Round 2 Review

Written by Dane on March 27 2023

Carlton (13.12.90) defeated Geelong (12.10.82)

  1. Jeremy Cameron (140). Honestly, it should’ve been more. Kept the Cats alive in this one with 6 goals but also provided 25 touches, 8 marks and nearly 600 metres gained in a team lifting effort.
  2. Blake Acres (119). Clean and looked to be an avenue out of defence for the Blues, with his finishing totals looking like: 26 touches, 11 marks and 88% DE.
  3. Adam Saad (113). Back to back tons and a great starting pick for those that went with him, the dashing backman was once again super clean with his 29 touches that gained him over 600 metres, a team high.
  4. Matthew Kennedy (110). Solid in the midfield, collecting 26 touches (11 contested) with 5 marks and 4 tackles on Thursday night.
  5. Jack Bowes (108). A pre-season favourite made his debut on Thursday and rounded out the top 5 thanks to 20 touches (11 contested) with 5 tackles. Keep an eye on him next week before his price change comes.

Other 100+ scores: Ed Curnow\Nic Newman (105), Charlie Curnow (103), Max Holmes (102)

Disappointment: Has to go to Docherty for a 21 touch, 73 point effort. Looked to have no play through him with Saad and Acres running around and didn’t take many kick ins. Hurts more if he was your Stewart replacement. Tanner Bruhn (46) is clean with it but with his role, he just can’t get enough of it, 10 touches on Thursday.

Rookies: Hollands (71) was pretty swell in his second game, putting together a 20 touch performance with a solid 453 metres gained, taking the bronze medal for the Blues. Cowan was sitting nicely at around 40 at half time but didn’t add much more, finishing on 51 but didn’t look out of place facing the reigning premiers. For the Cats, Ratugolea was very quiet, only scoring 31 from 6 touches, but should hold his spot with Stewart and Henry out at a guess? First gamer Cooper Whyte was subbed on and scored 2 from 1 kick and 1 mark.

Injuries: Some decent hits in this game with multiple players sore, but no injuries forcing subs to be made. Silvagni and Stanley were those subbed off.


Brisbane (14.9.93) defeated Melbourne (13.4.82)

  1. Dayne Zorko (139). Potentially the highest score from a player ever subbed out. Only played 54% game time but was explosive with 22 touches, 9 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals and elite 90% DE.
  2. Clayton Oliver (135). Would’ve been a massive score if his DE wasn’t in the 60’s, plus 8 clangers to add to it, but nonetheless provided a great VC score thanks to 37 touches (15 contested) with 9 tackles, 1 goal and a game high 774 metres gained.
  3. Josh Dunkley (117). Almost all the coaches in SuperCoach enjoyed this 26 touch (15 contested), 9 clearance, 5 tackle game. No clangers either.
  4. Jake Lever (114). Cleaned up in defence with 8 marks and 20 touches, making it back to back tons to start the year.
  5. Will Ashcroft (105). Similar to Dunkley, is so highly owned that almost everyone had this score. Found 31 touches (15 contested) with 9 clearances and 1 goal for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Joe Daniher (102), Jarrod Berry (101), Lachie Neale (100)

Disappointment: Tough one to hand out here. A couple of POD options in McCluggage (55) and Grundy (74) weren’t in the top line of scorers, but the latter may come into considerations…

Rookies: Solid scores from defensive duo Wilmot and McKenna, who had 13 and 15 touches respectively, while also amassing 3 tackles each. 68 and 78 for them should lead to a nice first price increase. Another cheap defensive player is Darragh Joyce, who made his club debut and scored 58 from 9 touches and 7 marks that ran at 100% DE. For the Dees, Chandler (71) produced again and is a great option for cash generation this round, while McVee (23) won’t be making much on the back of just 8 touches.

Injuries: The big news in this game was Max Gawn going down before he could even score a point with a knee issue that’ll cost him a month out of the game. Interested to see what this does to Grundy and his ownership.


