Supercoach Liftout

Written by Motts on February 29 2012

As flagged by paperboy a couple of days ago there’s a big SC Liftout in today’s Herald Sun.

It’s not a Little Black Book but it is a convenient list of every player’s position, 2011 games played, average and price.

Not sure if it’s in other News Ltd papers in other states. P’raps if someone could confirm.


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32 thoughts on “Supercoach Liftout”

  1. Huh? The Herald Sun finally gives us Supercoaches sumthin free?!? Lol I like to think its because of the stinging comments posted by Motts & the rest of the SCT regulars about their greedy money making ways that we at least got a lil’ freebie (Even if it is a 4 page waste of paper). Power to the people!!!



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