Round 2 Review

Written by Thommo on April 4 2016

Great Friday night football is back! After one rubbish Friday night game after another in 2015, the first for 2016 was a cracker.  Well, for a half at least. What a finish!

After a pretty clean round 1, a few injuries and role changes started to bite this week. Wingard, Rich and Sheridan had hamstring problems, something’s wrong with Rocky (and it’s not just a mild calf tweak), Westhoff dislocated a finger and bloody Ross Lyon moved Barlow forward again where he promptly did nothing! On the Tribunal front, we are in for an interesting case after Mummy pulverised Mitch Duncan in a huge tackle/hit. Mitch may not remember visiting our nation’s capital until he sees the replay.

It’s only early days but the ladder has a different look to 2015 with North Melbourne, Gold Coast and the Doggies joining Sydney as the undefeated teams on top while Fremantle sits in the cellar with the Blues, St Kilda and Brisbane without a win. The rest of the teams are jostling for position on one win and one loss.


I’ve left out the rookies this week so I don’t step on Juddlow’s toes… and because it’s easier for me!

Collingwood 13.9 (87) def Richmond 12.14 (86)

Like many games last week, a tight and slow first half snooze-fest broke open in the late third and fourth quarter. Richmond looked the better side for most of the game and will rue poor kicking and a lack of composure during the last 5 minutes when they lead by as much as 17 points.

Enter Brodie Grundy; One week he’s in the VFL, the next week he kicks the sealer! What was that saying about a week being a long time in football?


  • Alex Fasolo (137) – The star with 6 goals, 5 in the second half, along with 14 disposals at 100% disposal efficiency and 3 goal assists.
  • Dustin Martin (134) – 30 touches (14 contested) at 70% DE, 3 clearances and a goal.
  • Bachar Houli (127) – 35 possessions (a PB) with 8 contestedat 74% DE, 6 inside 50s.
  • Jack Riewoldt (112) – Riewoldt was handy around the ground all night and almost won the game with 3 last quarter goals. 16 possessions (6 contested), 8 marks (2 contested) and 3 goals.
  • Brodie Grundy (109) – 17 possessions (11 contested), 16 hitouts and 2 goals.
  • Brandon Ellis (109) – 30 possessions at 80% DE, only 6 contested and 6 inside 50s. Like Bachar Houli, he must stink because he was left alone most of the night.


  • Jordan DeGoey (50) – He was tipped for more midfield time but he’s spending more time forward.
  • Adam Treloar (85) – Tough to be a villain with 32 possessions but 62% DE and 7 clangers ruined his score. He was obviously watching his old buddy Heath Shaw last week.
  • Alex Rance (75) – Somehow got credited with 17 possessions at 88% DE but had 6 clangers, probably due to 3 frees against resulting in goals.

Adelaide 22.12 (144) def Port Adelaide 11.20 (86)

This game was even more of a thumping than the score indicated. Adelaide dominated from the start and Port never looked a chance. With the exception of Tex Walker, the Crows forwards were rampant while the Crows’ midfield continued their “team replacement” plan for Dangerfield. It seems to be working!


  • Eddie Betts (142) – 17 possessions (10 contested) at 82% DE and 5 goals. Vintage Eddie!
  • Scott Thompson (140) – Who loves a Derby! Scotty does! 29 possessions, 15 contested, 6 clearance and 10 tackles.
  • Robbie Gray (129) – 37 possessions, 22 contested but at only 48% DE. Needed some help from his friends!
  • Tom Lynch (129) – He did it all: 21 possessions, 6 goals. It was a good day for Tom Lyncheseses!
  • Rory Laird (127) – 33 possessions (9 contested) at 75% DE, 12 marks and a goal.


  • Sam Jacobs (74) – 15 possessions and 41 hit-outs but didn’t dominate like he did in the last Derby. He is REALLY missing Danger!
  • Chad Wingard (54) – 10 possessions, 9 contested and 1 goal. This was meant to be the Year of The Chad! To be fair he was hobbled by a hamstring.
  • Justin Westhoff (24) – Look mate, we know you dislocated a finger, but 10 touches and no goals isn’t good enough. A few Supercoaches would like to show you a finger right now!

Essendon 11.14 (80) def Melbourne 10.7 (67)

On Friday night I said Essendon wouldn’t win a game this year! I am the prognosticator of prognosticators! Essendon did not win comfortably but they did lead for a majority of the game and dominated possession by a ridiculous 444 to 316 and marks 139 to 68. Was Melbourne expecting to win easily or are the “Topped-up Bombers” not as bad as we all expected?


