Rookie Review – Round 8

Written by Huttabito on May 16 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
NewmanSyd$322.0k (+$60.6k)15193.6-6
OttenAdel$360.4k (-$16.0k)5679.587
McGrath (MID)Ess$364.3k (+$13.6k)6676.460
McInnes (FWD)WCE$155.1k6767-
HamptonAdel$287.7k (-$17.8k)5261.670
WilliamsonCarl$256.0k (+$4.3k)3860.265
Vickers-WillisNM$191.5k (+$35.7k)7955.8-1
MelicanSyd$197.4k (+$21.5k)3155.018
StewartGeel$248.7k (+$22.8k)4653.733
Berry (MID)Bris$211.4k (+$41.4k)7144.7-6

If you traded this sexy beast out over the last few weeks I suggest you skip til the next paragraph….

First of all, lets all take a moment to appreciate the newest member of the Super-Premium Elite 2017.

Now that T.Mitchell has left Sydney, Horse needed a new whipping boy and there is no denying that Newman is the one that’s been left to feel it. After what was a good opening 3 AFL games (since Rd2), he was sent back to the 2’s for a week before coming back for a singular game prior to saying Ciao yet again only to be a late in the very next week. Like, seriously Horse, that just did my head in writing that! He’s had some dominating performances in the NEAFL when not playing AFL, including being awarded BOG last week, but there still wasn’t a spot in the seniors team and Titch with his 50+ disposal NEAFL appearance and still not getting a gig knows the pain all too well. And so here we have it, news comes through on Sunday afternoon that Newman was a late in for Florent. Some coaches, including our very own SCT regular Yiorgakis, were using him as their captaincy loophole and were set for a very nervous few hours. Remember when Eddy was a late in round 2 and ruined it for many people? Well, fast forward to the end of the game and somewhere in the middle he collected 35 disposals (19 kicks) at an impressive 83% DE (highest of any 25+ disposal player), 11 marks (2 contested), 4 tackles, 4 1%ers, 3 rebound 50s, 2 inside 50s and 2 goal assists. All of this amassed to one hundred, and fifty one (151) points!! This left every SuperCoach coach out there with a mouth wide open (just how Newman like to play apparently) regardless of what the reason was (trading him out, having him stuck on the bench, using him for the captain/rookie loophole). He would be a surefire lock to play next week in any other team after his performance but I for one, am certainly not getting my hopes up. The 151 will be in his price cycle for the next two weeks and could well top out in price at $420k by the time Sydney’s Rd11 bye rolls around. Horse, just let us have this one!

Otten was swung back to defence for majority of the game to cover the absence of Lever which had a significant impact on his scoring, as people had feared could happen and with a high BE, 10,000 coaches jumped ship although his ownership is still at 99,926 before trades. He played forward for the last half of the final quarter and started to get into the action, taking a couple of strong marks inside 50 with a couple of shots on goal however he converted them both to behinds and by this stage, it was to late in the game to help his scoring anyway. He finished up on 56 points from 15 disposals (6 kicks), 3 marks, 2 tackles and 11 1%ers however a DE of 67% and 4 clangers played their part in Otten dropping $16k. Although showing signs when he returned up forward again, if Lever misses this week too, he will no doubt have to play back again and will start to bleed cash if he has to play defence with a BE of 87. Keep an eye on teams.

McGrath returned fresh from his week rest to line up with the seniors again but fell 20 points less than his current 3 week average to score 67 points. With the Bombers getting out of the blocks at a lighting fast pace, the ball didn’t spend a lot of time in their defensive half early in the game which limited his scoring potential however he collected 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 83% DE to go with 3 marks, 3 rebound 50s, 3 tackles, 3 1%ers, 3 inside 50s, 2 goal assists and a behind. With the rest behind him and another 3 more games before their bye, he won’t make a lot more cash but has good scoring potential and JS to see it out.

McInnes played his for the Eagles this week after playing a total of 9 over the last two seasons for them. Playing the back up ruck/forward role he scored 67 points from 11 disposals (5 kicks), 15 hitouts, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 5 1%ers. His JS is poor with Petrie likely to return to the WAFL this week for a practice run before coming back to AFL and Lycett about another month out so it is probably best to hold off for now.

