Round 2 Review

Written by Motts on April 3 2019

Dane emailed me last night asking if we’d like a weekly Round Review written. “Hell yes, you bloody legend!”, I said. So here’s the first of many. Let’s hear it for Dane! Bit of background on Ol’ Dane, he’s an Eagles supporter, 10 year SuperCoacher and overall follows many sports around the world! In his spare time he likes long walks on the beach and listening to Kenny G (I might have taken a bit of artistic license with that last bit). OK let’s get into it!


Richmond vs Collingwood

The Pies started off their win column in solid fashion against fellow top 4 hopeful Richmond on Thursday night. Brodie Grundy was back to his best (137)while the midfielders, lead by Scott Pendlebury (133, BOG from being at the game)Adam Treloar (135)and Dayne Beams (104) all returned high possession counts and solid scores. Across the backline it was Crisp andMayne (123, 130) setting up attack after attack, with plenty of intercept marks to boost their scores. Overall Supercoach relevant players from the Pies gave their owners a good start to the weekend, apart from Sideass (66)and De Goey (80)despite kicking 5.

Richmond unfortunately had nothing to smile about, almost all relevant Supercoach players failed to meet expectations, lead by Dusty (66)and Lambert (34)

Question from the game: Will early season injuries to Richmonds 2 most important players hinder their top 4 hopes, especially with GWS and Port the next 2 weeks ?

Supercoach Query: Does the Pies super stacked midfield (soon to have Taylor Adams back) make them too dangerous to have in your side as scores may fluctuate to heavily?

Adelaide vs Sydney

A great win by the Crows on Friday Night, largely lead by a collective effort with no real stars standing out. Brad Crouch has shown good signs and looks to have some big bucks to be made, after he cracked the ton with a 26 disposal 1 goal evening. Brother Matt recovered from a very slow start for reasonable score (96), while the were joined in the midfield brigade by Sloane, who was at his contested best for 105. The back flankers all chimed in, but coaches were probably hoping for more than a 21 possession 89 night from the desk himself Rory Laird. Brodie Smith repaid the faith, his 23 touches including 20 kicks to finish with a 97, while Wayne Milera looks to be POD in our backlines in the early goings. On the rookie front, Chayce Jonesshowed good signs, but did fluff his shots on goal (0.3) to score 44.

The Swans are now 0-2, but at least showed some fight. Lead by Josh Kennedy (36 touches, 16 contested, 10 clearances for 136) and Jake “Seagull” Lloyd (34 touches, 4 contested for 124) they did get back with 2 goals during the third term, but Adelaide just made more opportunities happen. Buddy looks set for a price drop, but is he worth the risk ? Heeney (67) and Mills (49) let a lot of us down, but Horse Longmire said after the game that he needed them in their forward/defence positions for the time being, so my gut feel is more disappointment on the way.

Question from the game: Is this the beginning of the end of Sydney’s finals streak?

Supercoach Query: Will Laird’s scores dip with the emergence of Milera and Smith back in the team?

Essendon vs St Kilda

The Saints are 2-0 and the Grand Final ticket memes have begun. Parker looks set to make huge cash generation, with another score in the 80’s, while those of us who took the punt on Billings would be happy so far (28 touches for 84), which could turn into hundreds very easily with a goal or two and improved efficiency. Gresham looks a smokey for All-Aus, his 25 disposal, 2 goal game landing him a score of 121.Josh Battle looked good in round 1 but couldn’t replicate, while Rowan Marshal, while not supercoach relevant, may be in the brownlow votes for his all around game.

Essendon were expected to come out and show something this weekend but had more errors make the highlights tape than anything else. Saad looks to be a good POD in our backline for those willing to take a punt, he now has 2 tons in a row, while Hurley (101), Shiel (116) and Merrett (108) were solid contributors for a struggling bombers outfit.

Question from the game: How long does Worsfold last if these performances keep happening?

Supercoach Query: Is Andrew McGrath another year away from being reliable?

