Rookie Review – Round 5

Written by Huttabito on April 26 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
OttenAdel$344.3k (+$58.0k)101902
NewmanSyd$206.7k -86-64
McGrath (MID)Ess$313.2k (+$35.1k)82764
HamptonAdel$285.7k (+$43.6k)10370.612
WilliamsonCarl$177.4k (+$60.1k)8167.7-22
StewartGeel$190.7k (+$20.4k)7052.4-12
MacreadieCarl$173.6k (+$3.3k)2739.642
Long* (FWD)St K$117.3k222518
Hibberd (MID)NM$123.9k-23-

Otten no longer needs words although when Talia went down with a injury in the first quarter, Otten immediately swung back and my heart sunk. Adelaide then realised they didn’t really need him down there and he went back forward. Cracking the tonne this week, despite dropping an easy uncontested mark in the goal square for no conversion, he is becoming the least of worries with scores of 108, 98, 98 and 101 in the last 4 weeks. I know a few premiums who should take a leaf from his book! Adelaide still have a cruisy draw and if he stays up front, enjoy the scores while they last but I will be watching with interest to see what happens with him short term.

McGrath enjoyed the wet and the big Anzac stage this week collecting 19 disposals (7 kicks, 12 handballs) for the game to get to 82 points. His DE (68%) was high in comparison to many others which helped him to a good score despite the little stats elsewhere with only 1 mark and 3 tackles. Tracking nicely, he still has about $50k to make with his current outputs.

Hampton did it, he finally cracked triple figures in the regular season rewarding all his patient owners. Funny thing is, scrolling through my leagues, many people (including me) had Hampton on the bench with the (E) and Newman on field hoping he was a late call up not trusting what he would do. Getting in on the action early, he kicked the opening two goals of the game before tackling his way to 103 with 10. His score was also composed of 21 disposals (7 kicks, 14 handballs) at 81% DE and 6 marks. With this now in his price cycle, he has bought himself a few extra weeks as his days were starting to look numbers. Who knows, this game may have just sparked something in him.

Melican debuted this week coming off low stats in the NEAFL however given his KPP role it can be expected and was bought in for the height of the GWS forward line and Allir being omitted due to form. He looked comfortable out there on his way to 68 points from 13 disposals (9 kicks, 4 handballs) at 77% DE to go with 8 marks. Hold off for the week and if he looks like he has cemented a spot he might prove to be a downgrade option. Who know’s with Longmire anymore…

Williamson came through at just the wrong time for most people after getting rid of most of there dead backline rookies the past fortnight. Bouncing back from his down game last week, he had 81 points from 18 disposals (11 kicks, 7 handballs) at 78% DE, 5 marks, 4 rebound 50s and a tackle. The ball was in Carltons backline for a long time meaning he had lots of opportunity to score and I think it’s obvious by now that Carlton are just blooding the rookies and pumping games into them all which might not bode well for the number in the Blues win column this year but will mean he will see a fair amount of ball.

McNiece is a mature aged rookie who debuted this week in the ANZAC clash for 61 points. He didn’t see a lot of the ball, only managing 11 disposals (4 kicks, 7 handballs) but the high DE (91%) helped keep his score high where others around struggle to hit targets in the rain. Taking 2 marks, laying 3 tackles and putting in 5 1%ers, he may be one to look at in two weeks time if given the games. Oh, he’s bargain basement price too 😉

Stewart popped up this week with a timely 70 points to just keep his score ticking over for now. He managed to have 18 disposals (10 kicks, 8 handballs) at 83% DE to go with 5 marks, 6 rebound 50s, 2 tackles and 6 1%ers. 4 clangers hurt his score a little this week but other than Rd3, he has been a solid bench with an average of 60 from his other 4 outings. Now the 22 has dropped from his cycle, he has bought himself a few extra weeks as he BE has now dropped again to -12 and should grow nicely to $250k.

Vickers-Willis has been knocking on the door for a debut after racking up the possessions in the VFL and finally got his chance this week. He got off to a good start before fading for a large chunk of the match but nevertheless, he ended up on 51 points from 15 disposals (8 kicks, 7 handballs) at 73% DE, 5 marks and a bunch of 1 other bits and pieces. Hold off for now as the last thing I would be doing is bringing in a North rookie before they are on the bubble. Is coach is a Scott after all…

Macreadie only managed the 8 disposals this week (all but 1 uncontested) to go with 2 marks. His BE this week is 42 which is greater than his average so if you still have him, might be time to move him on.

Cox played his second game this week and is now on the bubble. He had 9 disposals (4 kicks, 5 handballs) but with a DE of 44% and 4 clangers next to his name, it held back his score to a measly 23. A rookie that is best left alone if you want to make money.

