Shins Shouldn’t Bend

Written by Motts on August 9 2011



Player Injury Estimated Return
Ian Callinan Hamstring Available
Richard Douglas Ankle Available
Matthew Jaensch Shoulder Season
Chris Knights Hip Test
David Mackay Knee 1 week
Jason Porplyzia Shoulder Indefinite
Sam Shaw Hamstring Available
Brad Symes Jaw Season
Kurt Tippett Hamstring Test

Brisbane (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Claye Beams Foot Season
Jonathan Brown Facial fractures Season
Xavier Clarke Foot Season
Ryan Lester Foot Season
Daniel Merrett Back Indefinite
Jesse O’Brien Lower leg Season
Joel Patfull Hand TBC
Daniel Rich Foot 2 weeks

Carlton (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dennis Armfield Ankle Test
Andrew Carrazzo Calf Test
Andrew Collins Shoulder Season
Shaun Hampson Knee 1 week
Michael Jamison Knee 2 weeks
Aaron Joseph Hamstring Test
Andrew McInnes Shoulder Season
Luke Mitchell Shoulder Season
Jarrad Waite Hip Test


Player Injury Estimated Return
Nathan Brown Knee Season
Chris Dawes Hand Test
Brad Dick Knee Season
Alan Toovey Finger 1-2 weeks
Sharrod Wellingham Groin Test


Player Injury Estimated Return
Travis Colyer Lower leg Test
Darcy Daniher Hip Indefinite
Courtenay Dempsey Knee Indefinite
Cale Hooker Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Sam Lonergan Knee Season
Anthony Long Hamstring Indefinite
Tayte Pears Leg Test
Brent Prismall Knee Season
Jason Winderlich Knee Season


Player Injury Estimated Return
Matt de Boer Knee 7 weeks
Jonathon Griffin Hip Test
Roger Hayden Leg 5 weeks
Josh Mellington Elbow 4-6 weeks
Viv Michie Foot Season
Anthony Morabito Knee Season
David Mundy Leg Test
Rhys Palmer Ankle 1 week
Gavin Roberts Quad 1-2 weeks
Tim Ruffles Knee 1-2 weeks
Aaron Sandilands Toe Test
Michael Walters Knee 1-2 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Brown Shoulder Season
Shannon Byrnes Calf Test
Joel Corey Knee Test
Corey Enright Soreness Available
Taylor Hunt Groin Test
Daniel Menzel Back Test
Matthew Scarlett Lmee 1 week
Billie Smedts Hip Season

Gold Coast (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Nathan Ablett Groin Test
Roland Ah Chee Shoulder Season
Josh Caddy Foot Test
Michael Coad Hamstring Season
Sam Day Knee Season
Piers Flanagan Hip Season
Jacob Gillbee Hand 2-3 weeks
Daniel Gorringe Ankle 2-4 weeks
Daniel Harris Abdominal strain Test
Alik Magin Finger 1-2 weeks
Brandon Matera Abdominal strain Test
Lewis Moss Hamstring Available


Player Injury Estimated Return
Taylor Duryea Ankle Indefinite
Xavier Ellis Ankle Test
Stephen Gilham Knee Indefinite
Mitch Hallahan Ankle Indefinite
Angus Litherland Foot Indefinite
Luke Lowden Thumb Indefinite
Brent Renouf Gall Bladder 1-2 weeks
Jarryd Roughead Achilles Indefinite
Shane Savage Shoulder Test
Ben Stratton Knee Indefinite
Clinton Young Ankle Test

Melbourne (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Rohan Bail Knee 1 week
Michael Evans Back Season
Jack Grimes Foot Season
Michael Newton Foot 2 weeks
Tom Scully Knee Test
Jake Spencer Knee Season

North Melbourne (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Ayden Kennedy Knee Season
Hamish McIntosh Hip Test
Jamie Macmillian Virus Test
Matthew Scott Knee Season
Ben Speight Shoulder Season
Sam Wright Shoulder Season

Port Adelaide

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dean Brogan Calf 1 week
Alipate Carlile Hip Flexor Test
Troy Chaplin Foot (plantar fascia) Test
Hamish Hartlett Shoulder Season
Jarrad Irons Shoulder Season
Tom Logan Foot (torn plantar fascia) Test
Ben Newton Hip Flexor 4 weeks
Simon Phillips Shoulder Season
Jasper Pittard Hamstring TBC
Jay Schulz Foot (plantar fascia) Test
Paul Stewart Shoulder Season
Matt Thomas Knee Test

Richmond (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
David Astbury Dislocated patella Season
Daniel Connors Leg 2-3 weeks
Tom Derickx Fractured ankle Season
Dylan Grimes Hamstring TBA
Brad Helbig Ankle 2 weeks
Kelvin Moore Hip Season
Chris Newman Knee 3-4 weeks

St Kilda (as of August 2)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Jamie Cripps Calf Indefinite
Sam Crocker Shoulder Season
Jackson Ferguson Shoulder/Thumb Season
James Gwilt Knee Season
Lenny Hayes Knee Season
Tom Ledger Hamstring Season
Andrew McQualter Shoulder Season
Arryn Siposs Shin splints TBC
Rhys Stanley Hamstring 2 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Daniel Currie Foot Indefinite
Andrejs Everitt Calf Test
Campbell Heath Knee Test
Lewis Johnston Ankle 1 week
Jed Lamb Hamstring Test
Mike Pyke Quad 1 week
Gary Rohan Hamstring Test
Matt Spangher Hamstring Test

West Coast

Player Injury Estimated Return
Sam Butler Quad 2-3 weeks
Dean Cox Hip Test
Josh Kennedy Eye Available
Eric Mackenzie Hamstring tightness Test
Nic Naitanui General Soreness Test
Ryan Neates Elbow Test
Matt Rosa PCL 4 weeks
Beau Waters Calf 2-3 weeks

Western Bulldogs

Player Injury Estimated Return
Adam Cooney Knee Test
Nathan Djerrkura Achilles Test
Shaun Higgins Knee Test
Brian Lake Knee Season
Brodie Moles Shoulder Season
Dale Morris Groin Test
Eddie Prato Knee Test
Justin Sherman Foot 1-2 weeks
Zephaniah Skinner Knee Test

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25 thoughts on “Shins Shouldn’t Bend”

  1. Bombers injury list trimming! Good news for all…except Carlton…who may play their ‘bogey’ side in round 1 of the finals ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Definitely agree RB. I currently have a bet with a mate that Essendon will finish higher on the ladder than Carlton so IF we can get there and THEN beat them it would make my year.
    FYI- the bet is: a bottle of Glenfeddich 21 yr old scotch and the loser has to wear the others supporter jumper and have a picture taken for facebook distribution. Considering how much I hate Carlton and vice versa I would rather die that have that thrown around.


  3. ADELAIDE will not consider club champion Richard Douglas, elevated rookie Ian Callinan nor key forward Kurt Tippett for Sunday’s clash against Geelong.

    But half-forward Chris Knights, who carried a hip injury out of Sunday’s five-point win over Brisbane at the Gabba, is still in caretaker coach Mark Bickley’s planning.

    Callinan (hamstring) and Douglas (ankle) are expected to make their comebacks through the SANFL.

    Tippett (hamstring), however, will be held back as part of Adelaide’s cautious approach to his rehabilitation from injury.

    The Crows, looking for their third consecutive win under Bickley, will be forced to name a provisional 25-man line-up at 5pm on Thursday, when the caretaker coach will lead a definitiveย  training session under lights at AAMI Stadium.



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