Collingwood (21.9.135) defeated Port Adelaide (9.10.64)

  1. Nick Daicos (149). Get this guy in your side, is what I wish I told myself before I copped another bummer score from Bailey Dale this week. Anyway, a lazy 32 touches, 2 goals and 661 metres gained on Saturday in Collingwood’s big win, I’ll be keen to have him lining up for me come round 3 lockout.
  2. Steele Sidebottom (144). Wound back the clock with a stellar effort that resulted in 24 touches (11 contested) plus 1 goal.
  3. Darcy Cameron (137). Really big impact in this one playing the majority as the number 1 ruck, finishing with 18 touches (16 contested), 5 marks, 5 tackles and 29 hitouts. One to consider for those frustrated Darcy owners.
  4. Charlie Dixon (123). Played a lone hand for Port, being their only player to ton up on the back of 14 touches, 5 marks, 6 hitouts and 3 goals for the game.
  5. Tom Mitchell (122). Rounding out the top 5 with his second ton of the year is the former Brownlow medallist. Had 27 touches (16 contested) with 8 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Scott Pendlebury (120), Taylor Adams (110), John Noble (107), Jamie Elliot (103), Jack Crisp (101)

Disappointment: Numerous from Port but the worst of them probably was Jason Horne-Francis who scored just 45. Had 7 clangers and 6 frees against.

Rookies: Only rookie to really cover in this one was McInnes who was subbed on late for 1 mark, 1 kick, 1 goal and 12 points. Fantasia is just above 200K and scored 53.

Injuries: Think the only injury for this game was Mihocek with a finger injury during the 4th quarter. Burgoyne subbed out for the Power but dont think it was for medical reasons.


Adelaide (10.16.76) defeated by Richmond (17.6.108)

  1. Rory Laird (147). Genuinely produced after a horrid game last week, bouncing back with 39 touches (15 contested) plus 7 clearances and 8 tackles to provide a great VC score.
  2. Jacob Hopper (119). In a similar boat as Laird, bounced back after a sub par round 1 effort to lead the Tigers in Adelaide. Had 23 touches, 7 marks, 8 tackles, 1 goal and no clangers. Did have leg concern which required scans though, keep an eye on teams this week.
  3. Liam Baker/Toby Nankervis (118). Baker provides these scores semi-regularly and did so this weekend with 25 touches @ 84% DE to pair with 1 major. Nank dropped another ton against solid opposition with 18 touches, 37 hitouts and 4 tackles.
  4. Lachlan Sholl/Jordan Dawson (110). First game of the year for Sholl who can run all day and did so here to collect 27 touches and 7 marks, while Dawson had a monster second half to finish with 27 touches (no clangers) and a game best 645 metres gained,
  5. Nick Vlastuin (104). Rounding out the top 5 was Vlastuin who didnt waste any of his 20 disposals in a tidy display in his usual defensive role.

Other 100+ scores: Jayden Short (100)

Disappointment: Not a great return from POD pick Shai Bolton in this one, just the 54 points for the Tigers jet.

Rookies: A debut in this one to Tylar Young who is bargain basement price. Only had 5 touches but scored 34 and got a win on debut. Impressing in this game though was Samson Ryan, who admittedly, had one of the poorest debuts of all time a few seasons back. Was super here, scoring 72 from 6 touches, 6 hitouts and 3 goals up forward. The Crows had Pedlar (36) and Michalanney (48), neither of them screaming out pick me with those scores.

Injuries: Dustin Martin was the sub for the Tigers and apparently had some scans on Sunday too, while for the Crows it was late in Parnell who didnt last long due to concussion, which will see Broad miss weeks.


Fremantle (10.12.72) defeated by North Melbourne (11.7.73)

  1. Luke Davies-Uniacke (155). Should be on everyone’s radar after another massive performance that found him leading this games scoring. 30 touches (17 contested) with 11 clearances, 7 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 638 metres gained.
  2. Brennan Cox (131). Alright, maybe round 1 wasn’t a fluke and he’s that surprise defender that tends to pop up every year. Did kick 1 goal late which boosted his score but was solid again for 20 touches, 5 marks and smooth 85% DE.
  3. Jack Ziebell (123). I think we can officially say the Ziegull is back. Had 11 marks and 26 touches across the backline with 88% DE helping him along.
  4. Luke Ryan (122). Looks to be joining the top tier of defenders again this year with another elite effort of 30 touches, 10 marks and a game high 716 metres gained.
  5. Harry Sheezel (114). The number 3 pick rounds out the top 5 with another elite showing. 30 touches, 8 marks and 6 tackles plus over 550 metres gained in game number 2.

Other 100+ scores: James Aish (113), Andrew Brayshaw (106)

Disappointment: A 46 point second half helped Sean Darcy to a final score of 41. That should tell you how bad he was going.

