Trade Or Hold: Rocky

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 13 2019

We all know of Rocky’s ability and how he can bring up a monster score or two.  His form lately hasn’t been what many Coaches had hoped for and now he’s out of the Port line-up for another week.  Is it worth holding onto Rocky any longer?  What would you recommend to his Coaches?


What to do with Tom Rockliff (PTA)?

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8 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold: Rocky”

  1. I take it Rocky being out makes Robbie Gray more attractive. I’m tossing up between him an another player.


  2. Got a fun thing for you all to do at 3/4 time.

    Type Rock into the search bar (top left corner). The amount of Rockliff polls over the last few years is astounding. The fact the poll is currently tracking at 50% also baffles me.


  3. How does he go from test for the StKilda game to not making it for the post bye game two weeks later?!
    If I had a couple of luxury trades up my sleeve I’d ditch him in an instant.
    Officially my most hated SC player ever.
    If I see him on the street I’ll force feed him wasps.


  4. I know all you non Rocky owners laugh at us, but you should be more empathetic. We have Rockholhm syndrome. We get kidnapped by a run of his high scores and that low purchase price. This gets compounded by the irrational fear that after years of abuse, he might be back for good and we’ll get beaten by someone who picked him, when we passed.



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