Long is a long was off being a good rookie for us as he was unable to back up his 28 points from last week scoring only 22 this week. He has failed to live up to expectations and can be passed on which is a shame due to his handy DPP status. Sad face.

Goodbye for now: Logue, Kelly, Macreadie, Berry, J.Smith, Cox and Long.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
Petrevski-SetonCarl$298.4k (+$24.0k)4964.876
Powell-PepperPort$233.8k (+$6.3k)556341
FooteSyd$207.4k (+$9.5k)3343.537

Petrevski-Seton backs up his 49 from last week with another 49. Seeing plenty of ball yet again (11 kicks and 5 handballs), it’s his DE (56%) and cangers (5) that really hurt his scoring. The rest of his score came from 4 marks, 5 tackles and a behind. SPS’s days are just about done with a pair of 49s rolling through his cycle and a BE of 76 which is greater than his average. Given his inflated starting price, you will be able to bank a fair bit of coin going down to a standard rookie but one you would have hoped for a little more, especially after his 116 three weeks ago. On the block for me this week unless it’s raining, and then he might be a sneaky chance to stay otherwise it’s time to say goodbye.

Powell-Pepper-Pig is just about cooked. Even with a BE of 41 this week, owners were lenient on SPP given his fantastic start to the season and tough 2 fixtures the last fortnight and heading into Carlton this week. Despite having 17 disposals (6 kicks, 11 handballs), 2 marks, 8 clearances and 5 tackles, he only beat his BE in the final quarter to end up on 55 points due to a DE of 71% and 3 clangers. Looking rather tired out there, he is possibly due for a rest shortly and may be a good time to cash out although making under $100k profit after his start to the season is hard to swallow. With a BE still at 41, he doesn’t need to be moved on quite yet unless rested as the extra bit of coin will be handy.

Fisher showed promising signs early and on track to a decent score at half time sitting on 35 points. He went missing in the 3rd quarter only scraping together 5 points but bobbed back up the last quarter although by this stage, Supercoach scaling was in full effect and he only got 11 points despite having his best quarter stat wise. Collecting 17 disposals (8 kicks, 9 handballs) for the night, his DE of 59% and 4 clangers hurt his score. Over 10,000 bought him in a week early but on the bubble this week and given his potential, might be worth a look at if named.

Foote was one of the lowest scoring Swans with just 7 disposals (6 handballs) at 57% DE and 2 clangers for 33 points on the weekend. Over 50% of his points came from tackles (5) this week and with a BE creeping close to his average, starting looking for other options as he is yet another who is just about done.

Goodbye for now: Fox.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k -75.56


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd5AvgBE
ButlerRich$269.0k (+$29.9k)6473.629
BroomheadColl$271.4k (+$42.7k)867315
HoustonPort$266.3k (+$32.4k)7372.415
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-27
KnightAdel$288.3k (+$22.7k)706928
McCarthy Frem$271.0k (+$40.4K)7257.8-14
Taranto (MID)GWS$250.8k-5737
MenzelAdel$211.9k (+$28.0k)3956.735
Parfitt (MID)Geel$242.9k (+36.3k)5156.439
Balic* (MID)Frem$123.9k-55.5-39
Turner NM$236.1k (+$4.3k)4154.448
HaywardSyd$189.2k (+$13.0k)2153.528
Simpkin NM$213.5k (+$31.6k)7353-5
Bowes (MID)GC$222.9k (+21.6k)4951.27
Eddy Port$141.9-49.7-35
Miles* (MID)Haw$123.9k-344
Pickett (MID)Carl$164.2k (+$10.4k)2835.219
J.Dawson (MID)Syd$123.9k-32-

Black was among the popular picks for the forward line after JLT1 after banging out 89 points but fell out of favour with coaches over JLT2 and JLT3 after a 29 point and a no show game respectively before not being named in the Rd1 team. Debuting for Geelong this weekend and his first AFL game since Rd23 2015, he had his 3rd ever triple figure score in 51 appearances. He had 21 disposals (10 kicks, 11 handballs) at 81% DE to go with 7 marks (2 contested), 5 tackles and 2 goals for the game which pushed him over the edge. His talent is not unknown, previously averaging 76 points in 18 games in 2013, although I would wait one more week before pulling the trigger as his scoring can be quite erratic. With the Harry Taylor experiment up front not going quite to plan, he might be around for a while if he can continue to apply forward pressure like he did this week.

Butler has now had back to back 64s and with a score of 65 in Rd2, it looks like this is the score we should become accustomed to with any outliers hopefully on the larger side. With 45 points at half time, he was staring down the barrel of another great score however disappeared for a large chunk of the rest of the game unfortunately. He had 12 disposals (8 kicks, 4 handballs) at 83% DE this week to go with 2 marks, 6 tackles and a goal. The 4 clangers he had didn’t help with his score though as he could have gone 80+ without them although due to the rain, it can be forgiven.