Hampton got off to a great start however went missing for large chunks of the game to end up on 52 points losing $17.8k. He had 15 disposals (6 kicks) however a DE of 53% and 4 clangers stopped him from having a decent nights out. 25% of his owners jumped off to maximise cash gains and although his BE has dropped to 70 now the 41 is out of his cycle, he still has two low scores which is keeping his BE slightly elevated. Adelaide have their bye in 4 weeks time and if he plays all 4 games out, he will fluctuate between $280k-$300k scoring 60s (so lost most of his cash already more than likely) however with a 3 round average of 46.7, you do not have Huttabito’s guarantee.

Williamson really struggled to get in on the action and only just beat his BE with 38 points from 9 disposals (8 kicks). With two poor games in a row now, his BE has jumped to 65 for Rd9 and it will remain high over the next fortnight before Carlton have their bye. This is a shame as it looks like his cash generation days are over and a good score this week would have seen him through nicely. He seems to be fading with his scores in the last 4 rounds dropping each game.

Melican had a fantastic DE of 100% for the game however he only managed to collect a total of 6 disposals (3 kicks) which unfortunately gave him his lowest score of the season, 31. He had 3 marks, put in 4 1%ers and laid 2 tackles but also gave away a free kick in one of the attempts. A BE of 18 will see him make money until his bye in 2 weeks, especially if he gets back to scoring 60s.

Stewart returned to the senior squad this week but only managed 46 points which put an end to his decent run. Still, his BE was negative so he had a nice price increase for the round. He had 14 disposals (8 kicks) at 64% DE to go with 4 marks, 4 1%ers and a goal. Coming back this week means he is projected to top out in cash generation when his bye rolls around and thus, coaches will now hope he stays in.

Vickers-Willis was traded in by a handful of coaches (~2,500) despite popping is bubble the week before due to the limited amount of downgrade options available this week along with handy bye, those coaches were rewarded with his best score of the season, 79 points. Very handball happy though, he had 15 all up to go with 6 kicks so could have well and truly score more if the ratio was the other way around. His 21 disposals went off at 67% DE to combine with 3 marks (1 contested), 4 rebound 50s, 2 tackles and 5 1%ers. Once last weeks 35 drops out of his cycle, with a half decent score this coming round his BE is set to drop even lower from -1 which will see him to be a very handy cash cow over the upcoming bye period.

Berry was named on ball for Rd8 and with a 2 week average of 61 meant he was the 3rd most traded in player for the week with over 10,000 coaches bringing him in despite having a small cash increase in recent weeks. Looking lively in the first quarter, he got to 35 points courtesy of a goal before the first break but from here, he did slow and seemed to be just off from the ball but clawed his way to 71 points, or, enough to take the loophole over Stewart by using Newman 😉 He had 13 disposals (7 kicks) for the game to go with 5 marks, 4 tackles and had 3 inside 50 entries. With Beams expected to return to the squad this week, it will be interesting to see where he is named although pending Rockliff’s injury, he may well continue to spend time on ball.

O’Connor was upgraded from the rookie list during the week and at bargain basement price he was a tantalising option for 4,600 coaches. Got in the action very early but they are probably now regretting the decision after his 26 points for the entire game. He spent 40% of the game on the bench so his tank may not be up to AFL standards yet and would be best to wait for his third game, although he will need much more than 26 points next game to be considered.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
Petrevski-SetonCarl$369.5k (+$32.3k)5974.425
Powell-PepperPort$311.9k (+$26.2k)7067.854
BarrettBris$239.6k (+$31.4k)5957.822
FisherCarl$172.2k (+$14.3k)3949.827

Petrevski-Seton did Petrevski-Seton things and struggled to score when the sun rays hit the oval. He just collected the 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 5 marks, 3 tackles, 3 inside 50s and a behind. He still rose a bucket load courtesy to his last few score and with 134 (yes, I’m still salty) in his price cycle he will rise and top out at his bye. Unless it rains again although he’s in Perth (raining as I type) this week so who knows…

Powell-Pepper made the trip to China and despite falling heavily on his back in a marking contest in the second quarter, he got up and soldiered on to score 70 points. Collecting 21 disposals (9 kicks) with a DE of 76%, he could have had a better score had he not done what he likes to do and rack up his clanger count to 5. The 5 marks (1 contested), 3 tackles and 3 1%ers he put in was enough to see the score he had though. With a BE of 54, his cash days are not over and will be set to return over the main byes and play throughout (form/injuries pending) so could be a very good rookie option to hold onto unless you have a perfect bye structure/plan.

