Table For Two Rd10

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 23 2019

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!

If you’re having trouble with those 50/50 decisions ahead of Rd10, then our Coaches can help you out.  Can’t split two trade-in targets?  Or the rookies to field in the forward line?  Enter their names into the comments below and the SCT Coaches will help out with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function……..


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42 thoughts on “Table For Two Rd10”

  1. TU: Duncan
    TD: Macrae

    Macrae sounds a no brainer till you look into the draw, cats very easy.
    bye has no impact on my decision.


  2. Is Marshall a keeper or god forbid do I look at someone like Walters or Billings?

    T/U Marshall
    T/D Walters or Billings


  3. With Williams confirmed to be out for 2, he’d normally be a hold. But given it’s a hammy and they tend to linger it could easily be the end of Williams till round 15.

    Do we

    T/U Hold

    T/D Trade


    1. Is it confirmed as 2? I’ve only seen the usual wishy-washy words out of GWS that leaves you confused.


  4. Going one up, one down this week. Who’s the more pressing defender to bring in?

    TU: Lloyd
    TD: Whitfield

    Almost identical price and BE ATM. Going to hold Williams too if that changes anything.


    1. Both are excellent choices and unlikely to be this cheap anytime soon. It comes down to the byes. I’m going Whitfield because I have too many players out on the Round 13 bye.


  5. Is it worth trading in Lloyd this week or can it wait a week?

    If this week my trades will be
    Stack to Atley/ someone in the backline
    Collins to Lloyd

    Tu wait
    Td do it now


  6. My get Dusty campaign is looking tenuous. Will probably need to wait till Friday evening to see the final sides and even then Constable could still be a late in. Do I
    TU OUT Constable Drew
    IN Martin, Hately/Young
    TD Out D.Moore and Ross
    IN Martin, Young.


    1. Where have you heard this? I was under the illusion he just missed out this week and will be back next week…


  7. This might go against the grain but what’s everyone’s thoughts on holding Williams and Moore this week?
    Lloyd is coming in this week and I can field a full side be it with 7 rookies.
    Planned to have Williams as my D6 and Moore D7

    TU: hold & hold, your rookies will perform cause you didn’t trade out a premo
    TD: you’re crazy, Williams will be out for more than 2 weeks


  8. Who will be out for longer?

    T.U: Williams
    T.D: Moore

    One of them goes out this week for Whitfield.


    1. Moore will be back next week, Williams the week after. Williams will average 20 ppg more. Hold Williams.


      1. Holding them both means I’d have to field Answerth and Burgress in their place, plus I’m already fielding Atkins, Corbett and Setterfield to cover Crouch, Danger and Constable. Feel like fielding all those rookies will screw me and I’ll begin to plummet down the rankings.

        Wouldn’t it be better to just trade Williams to Whitfield?

        Also, how do you know Williams will be back in 2? Speculation at this point, isn’t it?


  9. Bringing in Whitfield but need one of the following to facilitate it.

    TU: O’Brien to Young (via DPP), forgoing any future cash O’Brien has to make but means I field a full squad.

    TD: Constable to Hately if named (otherwise Young again), saving ROB for further future growth, but copping a donut this week

    Ranked top 400, 23 trades left.


  10. Absolute carnage
    Williams, crouch, Danger Lycett, drew, Constable, Hayes, Scott.

    Will have to field 8 rookies
    Only positive is I can stick to trade plans and retain premos.
    Just can’t avoid a donut with only 2 trades.

    TU: Lloyd and young in, rob and drew out = 1 donut
    TD: Lloyd and young in, crouch and Hayes out via dpp = 1 donut


  11. Who comes in for Constable

    TU J.Kelly
    TD Whitfield

    Hore D6 would be D7 when Williams comes back.
    Kelly straight in for Constable puts my weakest mid Duursma D8 when Crouch comes in.



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