  • David Zaharakis (133) – We all knew he’d improve but did we see the 34 possession games happening every week? 10 inside 50s and 5 tackles didn’t hurt his cause!
  • Zach Merrett (131) – 32 possessions (at 70% DE), 8 tackles and 2 goals. Many of us thought he’d struggle without the senior players around him, but how silly do we look now?
  • Bernie Vince (115) – 28 possessions (10 contested) at 78% DE and 2 contested marks. Bernie can play when he’s not doing that silly tagging business.
  • James Kelly (113) – 28 possessions (8 contested) at 89% DE – how’s that for skills? It’s certainly looking like Kelly was put out to pasture one year too soon.
  • Joe Daniher (113) – What a game this could have been. 21 possessions (10 contested), 15 marks (7 contested!) and 9 marks inside 50. Imagine if he’s kicked more than 2 goals and 4 behinds!


  • Melbourne – let’s not quibble. If your name isn’t Kennedy (105) or Vince, you underperformed. I mean seriously, Gawn (85), you were playing Leuenberger and you only managed 31 hit-outs! Viney (65), 17 touches? What was that all about!
  • Essendon, you can have the night off, even you Crowley (38).

North Melbourne 17.15 (117) def Brisbane 11.17 (83)

This game never really reached any great heights with the 32’C temperature – or plain bad skills – resulting in poor kicking from both sides early. Brisbane started the better team, leading by 4 points at quarter time and then wasting several easy set shot opportunities to enter half time down 4.11 (35) to 8.8 (56). The Lions were probably never going to win this game with the Kangaroos exhibiting the better skills the longer the game went, but they weren’t as bad as the score lines suggests.


  • Jarrad Waite (174) – He was everywhere, with 23 possessions and 5 goals and 5 tackles. He’s still got no mates though.
  • Dayne Zorko (148) – Welcome back to the Magician; 24 possessions (9 contested) at 75% DE along with 2 goals. Only that damn round 1 suspension stopped us all from jumping on. Let’s just hope we don’t have to put up with more of Mottsy’s gloating!
  • Jack Ziebell (127) – The wrecking ball had an up week with 22 possessions (12 contested) at 81% DE, 4 clearances and a goal. Even with restricted interchanges he only played 75% game time! #no engine.
  • Daniel Wells (121) – Man crush!
  • Stefan Martin (112) – After being owned by NicNat last week, Stef held his own against Goldstein, neutralizing the hit-outs and getting involved in the general play well.


  • Daniel Rich (38) – 7 possessions! Seven! Ignore the hamstring, his heart muscle gave out long before his hamstring did. The Jacobs tag strikes again!
  • Tom Rockliff (48) – Look Tom, if you are not fit then don’t play! You are losing anyway and stinking the place up. Just be honest and tell us when you are actually ready to return to the Rocky we all know and love.

Western Bulldogs 13.15 (93) def St Kilda 5.6 (36)

So who didn’t enjoy another free-flowing Doggies game, even if there was some sloppy kicking for goal? It is hard to see many teams matching the lightning quick Doggies at Etihad stadium. The Saints had a crack, particularly early but they just made too many skill errors to play the high octane game style. A pity: it would have been nice seeing Nick Riewoldt snatch a win for his 300th game.

Look out for a HUGE match up with the Hawks at Etihad next week!


  • Marcus Adams (135) – 24 possessions from full back, 3 contested marks and the composure of a veteran. How the hell did this guy not get drafted before now? I hope you had him on the field!
  • Jason Johannisen (123) – 2 weeks in a row JJ has suffered leather poisoning with 27 possessions at 85% efficiency and 1 goal. If he can put on this type of form away from Etihad, JJ could be the new #1 defender. We’ll have to wait until Round 8 to find out!
  • Lachie Hunter (119) – 35 possessions, 10 marks and 1 goal. Another Doggy with his own Sherrin.
  • Tom Liberatore (118) – So who didn’t pick up Libba? 26 possessions, 9 contested, at 88% DE along with 1 goal and 3 goal assists… and he hasn’t started tackling yet (2 this week)! Do you feel silly yet?
  • Robert Murphy (102) – 28 possessions at 85% DE. That is just what Bob does!


