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Written by JimmyDee on March 26 2023

Many of the familiar names and some newbies have hit the nail on the head this week with some aggressive trading right off the bat. A lot of scores in the high 2200s thanks to the introduction of Sheezel, Daicos, Ziebell and Cogs to name the most popular trade ins of last week.

Right at the pointy end, where he spent much of last year, is Barrie’s Wet Dogs with a healthy 2290, followed very closely by newbie Max with his Men on 2288, Lucy @Lucy Tech 2286, Paul’s MBuzz 2276 and rounding out the top five is another newbie LiamJones and the Six on 2272.

With over 350 points between first and last already, there has to be some corrections happening, right? By the way, last is yours truly, but I’m blaming the missus as she’s the official coach.

Tell us how you did it this week and what you plan to do in the lead up to round three, and if anyone can tell me how to make up 350 points, feel free.


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7 thoughts on “Tech Leagues – Trade Talk”

  1. First of all congrats to all the coaches who traded beautifully this week and reaped the rewards on the scoreboard, well done, it’s going to be a strong competitive season by the looks of the scores already.

    As for me (sigh) progressing past the quarter finals of the State Bowls Mixed Pairs, and not expecting to, on Saturday was bitter sweet as my Partner and I were chuffed to get so far into the tournament, but it completely stuffed my SC Saturday as I didn’t get off the rink until after the North Freo game had started.

    When I looked at the draw, I expected to be knocked out by the time the Crows started, but ended up playing two games after that. Consequences were no trade in of Sheezel (pushing Flanders to the bench), no putting the C on Lairdy and worst of all, not putting the E on Cameron. Pretty costly as losing more than 250 points puts me on the bottom. Almost as bad as not having internet in the Kimberley last year when I copped a score of around 600.

    Gotta do something this week, might have to use the boost to get rid of the coach!! Least of all, must get Sheezel in, then after that I’ll try for Daicos, Ziebell, LDU, Luke Ryan and Setterfield to start with and maybe another half dozen next week, but still probably not catch up.

    Is it too early to say “oh well, there’s always next year”?


    1. Never JD, I started almost as badly last year and reeled many in. There is always hope.
      Also, well done on smashing the bowls, getting that far is always a huge effort.


  2. Strong week by many this week, as for me, managed 2205 but still lost to Hazza’s heroes by 2 points this week. Trades are probably similar to many with Flanders and Callaghan likely going out and I’m still trying to work out exactly who’ll be coming it.


  3. Went Day, Hinge, Fyfe last week for Daicos, Sheezel, McKenna.
    This week going Flanders, Rats, Chesser for Ziebell, Chandler and Mackenzie.

    Should have gone Flanders over Day last week. Also had the wrong captain this week on Green. Still happy with 2220. Thinking I probably shouldn’t have traded Day now

    Unsure what to do with Phillips since he didn’t play and was an early sub Rd 1. Not fitting into the 22. Might be good though to loophole mid rookies like McLean as E but then Phillips on field if he scores well

    Still 9th in the group and 45 off the lead


    1. Jinx! I did the same trades last week, Day I think will not be a keeper so is holding too much dough to worry about long term, although this week hurts.


      1. He had 15 CBA this week after 8 in the previous week.
        This might make him look to get more time on ball.
        Mackenzie did the opposite going from 16 to 6

        Not expecting too much from him, but he was probably going to be traded this week if I traded Flanders last week anyway



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