubble this week and only scored 51 from 9 disposals, although did go at 100% DE. Not scoring enough for his price tag to be a worthwhile rookie and with only 40 people trading him last round, seems like everyone agrees.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k (+$63.0k)6075.57

Preuss took a back step to Goldy this week and played second ruck, which hurt his scoring. Notching up 60 from 11 disposals (5 kicks, 6 handballs), 4 marks, 2 tackles, his score was held back due to his 64% DE and 3 clangers for the game. Proving to be a decent cash cow though, he still has several weeks of growth before he maxes out but not one to be banking on an on-field option given his role seems to change every week.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd4AvgBE
ButlerRich$239.7k (+$40.9k)6476-3
HoustonPort$233.9k (+$48.4k)6872.31
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-29
KnightAdel$265.6k (+64.3k)7068.820
BroomheadColl$228.7k (+$43.7k)5768.7-9
HaywardSyd$176.2k (+$54.4k)6164.3-8
Schoenmakers Haw$155.1k-60-
Parfitt (MID)Geel$206.6k (+$39.9k)5257.8-30
Turner NM$231.8k (+$23.7k)4957.832
Taranto (MID)GWS$250.8k (+$22.5k)605738
Balic* (MID)Frem$123.9k7355.5-38
McCarthy Frem$230.6k (+$27.8k)10054.3-18
HannanMelb$168.3k (+$10.5k)535314
Bowes (MID)GC$201.3k (+$15.2k)7451.81
Eddy Port$141.9-49.7-35
McCluggage* (MID)Bris$202.8k5247.524
Simpkin NM$181.9k (+$19.6k)5746.33
Florent (MID)Syd$196.4k (+$12.2k)4344.824
Miles* (MID)Haw$123.9k-345
Pickett (MID)Carl$153.9k (+$18.0k)49375
Dawson (MID)Syd$123.9k-32-

Butler is doing his duties and even though he had his lowest score this season, his 64 points is a respectable on field rookie score this year which came from 14 disposals (7 kicks, 7 handballs) to go with 4 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Lock him in for many more weeks to come.

Houston got off to a flyer sitting on 40 points at quarter time before hitting a wall and slowly creeping up to finish on 68 points. Given the fact that he kept his spot in the side with Pittards return is a good sign as he racked up 19 disposals (12 kicks, 7 handballs) at 84% DE to go with 9 marks, 3 rebound 50s and 6 1%ers. The ship has well and truly sailed but will continue to make money up until his bye rewarding those who took the initial risk and I am sad to say that I was not one of them.

Broomhead popped his bubble this week and only 1,300 coaches jumped on board which double his ownership. Given his higher price this early in the season, coaches are looking for cheaper rookie options as they are not willing to waste a trade on the expensive rookies for another. Collingwood were very underwhelming this week and many players, including Broomhead, struggled and he had his lowest score this week as his 57 points came from 17 disposals (3 kicks, 14 handballs) with 2 clearances, 2 tackles and 2 behinds. A few more kicks and a goal would have seen him with a much higher score.

Menzel returned this week with McGovern and Jenkins missing from Adelaides forward line. He had 9 disposals (6 kicks, 3 handballs) at 56% DE to go with 3 marks, 5 tackles and a goal. He is now on the bubble but a little pricey with the 45 points now in his cycle for 2 weeks which will hinder his scoring potential.

Hayward was a third Sydney rookie (they are pumping them out this season) on the bubble this weekend and he scored 61 points from 11 disposals (10 kicks, 1 handball) to go with 4 marks and 2 goals (5 shots on goal). He had 3 clangers for the game and a DE of 64% which hurt his score. JS is probably stronger of the other Sydney rookies but with Heeney and Rohan set to return, they are becoming one wrong foot away from the twos.

Parsons improved on his debut game scoring 68 points putting himself in a good situation for him to pop his bubble with a BE of -59. His score game from 21 disposals (8 kicks, 13 handballs) at 76% DE to go with 4 marks, 6 inside 50s, 2 goals (1 behind) and an elbow to Hodges face which earnt him -5 points but respect across the football world. He has done us all a solid though as he got himself suspended with that elbow allowing for a bunch of the rookies to get a little fatter while he watches from the sidelines. Playing devils advocate, it has opened the door for someone else to audition for the spot in the team but if he comes straight back in, look to bring him in.