Rookies: Slightly above rookie price is Liam Henry who has found a role outside of the forward pocket to allow him better access to scoring. Just 54 this weekend but a solid 18 touches. Comben was nice last week but had just 12 here thanks to 9 clangers and 5 frees against, while both Miller Bergman and the popular Goater finished on 55.

Injuries: Taberner and Curtis were subbed out but fairly certain they weren’t medical, so no clear injuries to cover here.


Western Bulldogs (5.11.41) defeated by St Kilda (14.8.92)

  1. Tim English (139). Another option for frustrated Darcy owners could be this guy who has been elite to start the season. Had 21 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 26 hitouts to lead the scoring.
  2. Rowan Marshall (125). A solid duel between the rucks saw Marshall also star, a somewhat bounce back week with 20 touches, 6 tackles, 29 hitouts, 15 contested touches and 9 clearances.
  3. Marcus Bontempelli (125). Very clean outing from Bont who wasn’t at his prolific best but still found 24 touches (11 contested) with 4 marks, 5 tackles and 6 clearances plus 87% DE. 
  4. Jack Sinclair (124). The highest priced defender was just pure as usual across half back, ending up with 33 touches, 534 metres gained and great DE of 87%.
  5. Brad Crouch (114). Rounding out the top 5 was Crouch who posts plenty of these scores when I think about it. 26 touches (14 contested) plus 9 tackles and 6 clearances playing his usual inside midfield role.

Other 100+ scores: Mason Wood (106)

Disappointment: Tough one to give out with pretty much any Bulldog bar those above plus Crozier (96) falling below 88. The most popular being Macrae (85) who got stuck on the outside again.

Rookies: Forgot to give him a mention last week as a cheap forward but Josh Bruce scored well enough for his price, finishing on 74 from 17 touches and 10 marks in the backline. Toby McLean was also solid for his price with 17 touches (14 handballs though) for 62, which was right on the middle of the two Saints rookies in Caminiti (73) and Phillipou (59) who kicked 2 and 3 goals each. Nothing wrong with the game of Stocker either, who will make some solid money after posting a clean 73 from 18 touches, 8 marks and 6 tackles.

Injuries: Once again no subs used for injuries but the big news was Jack Steele suffering another shoulder injury that will see him miss up to a month of football.


Sydney (17.16.118) defeated Hawthorn (4.13.37)

  1. Callum Mills (123). Very good game from Mills in the Swans smashing of the Hawks, leading all scorers thanks to 28 touches and 2 goals in a variety of roles.
  2. Joel Amartey (122). Great game and great score in just 50% game time before being subbed out. Snagged 4 goals from 11 touches and 9 marks in a really impressive outing.
  3. Dylan Moore (109). Only Hawk to break triple figures on Sunday as he ran a hybrid role between forward and mid to collect 23 touches, 8 marks and 1 goal for the game.
  4. Ollie Florent/Errol Gulden (107). A couple of young guns tied up here with the smooth moving Florent only having 1 clanger from his 25 touches, while Gulden had 28 touches and 7 marks with nearly 500 metres gained.
  5. Nick Blakey (103). Led the team for metres gained with 523 of them from his 24 touches off half-back, helped along by clean use @ 87% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Jake Lloyd (102).

Disappointment: The usually electric Chad Warner only found 15 touches and 80 points on Sunday, might’ve copped a tag but didnt get to view the game so thats a stab in the dark!

Rookies: The two subbed on players in Roberts (10) and Butler (7) can be skipped over as downgrades until they can shred the sub vest. Greene (49) could’ve had a nice 70 piece if he didn’t finish with 4 behinds from 10 touches. Mackenzie was probably always going to struggle to score against an experienced Swans midfield, so 52 wasn’t a horrid effort, plus we know what his potential is like after round 1.

Injuries: Once again no injuries (I think, still keep an eye on the injury report and team selection). Amartey and Reeves the ones subbed off.


