The TEAM 2019 – Final LineUP

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 19 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2019!  The largest gathering of SuperCoach minds to create the perfect TEAM……….

It’s all come down to this, Coaches.   TEAM A or TEAM B?  I’ve fit the TEAM into our parameters as best as I could. Unfortunately with the Premiums that we’ve picked, we weren’t able to fit in Zac Williams down back in either of the final TEAMs.  It’s basically come down to a choice between Brodie Smith & Michael Gibbons OR Jack Scrimshaw & Tom Liberatore. 

If any players aren’t lining up for Rd1, I’ll have to take ‘executive action’ over the weekend and alter the TEAM as best I can.  So here are the final line-ups……..let us know which one you prefer……..





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Thank you, Coaches!


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23 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 – Final LineUP”

  1. Voted Team 1. BUT, think we need another premo FWD

    I propose the following

    OUT- Whitfield, Neale & Balta

    IN- Williams, Libba/ B Crouch (cash permitting) & Dunkley or other premo FWD

    Think we need to bolster the FWDs with lack of safe rookie options


    1. We may not have to be that drastic, but

      Balta has to go. He won’t make us a cent. And likely, no other FWD rookie will!

      Given that, I think a premo has to go from somewhere where a decent ‘bargain’ can give us enough cash to turn Balta into something the Community is comfortable with. Could be painful otherwise!


      1. Seems like most have gone cold on Balta? Richmond fans seem to rate him & think he can play that Grigg ‘ruck support’ role really well. Have I missed something?


        1. I’m a Tiger, and we do rate him. Once Lynch is ready to go however, Balta would be the 3rd tall forward, and I don’t think Dimma will play them both at the same time. If Lynch is managed through the year (which is likely), Balta could get games, but will he get enough to make more than a couple of price rises?


        2. Dimma has said he won’t play both. While he admits Balta will be a huge and exciting part of the Tigers’ future, it appears now is not the time. Or certainly not once Lynch is playing.
          Is that a risk we want to take? I know I won’t be with my team, so feel I should flag it here.


        3. To give it a bit more context:
          I wouldn’t be so concerned if our other FWD rookies were solid, but I fear the same fate for Drew when Wines returns. That is a shame because he’s quality and looks ready.
          However, worst-case we could have two loopholes on our FWD bench as early as Rd3, generating nothing!
          Alarmist? Certainly. But could be reality.


            1. Thanks allsaints, wasn’t aware that Dimma said he wouldn’t play both. Great info. What if they are both named for tomorrow night? That’ll really mess with us Lol


              1. Caddy & Grigg still not back, surely the Tigers won’t risk Lynch in the ruck …. not their prized recruit?

                Not long to wait until the teams drop 🙂


      2. I agree allsaints.
        I’ve gone with the two premo defenders & an extra premo fwd, then taken a punt on Greene F5 with Setterfield F6, simply because of the rookie talent & JS forward.
        The midfield feels one short too, but hopefully more potential for rookies to generate some coin there & in defence.


        1. Yep. I agree. Am now going 1-4-2-4 with some serious cash spent below. Rookies is 3-7-1*-3
          The rest are bargains and breakout candidates!!
          No Greene, no Moore and no midpriced MIDs (might still consider Sheed, but nobody with persistent injury history).
          Am feeling pretty relaxed about it tbh.


  2. voted team a – but I think Whitfield needs to go as well … team B slightly too many mids with libba at 6 and walsh at 7 I think.

    Also, have I missed any news, No williams anywhere? Is he injured – sorry been buried in too much work if I have missed any news??

    Just imho


  3. Struggled to see any difference, so couldn’t see where the money went until I spotted Libba on the bench



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