SCT Leagues Update – Round 1

Written by The Salamander on March 25 2020

SCT leagues inside the top 500:

SCTTL – 2: 5

SCTTL – 1: 8

BeatTheSalamander3: 52

Division 1: 58

ScPressurePoint$$$: 202

CattaSCTchallenge3: 271

B-Harvs SCT League: 276

SCT LoEC1: 286

BeatTheSalamander4: 361

beatALLSAINTS2@SCT: (545)

SC Division 2: (565)

You know it’s been a strange first round when we have two tech-team leagues inside the top 10!

I must say the above list is a lot shorter than expected, with only 7 leagues inside the top 500. If any of you are in a league that started here on SCT that is in or around the top 500 and isn’t listed above, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the list.

SCT Group top ten:


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14 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Round 1”

  1. I apologise to EVERYONE who is in a League with me after my paltry sub-2000 opening score. C on Dunkley probably the worst of it!


    1. Unlikely most high scoring teams back it up. Astute trading will close the gap. I had 9guys go 100+ yet only got 2050 (Gawn as Capt) on a plus got all the big cash generators besides Naismith. Viney etc are keepers so not players to make money off. Backing in the dogs and Gawn to bounce back. Head up you built your team on the back of lots of research it will come good.


      1. Perfect sense Tof…as we hear so often, our guns were chosen for a reason and unless that changes, no need to panic……..unless you are allsaints !!!


      2. Ouch….TOF, every year is different. This year we had too many spanners in the work: Covid-19, 17 rounds season, play without crowds, lack of decent rookies etc..etc..
        We had to get value and cash generation another way. Also the price/value balance for some players have made it tempting to try something different. Full premo may be hard to attain the old fashion way and we needed to be a bit more creative.
        Most early benefiters nailed their captain choice and some went Naismith/Sauce and had money to strenghten other positions and honestly, good luck to them. It was a risk that paid off this round, we dont know about long term. However it seems like the gap in scoring between Gawn, Nic Nac, Sauce, Naismith has reduced considerably unlike last few season where GG vs the rest was a non contest.
        I have no doubt the 3 dogs will come good, Gawn will obliterate some of the lesser rucks…..etc…
        Flexibility and adaptability and a bit of luck helped the early bolters. To be honest most players who did well were talked about here on SCT one way or another, so it wasnt a huge surprise. The choice of captain created the biggest difference specially for people who chose Dunks .
        Dont lose hope if you have started badly. It is only one round. And you have the chance to trade in one or 2 of the gems and hope next round the underperformers perform.
        The major change now is to see who would keep fit working on his own in isolation from their teamates to maintain the preseason form.

        It is only one round. The season may still be cancelled.
        Cheer up if you started badly, Good luck if you started well. Lets get more @SCT teams up there


    2. as, after all the discussion about GG and the free c loop, as Bob Dyer used to say…..quite frankly customers, I’m amazed !!! Friday night must have been hard for you to watch !!!


      1. Yeah, due to the disruptions of the season I was hesitant about Grundy. But I figured if he went OK 125-140 Gawn should match it. Even against nic Nat I figured a quiet Gawn game to be 100, but was banking on the seeming ruck preferability of CD to boost it up.


  2. Just wondering, so we are not too much like the other comp.
    What would the thoughts be on a possible 3 trades per round, if the max is 30.
    Then there is still the possibility of panic and burnout selections.
    We had 3 trades during the byes, so could it be incorporated all season?
    Thoughts please,

    TU Hey it might work.
    TD Nah it won’t work….back to your keyboard wiping and untangling your knitting


    1. I agree. With at best 16 rounds to go and 30 trades we are practically like AFL Dreamteam with two trades per round.
      To me that takes a lot of the planning and strategy out of the game. If everyone takes the rookies on the bubble and same in form or fallen premiums each week to use their trades we will all end up with basically the same team.


  3. Loving the Tech League results, was really looking forward to what people would do next, but obviously there are are far more serious issues at play. Really hope and pray this thing does not destroy a proud nation.



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