Essendon (16.12.108) defeated Gold Coast (11.14.80)

  1. Will Setterfield (146). Monster game from Settefield who set a career high mark thanks to 28 touches (13 contested), 620 metres gained, 9 tackles, 5 clearances and 1 goal. Will make plenty of quick cash and is viable to upgrade/downgrade to this week after dropping a 99 the week before.
  2. Darcy Parish (124). Clean and casual, finding his way to 30 touches (14 contested) with 11 clearances, 6 tackles and 569 metres gained for the game. Nice POD.
  3. Zach Merrett (114). Another nice POD option is the Bombers skipper who found 31 touches at 80% DE through the middle of the ground.
  4. Mason Redman (110). Great again with his drive off half-back, finding 22 touches at 90% DE plus 7 marks and 6 tackles, another nice POD.
  5. Kyle Langford (109). Star of the game with 5 goals coming from his 14 touches and 7 marks in a purely forward role on Sunday afternoon.

Other 100+ scores: Jarrod Witts/Dylan Shiel (108), Touk Miller (106), Andrew McGrath (101)

Disappointment: In a more accountable role this week, Jordan Ridley had his score held back, finishing on 70Sam Flanders (46) couldn’t leave my team quicker.

Rookies: Second gamer Uwland didn’t back up an impressive performance from round 1, finishing on just 32 from 5 touches. Ben King was much better, kicking 2 goals from 12 touches to score 70 which was just above popular defender Contsable (67). Essendon small forwards Menzie and Davey Jnr were both quite nice, although they’ll need some scores better than 58 and 45 or else they’ll be a slow burn.

Injuries: Fiorini was the sub for the Suns with a seemingly non-medical injury, but Zerk-Thatcher unfortunately had an ankle injury which saw him subbed out for the Bombers.


West Coast (14.16.100) defeated GWS (11.15.81)

1. Matt Flynn (132). Solo rucked and produced a massive score thanks to 17 touches (9 clearances) with 5 tackles and 39 hitouts.

2. Tim Kelly (121). Led the Eagles early and continued on to finish with a typically smooth 32 touches (12 contested) plus 5 clearances, 1 goal and 520 metres gained.

3. Jeremy McGovern (116). Another ton for McGovern thanks to him running his disposals @ 95%. Had 21 touches and 7 marks with several intercept possessions.

4. Jake Waterman (114). Career best score from the Eagles forward who could finally stamp himself after the retirement of JJK. Snagged 4 goals from 16 touches and 8 marks.

5. Stephen Coniglio (107). Started on absolute fire but faded as the Eagles got on top through the middle of the game. Still finished with an elite 27 touches (14 contested), 9 clearances and 9 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Green (106)

Disappointment: Played through what one could only assume was a heap of pain but 49 from Callaghan wasn’t an ideal to finish the weekend.

Rookies: Ginbey (76) was once again very good and has plenty of money to make, this week having 17 touches (10 contested) plus 6 tackles. Chesser (27) was once again quiet before being subbed off, but Long (62) had 7 touches at 100% plus 4 tackles to provide another nice score. Cole (52) is locked in the best 22 at least, while Hewett made his debut as the sub for 3 touches and points. Oscar Allen is slightly above rookie price but 68 should see him make some cash. Debutant Harry Rowston (48) was rotating through the middle for 7 touches, while the subbed on Conor Stone had 5 touches, 3 tackles and 21 points. Once again slightly above rookie price but Jack Buckley had a really nice outing, finishing with 21 touches down back for 99 points.

Injuries: Chesser was the Eagles sub, while it was Wehr who copped a massive bump for the second week in a row which caused a shoulder injury. As mentioned above Callaghan had a shoulder injury but played on, but might be doubtful for next week.


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8 thoughts on “Round 2 Review”

  1. Thanks for the wrap up Dane. Reckon I speak on behalf of everyone in saying we really appreciate the detailed


  2. Thanks for the wrap up Dane. Reckon I speak on behalf of everyone in saying we really appreciate the detailed review.


  3. Did anyone catch the Saints game? Hunter Clark only scored 60 but according to the stats I found, he had:
    26 disposals (14 kicks, 12 handballs) at 80% efficiency,
    4 i50s
    7 marks
    3 tackles

    What am I missing, as that looks like he was robbed to me?


    1. He was terrible, Pumba.

      Gave away 2x I50 free kicks which turned into 2 goals (40% of the Dogs total). Then had 6 clangers and just 328 MG.

      Wouldn’t be getting a game anywhere else but St Kilda.


      1. Awesome Gunboat, thanks for the insight. With the Steele news, is he worth holding in hope of upside (given his average matches his breakeven) of ditch him?

        TU: Hold
        TD: Sell



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