  • Tom Hickey (61) – So who fell for the hype last week?
  • Matthew Suckling (68) – 1 contested possession from 22 disposals, sums up Suckers. One of these Doggies isn’t like the others, 1 just doesn’t belong. Pick the guy moving like a glacier and you’ll see what I mean.
  • The Bont (79) and Dahlhaus (87) were a bit disappointing in a big win.

Gold Coast 19.12 (126) def Fremantle 14.16 (100)

Gold Coast cracked it for their first win at Paterson Stadium playing fast, free-wheeling but tough football that again exposed Fremantle for lacking pace across the list, foot-skills, a dominant forward and a decent game plan. Or at least the ability to execute the game plan according to Lyon. What’s more, the Freo defence was disorganized and almost non-existent at times. Perhaps Luke McPharlin will come out of retirement?

Barlow returned to his impotent forward role again and NOBODY was pleased. Except non-Barlow owners, of course!

Memo to Ross Lyon from the football community:

Your team moves the ball too slowly. You lack a decent forward structure. Let’s not talk about your defensive structure. Your full forward is eligible for the old age pension. You play your players in roles they are not suited to. You have an unnatural fascination with Zac Dawson. Your game plan is out-of-date.

To summarize: FU, Ross Lyon!


  • Nat Fyfe (157) – Fyfe lives! 34 possessions (73% DE), 22 contested, 10 clearances, 2 contested marks and 3 goals. Welcome back Fyfey. I hated being angry with you!
  • Tom Lynch (129) – On international Tom Lynch day, he celebrated with 5 goals.
  • Aaron Hall (124) – 32 possessions at 87% DE to go with 11 marks. He just kind of cruised around winning touches at leisure and looks the goods as a top 6 forward.
  • Gary Ablett (120) – Gazza is not quite back yet, seeming to fatigue as the game went on and so he struggled to impact the contest late in the game. Yet he still scores well in Supercoach: 120 SC points off of 23 possessions at 60% DE and 8 tackles was enough to keep Ablett owners happy.
  • Jack Martin (111) – 4 goals, 2 goal assists and 11 marks (3 contested) showed what Martin is capable off if his hamstrings don’t go ‘twang’.


  • Michael Barlow (60) – Were you expecting someone else here? Back-to-back nominations for Barlow. Even playing forward he could have hit the target more! Of his 16 possessions (8 contested), 13 were handpasses yet he still only hit the target 56% of the time. And he only kicked 1 goal. Barlow, you are no forward! Can you feel the WAFL calling you?
  • David Mundy (78) – The recently anointed captain looked a good option as POD but with his 21 possessions (13 contested) only going at 48% DE, even 8 clearances couldn’t save his score.

GWS 13.11 (89) def Geelong 11.10 (76)

On their fifth attempt, the Giants managed their inaugural win against Geelong. Early on it looked like the Cats would be too strong but inaccuracy cost them, kicking 1 goal and 5 behinds in the first quarter to 2 goals, 1 behind for the Giants. From then the Giants dominated the clearances and contests, leading by as much as 37 points late in the third quarter.

Geelong made a late surge, closing to within 1 goal, but the Giants steadied with a steadying goal to Griffin sealed the win.

A HUGE hit by Mumford on Duncan will be looked at closely by the tribunal and media.


  • Tom Scully (140) – 32 possessions, 8 inside 50s and 1 goal. Perhaps Scully has decided to show why he was taken as a number 1 draft pick.
  • Ryan Griffen (132) – 32 possessions, 15 of them contested, reminded us how good this guy can be when he’s interested. How good would he be if he turned up every week?
  • Toby Greene (120) – Kudos to those who held this week. Heaps of ball? 24 possessions – Check! Disposal efficiency? 73% DE – Check! Contested ball? 14 CP – Check! Toby is back!
  • Andrew Mackie (120) – 22 possessions and 9 marks at 100% DE. A great effort in a tough game!
  • Steve Johnson (118) – 23 possessions, 2 goals and 3 goals assists. Round 1 to Stevie J against his old team.


  • Heath Shaw (74) – Only 15 possessions from 94% TOG? Come on Heater or you go back on the D#ckhead list!
  • Jimmy Bartel (61) – Pehaps Jimmy is no longer the under-priced premium we hoped for.
  • Joel Selwood (70) – Selwood struggled his way to 22 possessions, 9 contested but only 3 tackles. He probably needs a couple more games to regain his fitness.
  • Patrick Dangerfield (77) – What was I saying about a week being a long time in football? How the mighty have fallen!

