Thank You Notes 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 21 2017

Good morning, Coaches!  Congratulations on making it all the way to the GF in your Leagues!  (If you didn’t then you probably wouldn’t be visiting us anymore) 😉  I wish you all the best of luck in the big dance on the weekend.  Here’s hoping you can bring a stack of SC-Premiership Cups back to your Pool Room.

There’s no great need for any Break Evens this week, the premise is quite simple……..if you need to cover and have trades left then pick the player you believe will bring the highest score on the weekend…’s not rocket science……..

Since the Break Evens are largely irrelevant now for future planning, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at SuperCoachTalk for another ripper season…………..

Thanks to Thommo for the fantastic Reviews every Monday morning (without fail!).  Still the best weekly Supercoach review going around and we’re very lucky to have such a creative writer on board.  Also have to mention the massive effort Thommo put in over the Pre-Season with his Player Reviews, outstanding!!!

Thanks to MJ for his Fallen Premiums again this year!  Essential reading for anyone who is serious about Supercoach and MJ delivered the goods again this year.  And who could forget the JLT Series Stats Sheet?  Great stuff, MJ!

Thanks to Father Dougal for his Cow Talk predictions all season!  One of the unique features of SCT, FD does a marvelous job on his Excel Spreadsheets (& entertaining banter) week in, week out.  FD also kept busy over the Pre-Season with his various analysis…….very appreciative of all the work you put in for us, FD!

Thanks to Roo Bloke for running the SCT Cup this season!  It’s one thing to come up with such a great (& unique!) idea for SCT, it’s another thing to keep it running for the entire season.  Many thanks to RB for seeing it through!!

Thanks to Chips Ahoy! for producing the Captaincy Candidates this season.  Not easy writing up the Captains each week when Dangerfield is running around but Chips always had plenty of options available for us.  And those excerpts…… excerpts ever 😉  Thanks Chips!!

Thanks to Nath for giving us all the scores & Break Evens on a weekly basis!  Not everyone has a subscription to SC-Gold so I know how invaluable that information is for trade planning etc.

Thanks to our new Contributors, Huttabito & ChilloHutta was all over the Rookies from the early pre-season through to the last few weeks of the season.  Hutta was also warming the bench if we needed scores/teams posted each week and was always happy to oblige.  A big thanks for your efforts, HuttaChillo took over my Flavour Of The Week post each week and made it his own from the very start.  Clear, concise, accurate & entertaining, Chillo took plenty of care creating that each week.  Chillo also filled in for MJ & Thommo at various stages of the year and was up to the challenge each time, thanks buddy!!

Thanks to our ‘Numbers Man’ Adam!  If I’m being honest, I expected Adam to drop off with his calculations as the season wore on.  Every week I received a new email with all the numbers for the upcoming Round….reliable…..punctual……can’t thank you enough for sharing your data with us, Adam!

Thanks to Chaos Theory for getting us the team line-ups every Thursday night.  He’s so fast on the keyboard, I wonder if those lists are coming directly from AFL House 😉

Thank you to everyone that informs us of injuries/late changes/retirements.  Every little bit of info helps and we’re always grateful for your input each week!

To all the Contributors in general, thanks for making my job easier! 😉  It’s great to have such a motivated & committed group contributing to the site each week………..

Thanks to all the donors for our competitions at SCT!  Thank you to Hawker for the Blundstones!  Thank you to Catta, Ratticus, Raj, Harbour Heroes & Double D for providing the cash prizes in the SCT Group & Cup!  (sorry if I missed anyone!)

Thank you to all our Pre-Season Contributors!  Duffer, Brad, Roo Bloke, Chillo……..always happy to see our Coaches putting in the hard yards over summer (again, sorry if I missed anyone)……..

As always at the end of a season, a big thanks to Motts!  I don’t pretend to be a great Writer (or Supercoach for that matter) but I’m thankful for the opportunity you’ve given me with SuperCoachTalk.  Really appreciate it, mate!

The biggest thanks go to you, the Coaches.  Without you there wouldn’t be much reason to write so thanks for dropping by at SCT! Thanks for your participation, for your insight, for your banter, for your football wisdom………….I hope it was informative, helpful & accurate (and even entertaining) for you during 2017.  We’ll be keeping up with trade news in the off-season so be sure to drop by regularly for the latest news.  Again, good luck in your GFs this week!



