Trade Talk – R12

Written by Motts on June 15 2015

1 bye round down, 2 to go. 

Let’s hear who you’re thinking about cutting loose and lassoing in this week. 


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141 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R12”

  1. Whats everyone’s take on Oxley? Has he found a niche that’ll keep him 90+ for the rest of the season? Would a Rockliff-Oxley (via Saad) trade next week be so shameful? It banks $90k, and with Oxley’s BE at 5….

    T/U: Wait a minute, its worth a look…
    T/D: Shut up, you’re delusional!

    Appreciate the thumbs and any thoughts.


  2. I have been planning to bring in Hodge and Dahlhouse this week for a long while. I can just do it with 2 trades.

    Krakour –> Dahlhouse
    Saad –> Hodge

    Leaves $4,200 in the bank. Thank you Adam Saad for the good score last week; much lower and I would have needed another trade to fund this!


  3. Brown – hamling
    Sadd – hodge
    Mckenzie -slone

    Just want to no your thoughts on these trades. the ox has put a spanner in my works as I have now lost my ddp between def and mid as wanted to keep Mckenzie for that reason Waiting one more week for b. Smith as has a high break even. Leaves me with 84k in the bank with a close to premo team with 14 trades left


  4. Newnes to McDonald, Heeney to Hamling. If Clark doesn’t platt, may bring in Sloane a week early or even Murphy. I reckon Murph could go 110 from here on in.


  5. Held off the trade button last round, looking at:-

    T.Miller to Sloan
    M.Clark to Zorko

    Thumbs UP: Good trades
    Thumbs DOWN: Better options out there with your 244k in the bank.

    Looking at keeping Oxley as D7 loophole man & Saad as handy D/M swingman. Planned to trade one or both to get in say Hodge & B.Smith, however fancy backing them in.
    May need to trade Mummy to Jacobs if his ankle does not come up this week (his Rnd 13 bye coming up next week so get 2 x prem scores)
    Bellchambers will be held this week in hope he regains his spot in Rnd 13 & kick up the bum gets some 75+ scores as R/F cover + to cover for Goldy in Rnd 13. If he does not come in & Peter Wright stays in Suns team then he makes me 120K.


  6. Current thoughts…

    Miller > Sloane
    Saad > Smith
    Rocky > Beams

    Leaves me with 27k
    Still not sold on my last trade


  7. Oxley – B Smith
    Brown – Hamling
    Saad – Sloane.

    Good or too trigger happy. Gives me 18 this week and I try not to get attached to rookies, Saad is one that I’m considering keeping though.


  8. It brings me great satisfaction and pleasure to finally announce that I will be trading TBC! By far and away the most satisfying trade ever….And that includes Relton!


  9. Hi Community
    up to 1112 overall and scored 2143 R11. This week trades Saad to Sloane, D Mckenzie to B Smith and Krakouer to Beasley.
    What does everyone think of these trades. Would be near premo and have 10 trades left. Would not need to trade post R12 for a whil


  10. This week:

    Lumumba to Hamling
    Oxley or Saad (still can’t quite decide) to Houli
    Ellis-Yolman to Sloane


  11. Have been planning Danger & Hodge this week, but will need a third trade to do it. What’s people’s thoughts on R. Laird vice Hodge and Sloan vice Danger?



  12. Dumont -> Lambert (hopefully he comes back in, provides handy DPP)
    Krakouer -> Sloane
    Tarrant -> Edwards (Richmond)

    DEF: Gibson, Simpson, Newnes, Oxley, Saad, Kolo (McIntosh, Lever)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendles, Parker, Ward, JPK, Treloar, Sloane, Wines (Boston, McKenzie, Lambert)
    RUC: Goldstein, Maric (Read)
    FWD: Gray, Martin, Dahlhouse, Edwards, Swan, McGovern (Byrne, Steele)

    10 trades and $45k left.

    Time to sit back and watch for a while – only trades I can foresee are Tosh to Brodie Smith (hopefully for $0), and engineering a way to get McGovern or Byrne into the backline for the complete swing set (Lever to FWD rookie or Saad/Ox to FWD Premo).


  13. T/u Gibson
    t/d Hodge

    Gut says Hodge but worried he’ll play less games for the remainder of the season.