Hawthorn 14.15 (99) def West Coast 7.11 (53)

When Adam Simpson asks what the Secret of Life, the Universe and Everything is, he keeps receiving the answer: 46. After losing on Grand Final Day by 46 points, the Eagles returned as favourites 5 months later only to again lose by 46 points.

The Hawks ran rings around their opponents and shut down a lot of the Eagles’ run, a job made easier by a lot of skill errors by the visiting side. The Eagles’ Web just doesn’t seem to work on the MCG and Simpson now has to work out what new question to ask.


  • Josh Gibson (191) – Just wow! He finds the ball (44 possessions – 12 contested), spoils (13), uses it well (84% DE) and for the first time as a Hawk, kicks goals (1 goal plus 2 goal assists).
  • Sam Mitchell (144) – Just another 37 possessions and 9 clearances. He’s just not trying any more.
  • Cyril Rioli (128) – 4 goals and 7 tackles. Cyril enjoys playing the Eagles.
  • Isaac Smith (115) – The running man was back doing his thing with 33 possessions.
  • Jordan Lewis (115) – He seemed to burn the ball a lot but was credited with a DE of 85% for his 28 possessions. This score surprised me!


  • Elliott Yeo (40) – Not sure he’s on his way to that top 3 Brownlow finish yet, Matteo!
  • Matt Priddis (79) and Nic Natanui (80) tried hard but the G is just not their spot.

Sydney 20.11 (131) def Carlton 10.11 (71)

As expected, the Swans were simply too strong for the Blues, with the Swans’ engine room sending the ball forward too often with 25 more forward 50 entries to Sydney. The Blues were able to hold for a quarter but from the second quarter onwards it was one way traffic with the Swans kicking 16 goals to only 7 from the Blues. Once again the Blues showed signs of improvement and more importantly Daisy was good!


  • Tom Mitchell (133) – Everyone forgets how good Mitchell can be: 34 possessions (13 contested) and 9 tackles. What a gun!
  • Dan Hannebery (121) – Recovered from his concussion well with his 29 possessions going at 93% DE!
  • Callum Sinclair (116) – 3 goals from the big man and 17 possessions gave a surprisingly high SC score!
  • Luke Parker (116) – So trade #1 = Rocky to Parker? Is everyone with me?
  • Dale Thomas (111) – 25 possessions, 12 contested, and 8 tackles: Vintage Daisy (circa 2011).


  • Sam Docherty (76), Bryce Gibbs (78) and Marc Murphy (84) all struggled in the one-sided match but they tried hard and were far from villains.


Like last week, you’ve got 5 votes on who you think were the best of the best SC Scorers of the week. Last week the votes from the Supercoach Talk Community were:

3 – Patrick Dangerfield (168 community votes)

2 – Luke Parker (103 community votes)

1 – Matthew Priddis (80 community votes)

So who do you like this week? Like last week, you get 5 votes for which of the weekly Supercoach Heroes you thought were the best.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. The most comprehensive review of the weekend’s matches anywhere……..fantastic write-up, Thommo!


  2. Wow wee, Thommo!

    You know your life is totally consumed with SC when you go to asleep with your phone on your chest with SCT on your screen, to wake up & read Thommo’s review before the kids get up 🙂

    That’s bloody sensational, Thommo


  3. Thommo, you remind me of that Nat King Cole / Natalie Cole hit many years ago…..(clearing throat and exercising vocal chords)… ‘Unbelievable… That’s what YOU are…
    I am not sure what you do for the other 6 months of the year though when there is no Supercoach. It’s sure got me wondering.


  4. Once again you’ve done a sensational job! I feel like I’ve just watched every game. As for your comments on the Hawks vs West Coast game your 100% right, the web dosnt work against the Hawks at the G. Mitchell, Gibson and Rioli killed us GF day and did it again this time. Everyone knows you can’t Beattie Hawks by trying to play there game. Nelson should have gone to Mitchell to tag at half time, it was evident we weren’t gonna win by then so use it as a learning curve of what it means to be a top midfielder. Bennell isn’t AFL level standard and it doesn’t matter if you play him forward or back. Jetta was no where near fit enough to play he should of played WAFL. And as for Rioli, put a god damn tag on him!!! He kills us every time!! Full credit to the Hawks but. Missing a host of champion players and it’s just business as usual for them. That’s why there the reigning premiers and why they are a big chance to go back to back…to back…um…to back…I think that’s right.



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