Team O’ The Week – Rd 2

Written by Chillo on April 1 2019

There were some huge performances in Rd 2, and not always from the expected sources!


Jeremy MCGOVERN (WCE, $483 100) 134 – Typically disruptive performance from the Eagles intercept man, breaking up the Giants’ attack time and again and recording a perfect disposal efficiency on the day.
Jake LLOYD (SYD, $608 200) 124 – Owners love him, non-owners….don’t. The choice is yours! 34 disposals (4 contested) at 88%.
Jack CRISP (COL, $519 900) 123 – An interrupted pre-season pushed most coaches away, but Crisp is now an integral part of the Pies’ machine off the halfback flank. Still huge POD value at less than 8% ownership.
Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS, $542 100) 123 – Lots of pre-season angst about Whitfield’s role has proven to be unfounded. The Giants’ running machine gets the ball wherever he goes, especially in the absence of Kelly and Ward. Just about a must-have at this point.
Tom STEWART (GEE, $463 000) 120 – Despite his All-Australian status, Stewart is still possibly the most under-rated defender going around. Safe as houses and gets it done every week.
Adam SAAD (ESS, $407 600) 104 – Back-to-back tons for the Bombers rebounder. The Essendon backline is seeing plenty of the Sherrin at the moment, so it’s completely unsurprising that Saad is scoring well. 19 possessions and lots of metres gained.


Ben CUNNINGTON (NTH, $522 900) 159 – A valiant effort from the Roos hard nut, his 22 contested possessions not enough to get North over the line against the resurgent Lions.
Clayton OLIVER (MEL, $622 600) 140 – Repeat after me: I will not trade premiums after Round 1. Trademark massive game from the ginger Demon, despite the abysmal scoreboard. 44 touches (25 contested).
Josh P. KENNEDY (SYD, $525 600) 136 – The Swans’ captain fought hard in the packs to keep his team in the game against the Crows, but sadly (for me anyway) his 36 possessions were not enough. Still a great pick for your draft leagues.
Ricky HENDERSON (HAW, $444 900) 136 – Ricky had one of his occasional incredible games against the Dogs, with 29 touches and a goal.
Adam TRELOAR (COL, $594 200) 135 – Nobody doubts his incredible running ability, but Treloar caused a lot of angst a couple of years ago with his poor disposal. Only 2 clangers against the Tigers might be a sign of a big season coming up?
Scott PENDLEBURY (COL, $562 000) 133 – Off-season back surgery seems to have given the former uber-premium a significant boost, with Pendles ghosting through the midfield again in his familiar fashion. 31 possessions in the Pies Thursday night romp against Richmond.
Tom LIBERATORE (WBD, $300 400) 128 – Recent injury woes bring significant risk, but so far it seems to be worth taking on. A memorable late snap for goal highlighted Libba’s effort, helping the Dogs late charge for the win over Hawthorn.
Luke DAVIES-UNIACKE (NTH, $197 500) 118 – Seems we all went a year early on LDU, who is unrecognisable from the 4th draft pick who struggled through his rookie year. 26 possessions from only 68% TOG.


Scott LYCETT (PTA, $441 200) 167 – If you took Lycett from the start as ruck cover, your face would be hurting from all the grinning after round 2. 25 touches and 34 hitouts resulted in the highest score of the round.
Tom HICKEY (WCE, $485 600) 139 – The former Saint more than capably filled the ruck vacuum at the reigning premiers, taking advantage of the crippled Giants midfield to record the second-highest score of his career.


Jade GRESHAM (STK, $429 600) 123 – Gresh has been promising this for a couple of seasons, but more midfield time looks likely to be the catalyst for a breakout year. 25 touches, two majors and 11 centre bounce attendances in Saints win over the Dons.
Travis BOAK (PTA, $478 000) 123 – The Port veteran has made the switch back to the mids at the Power, but is available as a forward in Supercoach. Gold! Averaging 34 disposals per game in 2019.
Caleb DANIEL (WBD, $418 500) 120 – When he’s not getting piggyback rides from opposition full-forwards, the diminutive Daniel is a SuperCoach forward running through the midfield. Seeing a pattern here? 32 touches at 87% for the bloke in the helmet.
Tim KELLY (GEE, $505 800) 117 – Out of a team that includes Dangerfield, Selwood and Ablett, Melbourne actually decided to tag the second-year tyro Kelly on Saturday night. Is there a bigger complement for a young player? And what’s more, he still gathered 30 disposals. What. A. Jet.
Willem DREW (PTA, $123 900) 90 – Back-to-back appearances on the TotW for Drew, who is doing everything he can to establish himself in the Power midfield. Only a poor disposal efficiency prevented him from tonning up for the second week in a row.
Matthew PARKER (STK, $117 300) 89 – I take back everything I said in the pre-season about Parker being a poor scorer. Not only is he an important part of the Saints attack, he’s just a good footballer!

And, as suggested during the week by Joestar, here is the Progressive Best 22 for 2019, after Round 2. Selection is based on total points scored; averages appear in parentheses after each player:

Jake LLOYD (127.5)Lachie WHITFIELD (114)Daniel RICH (112)
Jeremy MCGOVERN (110.5)Adam SAAD (109)Nic NEWMAN (108)
Nat FYFE (135.5)Lachie NEALE (133.5)Rory SLOANE (130)
Jack MACRAE (129.5)Marcus BONTEMPELLI (127.5)Tom ROCKLIFF (127)
Ben CUNNINGTON (125)Dom SHEED (122)
Brodie GRUNDY (109)Ben MCEVOY (103)
Patrick DANGERFIELD (125.5)Travis BOAK (121)Scott LYCETT (118)
Caleb DANIEL (112)Tim KELLY (108.5)Jack GUNSTON (106.5)

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6 thoughts on “Team O’ The Week – Rd 2”

  1. Love the article Chillo,thanks for taking on the suggestion, makes it easy for all us when deciding on who to trade in.


  2. Can i please ask that Ben Cunnington is removed purely for trolling me because every-time i saw his head i though it was Scott and got excited only to be disappointed ! Maybe i was clutching at straws hoping Scott would do something!!


  3. “Scott LYCETT (PTA, $441 200) 167 โ€“ If you took Lycett from the start as ruck cover, your face would be hurting from all the grinning after round 2. ”



  4. Great stuff Chillo. Love this.
    Only have 4 of the best 22, but good to see Oliver and Grawndy repaying the faith.
    Am holding strong on Heeney too. Donโ€™t think itโ€™ll be long. And if you were to, what are you selling? His sh1t scores only to miss his good ones?! No thanks.
    Starting Libba also made me choose Dunkley over Kelly. Figured I was spending $800k for their aggregate scores and if you look at it like that, you canโ€™t be unhappy. Combined 189.5 ave. ~ $1mn.+ value.


    1. Thanks AS. I’ve calmed down a bit since last night, and Dunkley is back in my team. He did score 98 in Rd 1, despite doing almost nothing in the final quarter, and he was very quiet yesterday and still scored 76.
      The one concern I have is that he’s in a team with Macrae, Bont, Daniel, Hunter, Libba et al; that doesn’t leave a lot of possessions (or points) for the rest.
      I’m going to review that game now and jot down some stats, will report back later!



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