Barrett scored 59 points this week which is just above his average of 57.8 and seems to have a spot in the side with injuries throughout the Brisbane squad which will see him pushing his price up at a welcomed rate. Despite only having 13 disposals (5 kicks), his DE of 85% and the two goals he kicked helped him to a descent score given he had very few stats elsewhere. If he continues to score on his average, he will top out at approximately Rd20 at $293k ($53k left to make) but will do majority of it ($45k) over the next 4 rounds so could be another handy rookie over the back half of the byes.

Lloyd was promoted from the rookie list mid week and debuted against Collingwood collecting 17 disposals (6 kicks), 2 marks, 2 tackles and 1 goal/1 behind for the match for 54 points. He showed very good signs in JLT1 when all the seniors were missing but seemed to go missing as the pre-season continued and they all returned. With mounting injuries at the Giants, especially with Coniglio ruled out for 10 weeks again, he has every opportunity to perform at AFL level after carving up the NEAFL the last season and a bit to put his hand up for regular appearances. Not on the bubble until next week so as always, it’s a good idea to get another look, especially with GWS and their depth, albeit a tested one at the moment.

Myers will be the most popular trade in target this week if named with just under 10,000 people trading him in already given he is on the bubble. Playing more on ball in his second game, he had 18 disposals (9 kicks) at 83% DE to go with 5 marks (1 contested), 1 tackle, 7 inside 50s (most for Essendon) and 1 goal assist. Still getting back into the pace of the AFL, he will build up slowly but should provide decent coverage over the first few bye weeks before teams midfields are completed.

Fisher was covering Treloar for my team this week and with 39 at half time I was sure that I wouldn’t notice my so called “premium” missing. Next thing I know he scored 0 points in the second half and I was left scratching my head at what went wrong. Only the 8 disposals (5 kicks) at 88% DE to go with 3 clangers, 1 mark, 5 tackles, 2 inside 50s and a goal assist. Two poor games has stunted all growth in the short term but hopefully he’s shown enough to provide cover throughout the byes. If Pickett is anything to go by, he has 3 more poor games left before being dropped.

Scheer has played 2 AFL games now, including one in China so he’s probably travelled further in his career than many veterans from Victorian teams! Scoring just the 27 points, 9 of his 10 disposals were handballs. He had 2 marks and just a few bits and pieces to make up the remainder of his score and although he will be available on the bubble after this weeks bye if named, there may be better options as with a BE of -3, his short term cash generation will be slow.

Mutimer was the only bubble boy named for the round and not a popular one at that with less than 7,000 coaches jumping on. Despite his natural game being a half back, rebounding defender, Eagles have a tendency to play their kids (unless KPPs) on the half forward line which limits the scoring potential. He scored 53 points this week from 15 disposals (8 kicks) at 73% DE, 6 marks, 3 clangers, 2 behinds and a goal assist. His highest score from his first 3 games is 58 so it’s looking like he might struggle to go 60+ without a role change but will at least be making money until his bye if he continues to get senior games.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k -75.58

Nothing to see here this week. Soldo was named on Thursday much to owners of Nankervis’s horror but he ended up being an out before final Sunday teams were announced last Friday.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd8AvgBE
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-26
Taranto (MID)GWS$322.4k (+$26.7k)826642
ButlerRich$275.7k (-$9.3k)3664.469
BroomheadColl$294.2k -63.882
McCarthy Frem$339.9k (+$10.2k)6663.361
HardwickHaw$256.8k (+$19.2k)3262.245
Turner NM$291.1k (+$28.7k)7261.413
Balic (MID)Frem$215.5k 4157.58
MenzelAdel$216.4k (+$4.5k)465442
Bowes (MID)GC$249.4k (+$5.5k)5251.940
HaywardSyd$210.3k (+$9.7k)3850.631
Eddy Port$141.9k-49.7-34
HannanMelb$199.4k (-$0.3k)304753
ParsonsGeel$168.0k (+$15.7k)3646.242
Simpkin NM$215.4k (-$12.7k)540.894
Pickett (MID)Carl$164.2k-35.220

