The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9

Written by on May 23 2018

We are rapidly approaching the season’s midpoint, and to all the coaches that find themselves at the pointy end of the rankings, congratulations! I hope this humble site has helped you reach those dizzying heights.

To everyone else, it’s simple physics people: if you’re chasing someone, running at the same speed as they are is a poor strategy. You need to do something different, and in Supercoach, that means PODs!ย This week we take a closer look at some bona-fide superstars, but just as importantly there are some budget left-field picks. These guys may just be that precious point of difference you’re looking for.


Zach TUOHY (GEE), $391 400 (-$93.2K), average 82, BE 39 – There were high hopes for the rebounding Irishman this year, after he compiled four tons in the final six games of 2017. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, with the nadir being a 25 point stinker against the Swans a month ago. However, Tuohy has bounced back with an average of 95 in his last three starts, and is undeniable value at this price point. 7% ownership.

Would you argue with this man?

Backing it up…
James Sicily, $538K, BE 138
Rory Laird, $544K, BE 137
Kade Simpson, $487K, BE 119


Luke PARKER (SYD), $484 900 (-$61.1K), average 101, BE 60 – It’s been a testing time for Parker owners in 2018, but there might be a bit of light appearing at the end of that tunnel, with ‘Fridge’ posting 124 and 109 in the past two weeks. Sydney face the Lions, Blues and Saints in their next three matches. 10% ownership.

Taylor ADAMS (COL), $445 000 (-$146.0K), average 78, BE 78 – OK, I readily admit this is a radical option, even for a weirdo like my good self. But remember that we’re talking about a guy who averaged 108 last year! A hamstring injury has stifled him this year, and the loss of DPP status might be a deal breaker, but at less than 1% ownership an in-form Adams has the potential to win you league games off his own boot.

Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE), $601 800 (-$148.0K), average 115, BE 112 – I’ve already had my say on Danger in this week’s Flavour of the Week, and amazingly he is still at only 30% ownership. You can expect that number to skyrocket before Danger lines up against the Blues this weekend, at his favourite ground in the whole world. The question has been answered: it’s time.

Limbo land…
Adam Treloar, $570K, BE 167
Scott Pendlebury, $521K, BE 157
Nat Fyfe, $633K, BE 156
Joel Selwood, $544K, BE 153


It’s the Broken Record Section – just get Gawn and Grundy, or you’re effectively giving away at least 20 points a week. It’s not easy, but it is simple.


Jack GUNSTON (HAW), $468 300 (-$6.5K), average 95, BE 79 – This is a bit of a cheat, since Jack’s price has barely moved at all throughout the first nine games of the season, a mark of his reliability. But as a current top 6 forward (on aggregate), he deserves inclusion here. Coming off back-to-back tons, he faces the Eagles ย this weekend as the Hawks seek redemption from last week. Just 2% ownership.

David MUNDY (FRE), $457 900 (-$33.8K), average 96, BE 87 –For reasons that are unknown to me, Freo’s Mr Consistency has again been largely ignored by Supercoaches this year. Mundy’s only poor effort this year, 53 against a rampant Tigers outfit, drops out of his price cycle this week. I’m fairly sure the few coaches that own him are satisfied, do you dare join them in their happiness? 4% ownership.

Need someone to kick for your life? Choose Dave!

Forward thinking….
Michael Walters, $424K, BE 157
Mitch Robinson, $476K, BE 139
Lance Franklin, $491K, BE 136


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12 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9”

  1. Great write-up, Chillo.

    I wish we were playing the Saints again this week but unfortunately the Hawks face West Coast under the Dome. Gunston should still score ok though.


    1. Right you are, Thommo. Thatโ€™s what happens to writers at 4am; they travel back in time. Post amended!


  2. Any thoughts on Mundy? Will he be a top 6 defender or score well enough from here on? Price is very tempting but not sure where he sits.


    1. unlikely, but could be a top 6 forward…
      as the writeup said, he is super consistent, under rated and under valued.


  3. What are everyone’s thoughts on Rocky at M8? Cheap as chips, strong track record, playing for a good club, and is a huge POD. Only real concern is injury history, which to be fair is a fairly warranted concern. I’m certainly tempted!


  4. Looks like now is the time to select P Dangerfield.

    P Dangerfield:
    Priced at 601,800
    6 teams he averages less than 120 against from 2012-2017.
    6 games against them pre rd10
    2 against them post rd10
    6 games at GMHBA stadium from rd10 to end of season.
    Averages 135.22 from 9 at GMHBA (152 avg from 6 games last year which were all 140+)


  5. Depending on what goes on with my side in the next few weeks and who looks good, I will be looking at Pendles, Simpson and Buddy for Kelly, Murray and Fritsch. If I can get two of them then great. A bit concerned about Simpson to tell you the truth given his average form and age, and we know how quickly an old fella can lose his scoring ability. He’s been better than Shaw last year but I just don’t know. The likes of Lloyd and Howe will be too expensive next week, although I consider them the ideal D5 and the D6.

    In a strange way I want Fritsch to have bad game so I can get buddy next week when his price maxes out, but that’s the greedy part of me ๐Ÿ˜‰ If Simpson is unconvincing and Kelly is scoring 90’s I may very well upgrade Kelly to Pendles in two weeks and leave Murray in my side.

    A lot of potential value in those 3


    1. A bit gutted that I started Walters in the end, was looking like a great mid pricer til the injury, now everyone will jump on his value.



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