The Fallen Premiums – Rd 4

Written by on April 18 2018

Believe it or not, we’re a month into season 2018, and hopefully by now you’ve got your team in order. Cows are fattening, premiums are bossing, and all concerned are doing their thing without too many of those pesky red dots floating around.

And then we wake up. The most likely scenario is you have at least one long-term injury to deal with, an irritatingly underperforming “premium”, or a cow who just refuses to feed (do we have a name for these yet, Father Dougal?)

Should you have the funds and wherewithal to do so, here are the Fallen Premiums for your consideration.


Jeremy McGOVERN (WCE), $469 300 (-$29.5K), average 89, BE 94 – The Eagles intercept specialist was back to his best in the romp over the travel-weary Suns, racking up 14 of them out of his 22 possessions. McGovern is one of the best contested marks in the game; unsurprisingly, Champion Data loves him. Should have another strong outing against the Blues this week.

Alex WITHERDEN (BRL), $465 200 (-$13.7K), average 90, BE 79 – Highly impressive in his first season, Witherden has continued on that good form in his sophomore year. Let’s face it, the Brisbane backline is going to see plenty of action this year, and Withers is the go-to guy when the Lions manage to recover the pill. Only 2% ownership.

Backing it up…
Jeremy Howe, $493K, BE 149
Kade Simpson, $529K, BE 135
Elliot Yeo, $509K, BE 122 *blue light special next week*

Bont: The Headband Version


Marcus BONTEMPELLI (WBD), $549 900 (-$27.9K), average 97, BE 102
 – A bit of a rough go in round one for the Bont, but since then he’s made it a hat-trick of triple figure scores. Notably spending more time forward than in previous years; the upswing in the Dogs form in the past couple of weeks can only help Bontempelli’s scoring potential if this trend continues. A really friendly run of games for the Dogs in the next month should see the Bont at the top of your shopping list.

Limbo land…
Patrick Dangerfield, $702K, BE 209
Rory Sloane, $554K, BE 188
Tom Mitchell, $680K, BE 160
Joel Selwood, $556K, BE 156


Aaron SANDILANDS (FRE), $461 200 (-$18.8K), average 95, BE 39 – “He remains very tall”. It was vintage 211 against the Giants, dominating Dawson Simpson in the ruck on his way to 139 points. The bizarre 42 he had against the Bombers a couple of weeks ago drops out of his cycle now, hence his rock-bottom break-even. Yes, he will probably miss games, and yes he is a huge injury risk. But at this price, and assuming you have Tim English as cover, bringing in Sandy this week could be the masterstroke that makes your season!

Matthew Kreuzer, $543K, BE 176
Ben McEvoy, $515K, BE 161
Todd Goldstein, $491K, 155


Sam MENEGOLA (GEE), $524 500 (-$27.3K), average 97, BE 51 – Two weeks is a long time in footy. In Supercoach terms, Sam was dead in the water a fortnight ago, but since then it’s been back-to-back tons and back-to-back appearances on the Fallen Premiums. Menegola is thriving in an Ablett-less midfield, and still drifts forward and kicks goals. A worthy candidate if you’ve finally lost patience with a certain St Kilda “premium” forward.

Jezza loves a good fishing story.

Jeremy CAMERON (GWS), $445 100 (-$44.8K), average 84, BE 91 – Played in the toughest conditions for goal-kicking I can remember last week in Canberra, and still managed a respectable 83. This week he’s under the Docklands roof against an abysmal St Kilda. Expect him to go big!

Kane LAMBERT (RIC), $426 300 (-$46.2K), average 78, BE 59 – It pains me on a personal level to include this guy in the FP’s, but he scored well last week against an insipid Lions team. In the next month the Tigers play Melbourne, Collingwood and Freo at the G, so there is an opportunity there for Kane to make up some lost ground. You’ll need goolies of steel to pick him though!

Forward thinking….
Tom J Lynch, $501K, BE 160
Charlie Dixon, $458K, BE 152
Jack Billings, $452K, BE 146


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21 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 4”

  1. Have I mentioned how much I love your work, Chillo? Killing it with Flavour OTW and going swimmingly with FPs, nice one!


    1. Coniglio started the season priced $452400 @ 82.3 average. With his current price being $529200 this equates to a priced average of 96.3.
      This figure of 96.3 has had a default % reduction applied to each round price change.
      The price reductions for Coniglio being a total of $20,700 (3.8 pts.) so in effect his true average is 96.3+ 3.8 = 100.1 compared to his starting average of 82.3.

      After the first four rounds he is averaging 122 all 110+ scores so he is definitely currently undervalued.


  2. I can smell some Preuss Goose sniffing around at North. Goldy could be an epic fail for those of us who backed him in this season!


  3. Good Job Chillo, looks like the fallen premium look more like opportunities in these early days anyway. The Bont and Menegola are on their way back which is good news


    1. More like titanium alloy! You have more willpower than I, so hats off to you. I swapped Lambert for Gray a couple of weeks ago, as a rule I don’t swap premiums but it’s worked okay so far.


      1. It’s been tough to hold strong. Hibberd, Billings, Lambert and Zerrett all on the team currently. Trying something different this year as usually I’m a premo-trading monster in the early going. I keep telling myself that the reverse trades button is my friend and that it’s a good thing that I work during some lockout periods! This week, however, the titanium alloy is being tested big time by Billings! That man is twisting my brain up in knots!


        1. Mantini

          If you have 27+ trades….

          Trade him to Mundy (same Bye) and sleep better at night.

          Robbie Gray is another option.

          His China game could be an advantage if you have decent Forward bench cover.

          A Premo playing all the proper Bye rounds is gold!


          1. Thanks Free,

            I’m starting some options down. Gray is eye-popping, Heeney I need to grab at some point and Mundy is on the radar mostly because I see you mentioning him everywhere, haha, and a bit of nostalgia since he was on my first ever SC Team. We’ll see what happens before the bounce!


  4. Trent Cotchin may be worth some thought with Martin spending more time forward. Back to back 120’s and very unique.


  5. Zerrett is bargain basement $493k. Has dropped an amazing 107k since the start of the year. Against Adelaide, got that bump from Douglas in the 2nd qtr and didn’t come back.

    Scored 107 last week, was tagged the week before by the dogs for 53, 95 against Freo and a 17 against the Crows.

    I can’t see him being tagged all that often as he’s mostly an outside runner. Worsfold has finally put guys back where they should be (looking at you stringer, you’re not a mid), so lots of upside for Zerrett.


  6. Well timed question on what we call those cows who don’t grow! I have no idea, and I was thinking about it all day! Have to come up with something. I did figure out what to do with them though. 🙂


      1. I think Mutton are old sheep….not that logic should get in the way…..hmm, is Hibberd mutton? How about Heath Shaw…? 🙂


        1. I always liked the term ‘wether’: a castrated goat. I can not think of a more useless animal – seems appropriate for a stagnant rookie.


  7. “or a cow who just refuses to feed (do we have a name for these yet, Father Dougal?)”

    That would be a runt….. (of the litter)



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