Broomhead could have been a very handy rookie had be been named Rd1 as average of 73 puts him as the second highest averaging rookie in the forward line for multiple games. Collecting 14 disposals (5 kicks, 9 handballs) he had one of the highest DE’s (86%) on the ground in the rain and 0 clangers which combined with 2 marks and 6 tackles gave him a decent score of 86. With decent JS, he should get his price to $350k by the byes or if not, close enough to it to cash out on a decent profit.

Houston has been one of the best rookies in the forward line this season without a doubt and continued his good form with 73 this week. Port Adelaide got a huge slice of the pie this week with the bottom 10 point getters being Carlton players. Collecting 17 disposals (10 kicks, 7 handballs), he was on target yet again and went at 82% DE for the game to go with 5 marks, 4 tackles and 6 1%ers. Not picking him is one of my biggest regrets this season, another 2 weeks and he would have exceeded $200k profit.

Johnson debuted this week for Port Adelaide making an impact straight away. His 70 points came from 14 disposals (8 kicks, 6 handballs) at 79% DE to go with 5 marks and 2 goals. He had very little impact around the ground though with minimal other stats but may provide to be a downgrade option if he gets another run next week and performs.

Knight scored just over his average this week with 70 points getting in on the action and kicking 2 goals to compliment his 19 disposals (9 kicks, 10 handballs) and 3 marks but majority of his possessions were uncontested which held back his scoring. He will struggle to push his price past $320k however the extra cash may have been worth his consistent scoring and JS. One who was popular early on but fell out of favour over JLT to only end up in 1,500 teams but has turned out to be an OK pick so far.

Hardwick played his second game against the Eagles and will head into his next fixture on the bubble. Given two consistent scores, he had 65 points this week from 19 disposals (10 kicks, 9 handballs) at 90% DE but with 14 of them uncontested, his scoring was held back a little given he also had 4 marks, 4 1%ers and a goal assist. Worth a look at this week if named.

Parfitt gets himself in to right positions he just makes a lot of wrong decisions as his 17 disposals (9 kicks, 8 handballs) went at 59% DE to go with 3 clangers which saw his score limited to 51 points this week. His BE has now jumped up but spot in the side should still be safe for a little while longer and with Gold Coast/Essendon in the next 3 weeks, he should have some good opportunity to score well again and push his price over $275k in the coming weeks.

McCarthy was one that needed Fremantle to win to score, and with the team being 0-2 and throwing in the towel so early in the season and declaring it a rebuild, who would have thought 3 weeks later the team was rocking a 3-2 record? Not me that’s for sure. Playing the high half forward role and creeping up onto the wing, very much like NRoo/Buddy, he was able to collect 16 disposals (11 kicks, 5 handballs) to go with 5 marks, 4 inside 50s and 4 shots on goal (for 1 goal, 1 behind). A DE of 69% held back his score a little, averaging 75 in the last 3 weeks in wins he will continue to make money unless the team turns again but with a negative BE, you are safe for a few weeks at least.

Menzel popped his bubble this week and had his quietest game for the season only collecting the 4 disposals although his 2 kicks managed to both go through the big sticks pushing him to 39 points. Not a very popular pick due to price, just under 750 people traded him in the week. With Jenkins touch and go, his spot in the side is a wait and see but won’t make a lot of money any time soon with this weeks score rolling through his average.

Turner had a down one this week with just the 41 points. Not being able to capitalise in a close encounter were they lead for most of the game, he only had the 9 disposals (5 kicks, 4 handballs) to go with 4 marks, 2 tackles and a goal. His BE is now just under his average and it may be time to start culling him if a good option presents itself although he still has a little cash to make in the coming weeks if desperate or not a fan of the downgrade options.

Hayward struggled big time this week and was the lowest scoring player on the ground with 21 points from 5 disposals (4 handballs) and 3 tackles. After somewhat of a promising start in his first 3 games, this will severely stunt his cash growth to come with his BE jumping to 28 but with an easier run ahead, he might get back to kicking goals and scoring well again.

Simpkin has been easing his way into the season increasing his score each week and backed up the trend with his best day in the office this season on the weekend with 73 points. Kicking 1 goal in Norths loss to 2017’s premiers, he had 12 disposals (8 kicks, 4 handballs) at 83% DE to go with 3 marks and 3 tackles (3 free kicks for). This score see’s his BE drop into the negatives allowing him to increase his growth for a few weeks to come and he is looking like he could push it near $250k in the near future.