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19 thoughts on “Thank You Notes 2017”

  1. I am sure i speak for most coaches that read this site week in – week out, Thanks to you Schwarz. You, Motts and the whole team of contributors make this the absolute number one site to visit each week and during pre-season.
    Not only is this site full of relevant information, it is entertaining, has interesting alternatives (Dead league, tech league) and everyone one here is friendly.

    Thank you again mate, you guys do an awesome job.


  2. Rippin job fellas on keeping this site STILL the ONE and only place to GO! I’ve taken much of a back seat this year, but always kept one eye on this website following the words of wisdom and the many chuckles to be had throughout.

    My main team, Don Kevos, made it through to 5 grannies out of 8 leagues, two of which are money leagues.

    My SCTTL team, DeezNutterz, had a good start but then the itchy trading finger intervened and the team slowly faded away with injuries to now sit 9th.

    Thanks again to the great many contributers to this site and the tireless effort all the writers put into their articles, don’t know where you blokes get time to do your day jobs or even entertain loved ones…From me and the whole SC community THANK YOU and good luck to all those fortunate enough to make it through to their Grand Final!


  3. Obviously, agree with everything you said.
    Thanks also to you Schwarzwalder for bringing it all together.
    Far and away the best Supercoach site going around.


  4. Best and only site for me. All of the contributors are sensational.
    Soundest single piece of advice this year, FD, Money is gold , Trades are oxygen.
    Also , one night after I had a bit of a silly rant a number of Coaches steered me
    back on track . That is the beauty of this site.


  5. The quality and quantity of this place has been massive this year. Well done SCT and thanks for improving all us coaches yet again!


  6. Great effort running the site again this year Schwarzy!
    A big shout out to all the SCT writers for an outstanding year of write ups.

    Wouldn’t mind hearing from the site leader Motts congratulating his writers on their efforts for the year. Then again he has become a bit ghost on the site apart from a weekly appearance for the Punters Club with Schwarzy taking the reins.


    1. Motts has made the GF in the Looney Mooney league (ranked 92) and has backed up is #willdominate note when agreeing to join the league.
      I did get him twice during the season and was hoping to be playing him again in the prelim until Shaggi Jnr knocked me out the week before.
      Looking forward to making the league even stronger next year.


  7. Outstanding efforts by all involved, the quality of the weekly posts are nothing short of spectacular. SCT has always been & will always be the No 1 SuperCoach site on the planet.

    Schwartzy, you are an absolute star! The regulars contributing each week are seriously faultless with an abundance of statistics / knowledge & respected opinion.

    Good luck to everyone playing in GF’s this week & well done to everyone involved in this magical site

    Cheers Catta


  8. That’s a great round up Schwarz. Well done on coordinating everything and making it run like clockwork throughout the year. Very impressive.


  9. Thankyou yet again for another stellar year in SCT. Keeps getting better and better with content. You all do an absolute bang up job guys and we appreciate it!!!


  10. Thanks to all! SCT has coached me up so well. All the contributors have been fantastic year round! Happy to say you have helped me improve and cross a few preseason goals off the list 🙂


  11. I 100% echo Schwarz’s thoughts. I’ve been extremely time-poor this year (I started a new job in March) but its been an absolute pleasure to watch the site flourish in 2017 under Schwarzy, Nath, and our incredible team of dedicated writers.

    I specifically want to mention Chips Ahoy! who not only writes a great Captaincy post (with some magnificent front page excerpts) but also worked tirelessly behind the scenes at the beginning of last year to save the site from being lost to viruses. I’m dead serious when I say that without the work he did back then, we wouldn’t be around today.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again though: the best thing about this site is the friendly, helpful, respectful and at times downright hilarious community that we have built over our 9 year lifespan. To all of you, thank you for supporting us by dropping past and giving us a few moments out of your day.

    The other group of people I want to recognise are the writers’ partners who put up with them spending so much time writing posts for us. You know how you playing SuperCoach really ticks your partner off sometimes? Well multiply that by a factor of about 5 to understand how our writers’ partners feel when they’re putting their hearts and souls into a post instead of doing housework/looking after the kid(s)/spending time watching The Bachelor/whatever.

    Finally, I want to recognise the other founding father of SCT, Duck, who left a few years ago but without whom I wouldn’t have had the knowledge of where to begin. Cheers mate.


  12. Thanks to all on SCT. I was able to move up from about 15k rank last year to inside 3k this year due to the valuable advice and the tireless work on the weekly articles. Thanks again and good luck those in Grand Finals. Better rank this year but I lost all three prelims.



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