Port Adelaide vs Carlton

Two spirited losses in a row for the Blues, I wouldn’t be overly shocked if they knock off the Swans this weekend. Cripps scored 116 from 32 touches and 23 contested ball wins. Gibbons started strong but faded for a 56, the same can be said for Setterfield (50). Sammy Walsh gathered 25 touches, and could easily turn his 80’s into tons with better disposal efficiency, which I think is only a game or two away.

The Power returned some massive scores, lead by Scott Lycett (25 touches, 34 hitouts) for a score of 167. Rockliff, Boak and rookie William Drewall proved that their round 1 scores were no fluke, and look to be trade in targets this week for the coaches who missed them. Popular rookie choices in Butters, Duursma and Rozee all did job security no harm. The let down was Westhoff, who’s ever changing role didn’t result in a happy score for this round (47).

Question from the game: Can the Rising star be a 4-way tie between Rozee, Duursma, Butters and Walsh?

Supercoach Query: Does the return of Ollie Wines and Hamish Hartlett this week change the way Rockliff and Boak are playing?

Geelong vs Melbourne

The Cats were lead by Dangerfield’s 37 touch, 2 goal game to smash the Dees for some revenge after last years finals series. Following him in the middle was Tim Kelly, who now leads the Coaches votes, and looks to be a lock for our forward lines. Charlie Constable’s 31 disposals and 1 goal helped him the to a rising star nomination, while fellow rookies Jordan Clark (66) and Tom Atkins (55) gave us good enough returns that we can’t rage trade them. Luke Dahlhaus now has 2 tons in a row and looks re-energised and should be considered.

The Demons premiums returned to what we wanted them to do, with Oliver (a HUGE 44 disposals, 25 contested for 141) and Gawn (13 kicks, 53 hit outs for 116) putting a smile back on our faces. Brayshaw also cracked the ton, but Christian Salem couldn’t back up his round 1 score, finishing with 75. In other news, Jay Lockhart kicked a very nice debut goal, but didnt do much else for his 32.

Question from the game: Demons or Bombers, who’s been the most disappointing team so far?

Supercoach query: Is Tom Stewart a supercoach hidden gem?

West Coast vs GWS

Josh Kennedy is to the Eagles forward line what jam is to peanut butter, he just makes it so much better. The reigning premiers got back into the winning column after blitzing the giants just before the half on saturday night. Popular mid-pricer who I got rid of at the last moment Dom Sheedonce again hit the ton, as did Shuey, who after back to back tonnes and priced at $492 is tempting. McGovern took intercept after intercept to finish with 134from his 18 touches, while the reliable Shannon Hurn handed out a 89.

The Giants only had 1 player hit the century mark, but luckily for us it was popular pick Lachie Whitfield, who ran all day to gather the pill 33 times, along with 13 marks. Other popular picks in Taranto (78) and Williams (95) were good without being great. Coniglio was the shocker though, his 20 touches only returning his owners a 52, after he was tagged.

Question from the game: Will Andrew Gaff fit seamlessly back into the Eagles midfield, or will it take time to get back into game shape?

Supercoach query: Is Coniglio susceptible to a tag the same way Zorko was?

North Melbourne vs Brisbane

The Roos off-season recruits in Hall and Polec showed why they were prized signatures, both gathering plenty of ball in the middle of the ground. Helping them along were hard-nuts Ben Cunnington and LDU, the later showing real promise of big Supercoach scores to come with his first ever tonne (118) coming from 26 possies. Unfortunately for coaches everywhere there were some stinkers from common selections in Goldstein (66), Scott (24) and Higgins (86) despite Higgins gathering the leather thing 38 times.

The Lions small forwards again led the way, with Cameron and McCarthy having 6 between them. Harris Andrews didnt light it up like round 1, but an 88 from a 13 touch game can hardly be considered bad. Lachie Neale proved why he could be in the Brownlow conversation with a steller last quarter helping him to 141, while former number 1 pick McLuggage looks like hes about to become a elite ball-winner.

Question from the game: Can the young Lions keep up the intensity and push for finals?

Supercoach query: Is this the year Daniel Rich breaks the 100 average?