Parfitt needs to clean up his act just a little as his DE of 57% from 14 disposals (6 kicks, 8 handballs) and 3 clangers got him a score of 52 points otherwise his score would have been an absolute gem as he laid 7 tackles and took 4 marks. North of $200k with a negative BE still, he will be one of the better cash cows that were on offer Rd1.

Turner is plodding along with an average of just shy of 60 after his 49 points this week but is yet to register a really high score to boost his average. This week he had 10 disposals (5 kicks, 5 handballs), 4 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goals. Owners can be patient as North have had a hard run (WCE, Geel, GWS, WB) to start the season but he has already managed 7 goals (scoring in every game) and they face Fremantle and Gold Coast the next two weeks where he should be able to have more impact in front of goal and get the score you’re hoping for.

Taranto scored just the 60 points this week although he did have 18 disposals (7 kicks, 11 handballs), 2 marks, 3 clearances, 4 tackles and 2 inside 50s. A little unlucky to not have more points given over half of his possessions were contested however a DE of 67% and 2 clangers didn’t help. On the chopping block this week for those looking to free up cash but he should continue to churn out games and money for those with other pressing issues.

Balic got a second run at it with FURL opting no changes to last weeks winning line up. He offered a little more of his ball finding ability with 15 disposals this week (8 kicks, 7 handballs), 4 marks, 2 clearances, 5 tackles, 3 inside 50s and a goal for his 73 points. He will be a popular trade in target this week with a BE of -38 as he looks set to make more money than some other of the piles of trash laying around on our benches. He knows how to find the ball so hopefully his first game will be an outlier as he was shaking out big stage jitters.

McCarthy kicked the winning goal and got himself a nice point boost to end up on 100 points. His ownership has halved since the end of Rd1 with many jumping off what looked like a sinking Fremantle ship docked at the harbour. He had 20 disposals (15 kicks, 5 handballs), 6 marks, 2 tackles, 8 inside 50s, 2 goals/3 behinds and 2 goal assists. If he kicked a little straighter, had a DE greater than 50% and didn’t have 3 clangers, he could have had a much bigger score. His BE has now dropped for the next two weeks so he will be set to make some nice coin for those who held onto him. Damn KPP FWD rookies!

Hannan scored right on his average this week holding it at 53 points. He looked good in the first and last quarter collecting all but 11 of his points in these two quarters. If he can stay in the game longer he will find himself putting up more performances like his debut game. Playing the next couple of games should see his price click over to the other side of 200k once the 30s have dropped from his rolling average.

Bowes has been a popular rookie trade out option with his ownership dropping over 6,000 the last two weeks and rightly so given his BE was almost his average. Lo and behold, he had his best score for the season after scoring 74 points from 14 disposals (7 kicks, 7 handballs), 3 marks and a goal. He didn’t collect a large amount of other stats but his BE has now dropped and should continue to make money for weeks to come, especially when the 43 drops from his cycle.

Florent scored his 4th consecutive score in the 40s and I think next week I will #tweetabet and see what the bookies will offer, I’m thinking not a lot, but it will be practically giving money away. His BE is now up to 24 and owners can start to look for downgrade options as his time is just about up.

Simpkin popped his bubble this week and only 48 people traded him in although he did manage to have his best game for the season for them with 57 points from 13 disposals and 2 goals. He looks deadly in front of goals when the ball goes to ground but doesn’t collect enough of the ball to be getting big scores.

McCluggage played his second game for the season to score 52 points. Now averaging 47.5 heading into his bubble popping game with a BE of 24 and price tag, he is yet another rookie who can be passed on.

Pickett has been slowly working his way into each game this season and he had his best game this weekend with a WHOPPING 49 points… He was a little unlucky (seems to be his theme?) as he could have had 3 goals next to his name for the game but only finished on 1 from his 9 disposals (7 kicks, 2 handballs) at 56% DE. He’s not looking like he’ll make much money any time soon and can understand those who are moving him on.

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21 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 4”

  1. Good God, Hutta………. astounded by the depth, breadth and width of these reviews every week. Coming up with gold on a regular basis, just magnificent work!


    1. Cheers Schwartz.

      As of next week though, I think we’ll be saying our good bye and farewells to a bunch of the non-relevant ones.


  2. Not having Butler is still driving a dagger through me. I had him in my team all along and intended to start with him, but that time the app went down and reset a bunch of teams, I kind of put the wrong 6 lettered word starting with B and also containing an L and T from Richmond… Bolton! FFS

    Bl00dy S Bolton who is injured!