J.Stewart played his first AFL game for 2017 on the weekend and kicked it off in good style scoring 91 points courtesy of 3 goals. He had 10 disposals (8 kicks) at 90% DE to go with 3 marks (1 contested, 2 inside 50), 4 tackles (earning 2 free kicks), 3 inside 50s and 1 goal assist. His best SuperCoach season was in 2015 when he played 13 games for an average of 52 points so it may be worth to see how he goes next week given his slightly inflated price this year compared to other rookies and past history. He has been made to earn his spot through the VFL so all signs have been positive as of yet.

Butler has begun to fade and with 36 points this week it’s becoming apparent. Only the 11 disposals (4 kicks) and 2 tackles this round and he is no longer good for those reliable 60+ scores that he was giving over the first 5 rounds as he is now rolling with a 3 week average of 49. Losing nearly 10k and just about putting my ideal upgrades out of reach *shakes fist*, his BE has jumped up to 69 and given form (total average dropping for 7 weeks straight now), is set to lose even more cash. Still another 3 weeks until his bye but he as potential to drop another 15k over this time scoring mid 50s.

Taranto won the rising star for his performance in Rd8 after collecting 21 disposals (9 kicks) at 86% DE. He also managed 1 mark, 5 tackles, 2 1%ers, 4 inside 50s, 2 behinds and 1 goal assist which helped him get to 82 points for the game. 3 weeks after his rest he is now averaging 78 points over this time which has turned him into quite the handy cash cow for the 56k (was 84k Rd1) coaches who have held onto him.

McCarthy has slowed down in the last few weeks with 66 points but he is still increasing his overall average which is now up to 63.3. Just kicking the 1 goal, he scored most of his points from his 15 disposals (9 kicks), 5 marks, 6 inside 50s and 1 goal assist. His BE is now back up to 66 with the couple of lesser weeks so will begin to stagnate until his bye unless he has another great game to keep the cash flowing. Worth holding through the byes and he’s not going to lose his spot but has great potential to continue scoring well.

Hardwick found it hard going against Brisbane scoring just 32 points which is half of his next best score. Down on all his stats, he only had the 5 disposals (3 kicks) in his 84% TOG to go with 2 marks, 2 1%ers, 1 tackle and 4 inside 50s. His BE will be up for the next fortnight but should still continue to make slow cash until it drops again.

Turner has had a turn in fortune backing up his best game of the season with his second, scoring 72 points courtesy of 2 goals and 1 behind. He only had 9 disposals (8 kicks) at 33% to go with 1 clanger so something more had to be behind his score. Looking closely, it’s probably something to do with 40 of his points coming from tackles given he was able to lay 10, which was the second highest tackle count of field and 17 points coming from his scoring shots. His BE had dropped to 13 which will see a nice injection of cash if you have held onto him, sorry Father.

Menzel returned to the seniors for his 46 points although he sat out of the last quarter so only spent 61% TOG due to sore groin complaints. He collected 11 disposals (7 kicks) to go with 4 marks, 3 tackles, 2 1%ers, 3 inside 50s, 1 behind and 1 goal assist. BE is 42 although he is projected to increase another $50k before his bye if he doesn’t miss due the the groin soreness.

Hayward is just pottering along and even with 38 points, he rose just shy of $10k. Despite kicking a goal from his 10 disposals (6 kicks), his DE of 60% and 3 clangers hurt his score slightly. With a BE of 31, 6 out of 7 of his games have been higher so he should continue to make money up until his bye.

Hannan is pretty much cooked scoring just the 30 points to lose a couple of hundred of bucks. With a BE of 53 and a 5 week rolling average of 40 he is likely to continue to drop cash until his bye. Coaches, make your call on your needs but this one is done for mine!

Parsons has backed up his pair of scores in the 60s with a 19 last week and 38 this week which with a polite way of putting it, had killed every chance of making some nice coin up until his bye. Half glass full approach is he doubled last weeks score so he could go 76 this coming weekend! He had 10 disposals (6 kicks) to go with 2 marks, 2 tackles and 1 goal/1 behind but the 50% DE and 2 clangers really hindered his score. With injuries to the Cats he should hopefully continue to get games given how highly the club rates him. With Black being omitted, they are now tied 1-1.