Bowes scored just under his average this week with 49 points although it was a tough game for a youngster. 15 disposals (9 kicks, 6 handballs) at 73% DE to go with 2 marks but still has a relatively low BE with the 74 still in his cycle from 2 games ago. Without another decent score his cash will begin to dry up in 2 weeks.

Kennedy-Harris played his first senior game this year but only managed the 48 points. He had 11 disposals (7 kicks, 4 handballs), 5 marks and 7 tackles for the game but with a DE of 55% and 4 clangers his score was never going to be large. 96 people pulled the pin on him this week, mainly to cover a 0 from Hannan, but it would be best to wait one more game as he is known for falling in and out of favour at the club given the plethora of small forwards the possess.

Pickett ain’t worth my time anymore. Has 1-2 more weeks making another 10k or so and then he can be passed onto a rookie coming through. No love lost though if you pull the pin already.

Polson was yet another debutant for Carlton this year after some very high possession games playing on the wing in the VFL the last few weeks. Just the 34 points from disposals 11 disposals but the high handball count (8), DE of 55% and 2 clangers held him back. Not on the bubble until after his next games but don’t be pulling the trigger on him yet, will need to show more next week if he is to make any money.

T.Smith got his second game in a row but the poor bugger ended up with a punctured lung due to a hit in the contest in the second quarter and spent the night in hospital. Unfortunately he is not going be relevant this year.

L.Dawson played his first game for the year this week and scored just 22 points (low scores must be a Dawson thing). Very expensive for a rookie but never averaging more than 45 (2015 – 10 games) he will need a very good score next week to be considered.

Goodbye for now: Schoenmakers, Florent, McCluggage and T.Smith

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23 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 5”

  1. Fisher, Balic, Hardwick all look like options this week.

    Black, Johnson, McNiece, Parsons, EVW and Melican? next week, a finally a few downgrades on the horizon!


    1. Next week might have to be a double downgrade week and clean out some dead wood (Pickett/Eddy and Co). Would struggle to make enough cash to even facilitate one upgrade but it’s gotta be done!


      1. Possibly two weeks of double downgrades?!

        Hibberd > Fisher
        O’Meara > Balic/Hardwick

        WHE > Black/Johnson/Parsons
        Eddy > Black/Johnson/ Parsons

        would free up 500k + 100k ITB for double upgrade week after next.
        Still have Houston, SPP and Butler who will all be ripe.
        Then theres Swallow…


        1. I got Fisher a week early, so maybe just the one for me with a double down next week. Not a fan of back to back double downs, others will come.


        2. yep, time to make what cash we can…

          WHE > Fisher/Balic via dpp WHE be70 & cooked
          SPP > Parsons via dpp SPP be41 can wait a week?

          Hardwick js worries

          TU Fisher
          TD Balic


  2. Thanks Hutta.

    Hoping Balic named this week. DPP status would be handy.

    Not sold on the other bubble boys.

    Any thoughts on Eddy, Hibberd and Barrett getting a game soon?

    I hate having to trade Cows with a -BE ,but cash generation is getting desperate.


    1. Eddy hangs around until there’s a week I can’t do anything, then if he’s still not playing he’s out. Hibberd got the flick at the end of Rd2 and became WHE for me but he got concussed in the VFL two weeks ago so just getting back up to speed now. Barrett dominated the NEAFL two weeks ago and was a travelling emergency this weekend so didn’t play. The NEAFL team has a bye this week so if not named again, it might be a few before he’s back. I traded him out this week FWIW to allow me to upgrade Roughie to Macrae. No regrets on that front.


    1. Given Carlton are playing kids I expect Fisher will get games. Birchall may squeeze Hardwick out of the Hawks defense.


  3. So good, thanks Hutta!

    Do you think it is likely that Hardwick will make way for Birchall?

    Is it fair to assume that Johnson now ahead of Eddy in the pecking order and we may not see Eddy for a while?

    How do you rate the JS of Fisher, Hardwick and Balic?


    1. Fisher/Hardwick and Balic all have their pros and cons. I took Fisher last week because I loved the way he looked in his debut (plus Bolton playing the rookies) and will probably take Balic this week purely due to his DPP status and he’s slightly cheaper. Hardwick will stay playing the way he is, has an elite kick on him but I feel like Hawthorn are always a revolving door with the youngsters so you just never know.

      From what I understand, Eddy has a fitness issue he needs to work on to get back into the seniors. Don’t think I’ll be touching Johnson though, the forward line of Port isn’t currently making sense 😛


  4. Looking at a double downgrade this week just need to make some cash. Not sure which two out of three rookies to bring in this week balic/fisher and hardwick. I already have four mid/fwd dpp players so was thinking fisher and hardwick, but seems most others are going for balic. Also a bit worried about hardwick js. Thoughts anyone?



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