Scoring Anomalies – Round 4

Written by The Salamander on April 17 2019

With 55 hitouts (18 to advantage), 19 disposals (10 contested), 6 clearances, and 5 marks (2 contested), Max Gawn was everywhere on Thursday night, and was as big a reason as any why the Demons won the game. Yet for all that, Champion Data only saw fit to give him 113 points. His DE was down at 53 percent, but he did only have 4 clangers for the night (of which two were free kicks).

Tom Hawkins was handy for the Cats with 3 goals on the weekend, but, given that he only had 4 marks (1 contested), 15 disposals, and didn’t lay a tackle for the entire match, was he really 111 points handy? Gary Ablett had similar stats, including 2 goals, plus 8 tackles (including 3 inside 50) and only got 106.

To me, 25 disposals (11 contested, 64 percent DE), 426 metres gained, 4 tackles, and 7 clearances sounds like a pretty good game. To Champion Data, it sounds like 85 points, at least in the case of James Worpel on Sunday. Meanwhile, his teammate Paul Puopolo managed a similar 86 points from just 13 disposals (10 contested, 77 percent DE), 5 tackles, 2 clearances, and a goal.

But it wasn’t only Hawthorn players getting strange scores in this game; Jack Steele and Blake Acres both managed 105 points, despite Steele having 16 contested possessions to Acres’ 6, 7 tackles to 1, and 7 clearances to 1, amongst an otherwise pretty similar set of stats. Acres did kick a goal, and went at a very impressive 89 percent DE, although Steele wasn’t too shabby here either, going at 74 percent. Perhaps Acres’ 438 metres gained to Steele’s 128 helped close the gap?

Finally, sitting in the mid-170s at the final siren, with over 150 points yet to be allocated, Patrick Cripps somehow ended up losing a few points, ending up on 169 – a scoring anomaly if ever I’ve seen one. And no, I’m not just bringing this up because he was my captain!

Were there any scores that left you scratching your head on the weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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12 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Round 4”

  1. Not sure on the exact stats, but I was left pondering Moore’s score of only 64 after watching the Dogs-Pies game.


    1. Moore was a key contributor for the Pies & his stats were all good – 20 disposals @ 75%, 5 marks, 9 intercepts – yet he was scored at just 65 – amongst the 3-4 lowest in the team – surely that cant be right!


      1. He had something like 8 turnovers. Which again is confusing given his de… I questioned this on the match day thread and someone (I think the Salamander) said that a kick could be both a turnover and effective if it went long


  2. Not so much a scoring anomaly but more of a coaching one. Why is a player brought into a team to spend over half a game on the bench but has no form of injury. I’m looking at Hardwick and him playing Balta. Balta had only 43% TOG/53 minutes in their win against Port. If you don’t want him on the field for over half a game, why did he get played?


    1. My guess would be it’s a combination of Port playing dual ruckmen and Westoff plus Rance is out. They needed someone to rest Nanks, Grimes and Astbury.



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