Durdin played his second game on the weekend and will head into Rd9 on the bubble if named. Scoring 48 points, second score in the 40s in a row due to KPP role, he had 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 89% DE to go with 2 marks, 2 clangers, 1 tackle, 3 1%ers and 2 rebound 50s. Despite a handy bye, his scoring potential seems limited while still young.

Simpkin forgets he’s playing with the big boys sometimes and after getting crunched in the first quarter, getting strapped up and going back out there, he got crunched again briefly after which was enough to rule him out for the rest of the game. News has come through that he has torn his AC joint and will undergo surgery today and will be ruled out for the next 6 weeks. You have a bright future ahead of you kid but it’s time to say goodbye to the SuperCoach world for 2017.

Goodbye for now: Simpkin, Hannan, Houston, J.Dawson, L.Dawson, Wagner, Jack and Polson

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12 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 8”

  1. Going to have to ride the bumpy road that may be Butler and Parsons, just because they suit the bye rounds.


    1. Nice trade, comrade.

      Ha, that rhymes! I’m doing the same trade. Not bye friendly but I’m being greedy and want the cash now.


  2. Another Great write up Hutta!

    I followed your instructions to the T regarding skipping the Newman the gun write up after trading him out late Friday night no more needs to be said there. Getting to bed and sleeping on it was the key there.

    Anyway, thems the breaks when your trades arecontinually coming out of Buckley’s coaching manual making myself the whipping boy for fellow SCT coaches.

    Thanks for the trade idea Thommo , but for me it is all dependant on Balic being named.

    What are your thoughts there Hutta is Balic a chance to come back straight back into the Freo team after last weeks illness?


    1. Cheers TDA. Unlucky, I can understand why people let him go though. Precedent has been set with Horse before. I lucked out as I usually try to hold onto rookies for at least two full weeks after being dropped and on the third, I will say goodbye.

      Balic should come straight back in if he’s over his illness. Haven’t spoken to anyone yet this week so unsure if he’s resumed training. Really need him to get a couple of games back to back otherwise his fitness will begin to slide.

      In other news, Luke Ryan has been building nicely in the WAFL the last 3 weeks and had 24 disposals (19 kicks) with 13 marks on the weekend. Only the 1 tackle so would like to see a bit more ball pressure but hopefully should be pushing for selection sooner than later.


      1. Thanks Hutta!

        Yeah Ryan looks like he could be a prospect for your Dockers and a downgrade target later in the week.

        Unlucky re Newman , but still fill like a dill and it has taken until today for me to put behind me. Amyway , it is humbling to be struggling with bad trade decsions and not doing well. It will be a long season but i will keep going to try redeem some pride and , not letting any Leagues down becoming a Ghost ship.
        Should still make a few of major finals in weaker leagues.


  3. Anyone got any inside scoop on Durdin’s JS?

    T/U – good week to jump off WHE for Durdin? (Going on Father Dougal’s trade out after the third round post-century rule – I am learning Father Dougal! I think…)

    T/D – Hold on to WHE for now, Durdin ain’t worth the downgrade, even in spite of how rubbish rookies are this year.


  4. Thanks Huttabito!

    A couple of questions for you:
    * With Birchall, Frawley and Stratton all out for the next month at least, does Schoenmakers get a run now?
    * How far away is Ben Ainsworth from a return? I thought he looked pretty good before his injury, and he would be a fantastic downgrade option for the bye rounds.


    1. Hawthorn this week:
      Out: Rioli, Stratton, Frawley, Fitzpatrick
      IN: Brand and Stewart are probably two definites I would imagine. Then one of Vickery/Schoey and one of Whitecross/Duryea/Sicily. They are getting real stretched at the moment and could well send someone like Hodge to the backline. Schoey offers greater flexibility than Vickery so they may well opt for him.

      Ainsworth should be good to go after their bye. Whether or not they give him a run in the NEAFL is another story. They have a bye this week too so a couple of weeks in the NEAFL to pick up the pace again would be amazing!



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