The Fallen Premiums – Rd 19

Written by on August 1 2018

Whether you’re looking for a replacement for a broken premium, musing over the merits of bench cover, or just desperately trying to fill that final on-field vacancy, this edition of the Fallen Premiums has something for everyone. Certain sides have a very nice fixture to finish the year, and you’ll notice those certain sides feature quite strongly this week!

On a personal note, this will be my final article for 2018. I’ll be spending the next five weeks traipsing through western Europe, but I’ll definitely be home in time for the last weekend in September! I just want to take this opportunity to say congratulations to all those who have contributed to the site this year, especially the small but brilliant team of SCT regulars. Most of all, thanks to the readers that make up our wonderful community, who make all the research and late-night pondering so rewarding. Good luck to all for the rest of the season, and I’ll see you again in 2019!


Brand new contract, same old buckets

Jeremy MCGOVERN (WCE), $480 500 (-$18.3K), average 92, BE 67 – Since Jack Darling returned and sent Gov back to defence, the Eagles intercept man has scored 132, 105 and 122. He has an incredible ability to get the opposition to kick the ball in his direction, and his elite overhead marking makes him Supercoach gold in this role. No longer cheap, but still down on his starting price.

Zach TUOHY (GEE), $437 800 (-$46.8K), average 85, BE 72 – Apart from a couple of early clangers, Tuohy has been incredibly consistent in his second season as the Cats rebounder, compiling 13 scores of 85+ in his 18 games. Under-priced for a man of his scoring ability, and Geelong are at home to Freo and the Suns in the final two games of the year.

Backing it up…
Harris Andrews, $468K, BE 198
Jeremy Howe, $446K, BE 164


Steele SIDEBOTTOM (COL), $462 300 (-$65.2K), average 100, BE 65 – Despite being one of the most well-rounded midfielders in the game, Sidebottom has long been regarded by astute coaches as more suited to Fantasy than Supercoach, due to a lower rate of contested possession and his occasional struggles with the tag. He presents here with six tons in his past eight games, a very enticing price tag, and the Hutchings-induced, season-low 48 dropping out of his price cycle. Worth a thought if you’re strapped for cash.

Sidey man, Sidey man, does whatever a Sidey can

Josh KELLY (GWS), $540 100 (-$88.5K), average 112, BE 71 – My humble opinion is that Kid Kelly is the AFL’s  next premier midfielder. He was in my team all pre-season, but prolonged struggles with injury have somewhat stunted his scoring this year. But Kelly has looked fantastic in compiling 130 in each of his past two games, and he faces the Blues this week under the roof at Etihad, where he averaged 111 in three games last year.

Gary ABLETT (GEE), $518 100 (-$113.0K), average 105, BE 65 – This late-career, POD version of GAJ might not quite have the output of those golden years, and probably won’t for the remainder of his days on the field. What he does have is a three round average of 122 and a final fortnight of the Dockers and Suns at his favourite stomping ground in the whole world, where he averages 122 this year. And in case you’re still not convinced: Gaz faces Richmond this Friday. His career average against the Tigers is a stupendous 133!

Limbo land…
Joel Selwood, $464K, BE 152
Rory Sloane, $479K, BE 143
Andrew Gaff, $526K, BE 140


If you happen to be among the sons of motherless goats lucky few that have ‘luxury trades’, but are not in possession of either of the two juggernauts listed below, then you know what to do and how to do it…..

Just for information purposes….
Max Gawn, $624K, BE 159
Brodie Grundy, $613K, BE 105 


Jeremy CAMERON (GWS), $440 400 (-$49.5K), average 85, BE 33 – Controversy! Cameron has spent the past five weekends in the stands after his ugly hit on Harris Andrews. But Jezza is back for the rising Giants this week, and he faces Carlton under the Docklands roof. Can’t you just sense a nice swag of goals coming his way? Cameron has the obligatory huge ceiling of every good key forward, having already ransacked the Suns for 168 earlier this year.

Forward thinking….
Ben Brown, $421K, BE 155
Lance Franklin, $405K, BE 135


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18 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 19”

  1. Big it up for Chillo, Coaches!!
    Outstanding effort all year with Fallen Premiums, Flavour & Ressies Recap! Have a great trip, mate!


  2. Can’t thank you enough Chillo. Awesome stuff all year. Golden nuggets of info every week, written in such elegant style and sprinkled with witticisms that have me laughing out loud. Occasionally anyway 😉

    Have a great trip!


  3. Great write up Chillo, I’ve just come back from western Europe and loved every minute of it. Enjoy, well deserved for all your great work!


  4. Well done Chillo, you’ve been on fire all season and haven’t missed a beat! Great and essential reading for anyone wanting a SuperCoach bargain.

    Enjoy your holidays!


    1. Thanks Hutta, and good luck with it for the rest of the year. I really enjoyed writing the Fallen Premiums this year, hopefully you do too!


  5. Can someone help here?

    I have 83k and Tim Smith and Josh Battle on the bench. Ahern stuck in the mids with walters/westy/heeney/mclean all mid fwd swings, only problem is then I have to bench one to loophole Ahern in the fwd.

    Should I use my last trade to any Mid Fwd under 300k to swing with Ahern?

    I have 2 covering defenders in the backline, Dawson and Ahern in the mids and Tim Smith and Battle in the forward line. I should be ok for cover provided Gawn or Grundy dont go down, which is unlikely. So whos the best mid fwd option under 300k?


    1. I have a similar problem. I would have to trade Guelfi to move Ahern to the fwd line, but it costs me a trade and I only have two left. I am not sure it is worth the trade??, otherwise I have to take the punt on Fritsch as F6 and after last weeks 47, not sure of his reliability anymore


      1. Hey Fellas in these situations you are usually better off holding your Trades in case an UBER Premium goes down.
        However, if you are in Elimination Finals and want to run with the Trades your Best Option is to Trade down to a non DPP player with a Mid – Fwd swing playing mostly Sunday games. My suggestion Tarir Bayok 123k West Coast Mid – Fwd.

        Now what a sterling year you have put in with your articles for the site this year Chillo. Enjoy the European vacation and hope you will be back next year.

        P. S. Was not so Impressed taking your advice on Twitter Re Libba at the start of the year with him going down in the 1st Qtr. of the year. Thems the Breaks though.


  6. I’m looking to upgrade Billings or Walters in my forward line. Money no issue. What do people think about the current form of Tom Hawkins, sustainable?



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