    1. Replace ‘Butler’ with ‘Houston’ and ‘Bolton’ with ‘Eddy’, and that’s me. For some reason that I have long since forgotten, I thought Eddy had better job security!


      1. Three goals for Eddyyyyyy in the SANFL on the weekend Chillo. Reckon he’s a good chance to come back in this week against the Blues. Could kick a bag. Negative BE so I’m happy to let him slow burn at F8.

        Also, great write up Hutta!


        1. Cheers. He was recruited from the SANFL, why would you pick him up only to send him back!!!

          Hope Eddy comes back… their forward line functions better with him, surprised he got dropped in conjunction with Ryder getting suspended to be honest. Think they wanted to go smaller against a pacy GWS.


          1. I hope you’re both right! I need all my rookies, great and small, playing right now!

            Thanks for the review as always Huttabito


  3. Great work hutta, comprehensive write up.

    Parsons elbow on hodge
    “Respect of the football world”
    Your kidding surely,
    Hodge didn’t bat a eyelid
    Lot of skill and courage to do that.
    When he’s won 4 flags, 3 as captain and 2 norm smith’s
    Then he might have the respect of the football world


    1. Is that not just a tongue in cheek comment.

      Hasn’t Hodge has dished it out for years?, he got one back.

      Respect to Hodge as you say just got up and got on with it!


        1. All good Smurf. Definitely tongue in cheek.

          Was going to go down the route of saying that given he bounced back up, the MRP should have reviewed the contact as “Lite and Easy” (not my joke)


  4. Nice stuff Hutta.

    Is anyone else wondering how we’re going to get to full premiun with these dodgy rooks this year?


    1. Been giving this some serious thought of late. Usually if you want to finish high, if you have the money to go straight to a premium, you do it. Playing for leauge wins you can bleed the rookies for every dollar to ensure you can afford the top 6/8 on each line, not just bargain premiums.

      Given the lack of genuine good rookies to go full premium this year, you might need to fall into the later. Combined with your Steeles and Olivers who everyone says will be good bemch cover or stepping stones, just might have to cut it as the last onfield spot.

      Im thinking of passing on Powell-Pepper this week as his price is in a lull zone, but it will go up another 50k by the bye. So for long term jeopardy it might be worth holding out a little longer.


      1. Hutta, I’m wondering whether SPP gets a rest this week by Hinkley. If he does, then holding him until his R9 is not quite as attractive. If he gets dropped, I’ll consider holding Tarantino 😉 and trading SPP to Balic.


        1. He’s gone from my team this week, haha, no question about that. I’m just trying to open up discussions. The original plan for me was to pass him on at the bye and if he is rested this week, then he will only get ONE week with a BE back down in the low teens. I want Adams and given he’s on my bench anyway, I’m gonna cash him out.

          I was full premo last year with premo bench cover and still had leftover trades that I didn’t end up using. I’m going all out this year to try and find a happy medium in the coming years 😛


          1. Just saw this after posting in FotW; but I wanted to relay that we’ve seen a drop in form for SPP as the Power have played two of the top teams in the league. After scoring respectable 78 & 90 against the likes of Sydney and Freo respectively, I can’t merit trading him out when the Power face Carlton and the Lions in the next two weeks. So I’ll give it until then to see if he’s worth shipping off, even with a BE of 41, I think he still has some value and points to come in the next few weeks


            1. I agree with you. However, for my situation, I have $376,300 in the bank for my final trade this week.

              – I have Otten/Marchbank and Newman in Defence who are all holding down the fort really well and can stay a little longer.
              – SPS/SPP being loopholed in the MIDS @ M8 but this can’t be done this week and both have thrown out shockers so who can be trusted?
              – SandiWitts in the rucks who are doing more than they are worth.
              – WHE/Butler/Loophole Rookie in the FWDs which is working out ok for now.

              My current week spot, M8, and Powell-Pepper has the least amount to make over the coming weeks so he is the lowest on my list of trade outs and hence gets the shove for T.Adams. I will cashout Marchbank next week and swing Adams back for a Mid/FWD Premium pending on my teams needs.


  5. When making downgrade plans, people shouldn’t forget that David Myers and Alex Johnson will be available fairly soon.


  6. I need to offload Watson before he bleeds more cash. But with only $576k to play with what’s the best option? Already have Fyfe and Beams.

    TU Ablett
    TD Murphy



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