SCT Cup 2019 Rd Of 16 Results & Qtr Final MatchUps

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 11 2019

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)



H2H1: Mean – 2306, Max – 2473 (Wedonotoforgive@SCT), Min – 2146 (Bunchakhuuuunts)

H2H2: Mean – 2290, Max – 2500 (Wedonotoforgive@SCT), Min – 2172 (UNTOUCHABLES)

Highest Score: 4973 (Wedonotoforgive@SCT)

Lowest Score: 4194 (UNTOUCHABLES)

Biggest Margin: Nudelsuppe@SCT defeated UNTOUCHABLES by 338pts

Narrowest Margin: The Designated SC defeated Bazza’s Battlers by 34pts


(1) Beckyistheman@SCT 2303 + 2482 = 4785 WIN

(16) Bunchakhuuuunts 2146 + 2375 = 4521 LOSE by 264pts

(2) Ithaca 2316 + 2270 = 4586 LOSE

(15) Kovanator 2310 + 2416 = 4726 WIN by 140pts

(3) Wedonotoforgive@SCT 2473 + 2500 = 4973 WIN

(14) Scumthorpe Utd 2459 + 2273 = 4732 LOSE by 241pts

(4) Rock Coaches 2342 + 2466 = 4808 WIN

(13) F U Dom Sheed 2302 + 2350 = 4652 LOSE by 156pts

(5) Richmond Tigers 2212 + 2227 = 4439 LOSE

(12) Led Heppellin 2314 + 2401 = 4715 WIN by 276pts

(6) UNTOUCHABLES 2186 + 2172 = 4358 LOSE

(11) Nudelsuppe@SCT 2274 + 2422 = 4696 WIN by 338pts

(7) Treloar and Order 2346 + 2425 = 4771 WIN

(10) LauristonEliteXI 2295 + 2293 = 4588 LOSE by 183pts

(8) The Designated SC 2328 + 2365 = 4693 WIN

(9) Bazza’s Battlers 2284 + 2375 = 4659 LOSE by 34pts



A hearty congratulations to the eight quarter finalists who now battle it out to determine the 2019 SCT Cup champion. H2H match ups remain a two week tussle but the losers are no longer dead to me as we’ll play for positions 1st through 8th over the upcoming weeks. Additionally, these teams have the golden ticket into the 2020 SCT Cup skipping the qualification stages and the first round. Roughly speaking, these teams get the first couple of months off next season to prime their team for another crack at the SCT Cup.


The Market

$2.30 – wedonotforgive

$3.10 – Beckyistheman@SCT

$4.00 – Kovanator

$5.00 – Rock Coaches

$7.00 – The Designated SC,

$7.50 – Treloar and Order, Led Heppellin

$12.00 – Nudelsuppe@SCT


(1) Beckyistheman@SCT 20 vs (8) Kovanator 1986

Becky: J Kelly, Bont, Merrett, Walters, Ryan, Jeremy Cameron, Crisp, Naish, Jarrod Cameron, Z Clarke (Young, Gardner)

Kovanator: Boak, Marshall, Sloane, M Crouch, Stewart, Moore, Logue, Hately, Setterfield, Answerth, Corbett (O Baker)

Becky has been super high in the overall rankings for a while and is on the verge of the top 10, only 333pts behind the overall leader. That’s beyond impressive. Kovanator’s squad has hit top gear in the last month and scored only marginally less than Becky across the last fortnight and is right in this contest. Looking at their PODs, I feel Becky’s got the cream with Bont but also a few KPPs that tend to yo-yo a bit in Jezza and Crisp. Does that all cancel each other out? Kovanator appears to have a steadier squad but he’ll be hoping Boak’s back bounces back to its best and that Sloane doesn’t cop a Dylan Clarke hard tag in round 18. Both coaches have Gawn and Cripps hopefully coming back to bolster their squad but Becky loses Josh Kelly.

MY TIP: I’m going to tip Kovanator in a massive boilover. I feel Sloane and Crouch will feast on the Suns this week. I’m assuming Boak will come back as well and bolster his fwd line and unless Jezza has a day out in the next fortnight which is entirely possible, I’m leaning to Kovanator in a close finish.


(2) Wedonotoforgive@SCT 28 vs (7) Nudelsuppe@SCT 1022

Wedonot: Boak, Sloane, Williams, Worpel, Stack, Milera, Setterfield (Stocker, Burgess)

Nudel: Gawn, Marshall, Laird, Hawkins, Hately (Rotham, Bewley, Gardner, Owies)

As a community we’ve got to rally behind Nudelsuppe which for the uniformed is Schwarz’s wife’s team (yeah, sure it is). She loves noodle soup and they live in Germany hence the name. Also, ‘cause Schwarz lives abroad he can’t win the 50K so he can have fun playing with alternate sides like this. This is kind of an alternate version of the TEAM so this is the horse to ride as we’re coming in to the home straight.

As for the match up, I’m astonished at a team that’s 28th overall having Worpel and Milera. It’s always hard to figure out exact team set-ups but it seems like Wedonot is loopholing Milera vs Logue where possible and maybe there’s something similar happening with Worpel and Stack, I’m not sure. I’m concerned at Nudel leaning on the Tommahawk for a score and there’s also a lot of unique non-scorers which means any late outs could be costly. Both teams have J Kelly to cover too which will really test their bench depth, something Nudel doesn’t really have.

MY TIP: Gawn’s gotta come back if Nudel wants ANY chance and Schwarz does a bucket for the site so my heart’s with Nudel but I’ve gotta go Wedonot in this H2H.


(3) Rock Coaches 71 vs (6) Led Heppellin 994

Rock: J Kelly, Bont, Walters, Sicily, Martin, Duursma, Hately, Setterfield, Answerth, Z Clarke (O Baker, Gardner)

Led: Boak, Whitfield, Hurn, Treloar, M Crouch, ROB, B Smith, Stack, D Clarke (B Scott, Young, Bines)

A lot of interest at GWS in this one. Kelly is definitely out for the two weeks but is Whitfield back. That could be a big swing for Led if that’s the case. Again, fascinated by the higher ranked team still having a lot of the earlier batch of rookies in their team like Duursma, Setterfield and Answerth. Both teams have Grundy and Gawn so Led has ROB wasting away at R3. Will be interesting to see if he stays as bench coverage or gets converted to an elite fwd through Bines.

MY TIP: Assuming Rock Coaches trades J Kelly, my money’s on Rock Coaches. The top end PODs look too strong compared to Led Heppellin’s.


(4) Treloar and Order 281 vs (5) The Designated SC 403

T&O: Marshall, Treloar, Gaff, Walters, B Crouch, Sicily, ROB, Ziebell, B Smith, Hind, Parker (Stocker)

Designated: Gawn, Fyfe, Coniglio, Sloane, J Dunkley, Ryan, Heeney, Cameron, Silvagni, K Dunkley (Bewley, Young)

Treloar and Order is 281st overall and doesn’t have a whole bunch of common selections meaning Designated comes into this contest with a bunch of highly rated PODs. Designated has gone the super ballsy selection of Jack Silvagni, presumably as a depth player to interchange with Gardner.

MY TIP: I really rate Designated’s PODs so Designated SC for me.


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