Hawthorn vs Bulldogs

The Bulldogs got the win with a final quarter romp, which, according to Facebook comments, they were helped by “the most disgraceful umpiring in the history of the world ever period”. Anyway, a win’s a win, and it was the usual suspects for the Doggies, with Bontempelli, Hunter, Macrae and Daniel all cracking the ton (or close to) for their owners. Mid-pricer Libba scored 128 from his 28 touches to put a smile on our dials. Looking to the future, Josh Schache had the best game of his young career and should be getting Dogs fans excited.

Misery for the Hawks with midfield duo Burgoyne and Sheils both succumbing to hamstring issues. Supercoach wise, Ricky Henderson had that game he has every season with 29 touches helping him to 136 points, while sharpshooter and ever-reliable Jack Gunston kicked 4 straight to return a score of 110 for the 1% that own him. Worpel and Jaeger both have now had 2 great returns in a row and will be brought into many a team this week.

Question from the game: Can the result of a game be changed if enough people comment about the umpiring online?

Supercoach query: Will Worpel get the second year blues?

Fremantle vs Gold Coast

A scrappy win for the Suns but a win nonetheless. Sam Collins repaid the faith with a 86, but it was suns skipper David Swallow (140) who has now lifted his side two weeks in a row. Jack Bowesshowed signs late last year he was ready to breakout, and came away with 111 for those who took the risk. Anthony Miles returned a 75, while other popular choices Burgess and Ballard scored 61and66. Second pick Lukosius isnt fantasy relevant at this early stage and needs to be moved on. Fiorini was in my plans all summer, and is a lock for next year already, he looks a gun, while Sexton is now demanding attention from the AFL community for his knack around goals.

Too many passengers for the Dockers left the the usual suspects in Fyfe (124) and Hill (133) to do the bulk of the fantasy scoring. Underperforming Dockers included Ryan (78), Lobb (71) and Mundy (35), whos owners were definitely hoping to get more from.

Question from the game: After scoring so freely in Round 1, what happened in Round 2 for the Dockers?

Supercoach query: Is it too early for 2020 planning?

There it is all, my very first Round Review, hope all enjoyed and feel free to post your comments for improvements and so forth below!



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13 thoughts on “Round 2 Review”

  1. What does everyone everyone think of Ben Cunnington as a POD? A contested beast, and carries the kangas on his shoulders single-handedly at times. 105 avg, can he keep it up?


  2. Great write up and fantastic format Dane!

    Just shows everyone is replaceable even Thommo_sct. , but then again except for Schwarzy. – Smiley Face.


  3. Love the review Dane. Other commitments get in the way preventing me from catching up on too much of the action over the weekend so this review last year was my go to. Glad to see it back!


  4. Love the question and query format good work Dane.

    To attempt to answer some of them in my opinion:

    “Does the return of Ollie Wines and Hamish Hartlett this week change the way Rockliff and Boak are playing?”. Probably the biggest question of the week ! Don’t think Hartlett has an impact but Wines will have some impact its just a matter of whether it’s enough to be of a real negative impact. Wines, Rockliff, Boak surely are the main 3 at the bounces though ?

    “Is Tom Stewart a supercoach hidden gem?” . I think he may be however not sure i could touch him without seeing him play with Touhey (since Touhey will take over the kick in role that Stewart has been predominately taking in his absence .)

    “Is Coniglio susceptible to a tag the same way Zorko was?” . Yes but with Kelly back he should avoid the tag id imagine .


  5. I’ll say the player that concerns me greatly right now is Dunkley. Of course he’s a jet if given the midfield role, but Libba might have displaced him. He disposal numbers are far closer to the first half of last year (85 avg) than the last half (110 avg).

    Magnets might have screwed us again.


    1. Dunkleys role is fine. Attending 2nd or 3rd most centre bounces for the dogs in the first two rounds. just struggled to get his hands on the ball. Hold.


  6. What are people’s thoughts on holding Yeo?

    I can trade Yeo and Toby Greene for Rocky and Kelly with almost 100k left in the bank.


  7. Hey Dane,
    Very entertaining debut piece! The Round Review is a tough one since it takes up a lot of weekend time and it’s tough to follow an act like Thommo with his various themes 😉 We’re happy to post up whatever you can get ready. Thank you!



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