The TEAM 2019 – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 5 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2019!  A culmination of the most superior SuperCoach minds gathered to create the perfect TEAM 😉


Decent result for the TEAM in Rd2.  Could’ve been better had I not ‘slept’ through the loophole options.  We kept Cripps as our C instead of Macrae because I thought it could still be changed AFTER the Saturday night games.  Only 11 pts but still annoying………


I think we’ve done quite well with our starting line-up……maybe a little annoyed that we don’t have Lloyd in DEF but that’s how the majority voted.  We’ve managed to get most of the major rookies as well, maybe just Scrimshaw missing?

Would you make any changes to this line-up?  Is there a need for any corrective changes?  You can make a trade suggestion in the comments below.  If your trade move gets plenty of ‘thumbs up’ from the Coaching Staff then we’ll put it to a vote before the Thursday night game.  What would you do with this line-up if it belonged to you?


UPDATE at 9am on 5/4/19

There’s no other way to put it, Coaches.  I don’t like the Thursday night games and I don’t care who knows about it.  It’s messing with our SCT schedule that needs constant changing and cutting down even more on spare time.  So what’d I forget this week?  To post this yesterday 😉  There’s still plenty of positions to sort out but we’ve missed out on Dangerfield’s 128 as VC.

Moving on, please complete the following polls for choice of Captain and starting rookies………


Who to field in DEF? (two choices)

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Who to field in MID? (two choices)

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Who to field up FWD? (three choices)

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Best C/VC options for the TEAM in Rd3? (three choices)

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Thank you, Coaches!


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21 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 – Rd3”

  1. Strong team
    No trades necessary
    V/c on Danger
    C Macrae
    Butters on field instead of Scott
    Hore could go to Scrimshaw however Hore should be named with May injured


    1. Might be overthinking, but a poll on Butters vs Scott on-field.

      1. Roos playing in Melbourne (no travel), against a depleted Hawks midfield.
      2. Port playing in Brisbane (travel), against a frisky Lions midfield. Wines/Hartlett back.

      T/u Poll to consider
      T/d Overthinking it mate. Put Butters on the field.


    1. Sounds good. Carrying 3 non scoring rookies during the bubble round is too big a cash opportunity lost.


      1. Unless I am missing something how can you trade Balta for Scrimshaw
        Forward for defender and can’t see a dpp to orchestrate trade


        1. PBuzz this is how you would do it.
          Bolta out, Burgess as a DPP moves from backline to forwards and Scrimshaw in.


          1. Thanks Shaun
            Been playing 2 years . This is my third year.
            I still can’t work it out.
            If you trade Balta out not sure how burgess can swing into forward line as you still need a forward .
            Have you tried it or are you assuming because I have.
            Please educate me


            1. Its exactly as Shaun said:

              Press ‘T’ on Balta.
              When at the trade screen, press ‘S’ on Burgess.
              This will move Burgess to fill the empty FWD slot, and leave an empty DEF slot.
              Trade in Scrimshaw.


    1. Strawberry and Lime udls go alright, usually get them from Dan Murphy’s.

      I assume you meant to say LDU? Given our bank and no mid dpps. The only possible way to bring in LDU in a single trade, is to trade out either Walsh, Butters or a mid premo. NONE of those options are worth considering.

      So the only reasonable way to get him in is to do a double trade, ie Heeney > Worpel. But imo I’d rather hold Heeney.
      This will free up cash to go Gibbons > LDU. but is that even worth it?



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