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Written by Motts on March 4 2015

He’s done Hawthorn, Collingwood, Fremantle, and now he’s doing Geelong. The way Thommo’s going, he’ll be receiving a Services To The Site award at the end of this season! Superb work again, mate.

“From deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you. But goddammit, do I respect you!”

Yes, the Greatest Team of All are not my favourite team but who can question their uncanny ability to keep on winning. Can they do it again? I’m certainly not game enough to say “no”.

So are they Supercoach relevant this year? Hell yes, especially looking at their bye round and the change of personnel.


Round 13 bye shared with GWS, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port and West Coast.


B               Rivers                      Lonergan              Mackie

HB            Enright                    Taylor                      Kelly

C               Caddy                      Duncan                   Guthrie

HF            Johnson                 Clark                        Motlop

F                Murdoch               Hawkins                Stokes

R               McIntosh              Bartel                      Selwood

I                 Blicavs                    Stanley                                     Bews/Lang/Smedts?

Maybe: Blease, Cockatoo, hopefully Menzel, Vardy


JIMMY BARTEL (FWD, Av. 102, $549,000). Chris Scott is considering giving more midfield time to his senior players, specifically mentioning Jimmy and James Kelly. Generally I won’t touch the over-30s without good reason but Jimmy has to be considered as we all know he can score and to date he has been durable.

Verdict: If he spends more midfield time in the preseason, he’s in my starting team for the first time in years.

JOSH CADDY (MID, Av. 77, $414,300). Care to be different? Caddy has long been expected to take the next step and looked to be on his way after a slow start to 2014. He copped 6 vests and missed 9 games through injury before finishing strongly last year. He averaged 50 over his first 6 games (which were broken by the 9 week injury break) but then went on to average 95 with only two scores below 80 (48 against Freo and 50 against Hawthorn).

Verdict: A smoky if you dare. Will surely be vest-free this year!

MITCH DUNCAN (MID, Av. 100, $537,800). Both durable and unique, Duncan has increased his possession count every year and has a great bye round. He has a high ceiling but can go missing in some games with 3 games under 60 in 2014.

Verdict: Not enough upside for mine but could surprise if you want something different.

STEVIE JOHNSON (MID, Av. 107, $573,200). Loved him in the good old days when he could be picked as a forward. As a pure mid, he misses too many games with injury and for hitting Crowley (amongst others). Sounds like his body is letting him down a bit too. On a positive, you’ve got to love his seriously high ceiling, starting 2014 averaging mid-120s before his 53 against Freo in Round 9.

Verdict: Not this year.

JAMES KELLY  (DEF, Av. 89, $477,600). Getting a little bit old and was not on my radar until Chris Scott’s comments about increased midfield time. Still a little nervous starting with him but as we all know value defenders are hard to find. He did finish 2014 poorly averaging only 79 over the last 7 rounds.

Verdict: If he plays midfield in the preseason, he has to be considered.

JOEL SELWOOD  (MID, Av. 121, $649,900). We all know he’s a gun, dropping below 100 only 6 times for the year with 3 scores in the 80s and 3 in the 90s. Like Pendlebury, he’s durable and has a low standard deviation so he can be selected with confidence.

Verdict: With a great bye round, Selwood will be a popular starting gun.


STEVEN MOTLOP (FWD/MID, Av. 81, $434,700). A gun forward, he may be worth a look if he if played through the midfield more this year, so watch his preseason. Just remember he can be extremely inconsistent with several scores below 50 late in the year, especially against better sides. A full preseason will make a difference this year.

Verdict: Will improve but there are better forward options this year.


MITCH CLARK (FWD, $155,200). I get the feeling he won’t score overly well as a key forward but at least he’s guaranteed a spot. We just need to hope he plays enough footy to increase in value as he hasn’t played a full season since 2009.

Verdict: If he plays a full preseason, he’ll be in most teams.

NAKIA COCKATOO (MID, $177,300). Goes hard and looks a good replacement for Varcoe and Christiansen in the long term so he may play early games.

Verdict: Probably no due to job security issues.

JAKE KOLODJASHNIJ  (DEF, $123,900).  Not sure he is likely to debut early with so many strong key defenders ahead of him.

Verdict: Preseason watch, but unlikely to debut in Round 1.

DARCY LANG (MID, Av. 37, $159,100). Could step into a vacancy left by Christiansen and Varcoe although never a great scorer at VFL level.

Verdict: Not sure he’ll score well enough even if he does play early but preseason signs ok so far.

BILLY SMEDTS  (DEF, Av. 40, $215,900). Even at his price he was not on my radar until Chris Scott started talking him up. A top-20 draft pick entering his fifth year, he provides some value in the backline but I’m not convinced yet. Apart from the odd blinder as a junior and in the VFL, he had never really troubled the scorers much in fantasy football.

Verdict: If not for the limited backline options he wouldn’t rate a mention. Preseason watch.


Want to give Thommo a chop out and analyse your own team? Whack into Comments who you want to run the glasses over and we’ll make sure Thommo leaves them off his list.


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18 thoughts on “Team Review – Geelong”

  1. Lot of old warhorses there. Despite the age of the side there are few weak links that will open obvious gaps for rookies.

    Pretty much stuck waiting for injuries, with the exception of Clark.

    Selwood and Bartel will be reliable, but can’t but help wonder if the side as a whole is now starting a downward slide, which will potentially hurt their scores.

    There’s clearly little scope for growth in either player, yet both are good enough that even if they lose a few bucks you will take it for the 21 games you can lock in each year.


  2. If caddy was mid/fwd he would be the talk of the town again

    Bartel you just expect him to have a down year but he keeps saying no not this year
    So glad Varcoe and Christensen are gone lets blood some rookies
    I reckon Duncan could have a great year

    Darcy Lang should get some games this year specially if he keeps playing well in the nab cup
    Smedts isn’t worth it as he is always getting dropped/ injured

    Selwood is Selwood
    GO CATS!!!!!


  3. Currently have Smedts as my D6, but not so sure after your commets. Other reports rate him highly, any other thoughts from anyone.?


  4. I’ve got Selwood in for sure.

    Kelly is just about a lock for d4.

    Mitch Clark is in barring any injury.

    I had Cockatoo in, but I think after viewing the first game his jumper will come with a green vest sown in.



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