  14. Ok guys this is where i’m at. Ranked 910 still gunning for the 50k. 130k and 14 trades remain.

    Def: Shaw, Kade, Hibb, Ox, Smith, Newnes, (Lever, McKenzie)
    Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, Danger, JPK, Parker, Wines, Griff, Dumont, (Boston, Amon, Rocky)
    Ruc: Goldy, NicNat, (Cox)
    Fwd: Swan, Dahl, Gray, Martin, Mitchell, Tarrant, (Salem, Krak)

    Initial thoughts were:
    McKenzie – Hamling
    Oxley – Laird
    Krak – Lambert

    Now with Oxley doing so well i’m keen to hold and trade Rocky – Hodge Instead. Im a little confused!!! Help anyone??


  15. T/U:

    18 on field this week


    20 on field this week


  16. Looking for a premium backman to replace Saad, any ideas? I looking at two in particular:

    T/U: Simpson
    T/D: Hanely

    Feel free to comment if there are any other suggestions.



  17. Thought getting 1931 in R11 would hold me in good stead…..not to be as I dropped to 207th overall. Looking at these 3 this week….

    Miller > Sloane
    Krakouer > Hamling
    Goodes > Smith

    T/U…..Good trades Catta
    T/D…..Start again Catta

    Cheers SCT coaches


  18. So the original Round 12 plan was:
    Oxley > Hodge
    Saad > Wines
    Hogan > Dale

    But definitely reconsidering right now with Saad and Oxley. My FWD line is complete so Hogan can go, but Saad has been super consistent all year and Oxley can go large. Based on the past two games, I feel he could be held a bit longer, especially with a BE of 6.

    Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts ! ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Guys just wondering who do I trade out for hamling. Brown, Oxley, Macintosh, lever , saad have all low BEs and plenty of money to make. The only other person I can consider is Mckenzie. Is he injured, cause he didn’t even make the bench not was he named as an emergency. What’s everyone’s thoughts?


  20. Looking like it’s Adelaide week

    Welcome to the side B Smith and Sloane, goodbye Miller and Rockliff

    Got my eye on Dahlhouse, but I bit short on cash

    Think most of these guys could wait a week


  21. Would love to get Dahl or Deledio into the side, but short on cash. So my dilemma this week falls to two blokes with awesome late season fixtures:

    T/U: Harvey
    T/D: The Bont

    Not sold on either, but North’s run is hard to ignore. The Bont has slowed down recently, but my gut says he’ll come home firing…


  22. McKenzie to Hamling is a given, however I’m still contemplating who to get in for Saad.

    Thoughts on Liam Picken? Has only dropped below 98 once in his last 6 matches after a positional change. Can he keep it up?


  23. I think Sloane is the obvious in this week – averaging more PPM than his more fancied team mate Dangerfield, is only $484k, in less than 5% of sides and just re-signed.

    I’m also getting Dahlhaus but can see the case for Edwards under similar pretenses.


  24. These are my potential trades this week, recently downgraded to pearce dumont and Boston so I’ve got 761,400 to play with
    Ibbotson OUT Hodge IN
    Saad OUT Sloane IN
    Now for my last one im not too sure, Im a bit down on numbers this week so need to trade out a R12 Bye player, ideally to a RD11 bye player
    NJ Brown for Collingwood OUT but who to bring in
    Houli? Rance? Picken? or TMcDonald

    Next week im gonna trade McIntosh to B Smith so dont worry about Smith and ive already got Shaw.

    T/U Houli or Rance
    T/D Picken or TMac
    Whos gonna have the best score from here to season finish
    Please Thumb or comment

    Cheers for the help


  25. Sloane is an obvious pic, but got stung a bit by him after the first few rounds.
    Worth the extra cash to go to Beams instead?


  26. First things first. Thursday night games annoy the hell out of me. Not going to be able to check my team until after work, which will be around half-time on the first game. Kind of limits my trading options.
    My preferred trade this week would be Tarrant –> Dahlhaus, Krakouer –> Forward rookie. (I could switch to a mid rookie, but it messes with my post bye structure). Give me 19 on field this week.
    Failing any forward rookies this week, I can go Krakouer –> Dahlhaus, Saad –> Hambling which would give me 20 on field this week, but I would prefer to keep Saad as backup for the rest of the year.
    Either way I’ll have to make 2 trades to bring in Sloane (or any other premo) next week.


  27. Was hoping to sure up my backline this week and brink in Houli and Hamling but don’t know who to trade out!! Have 190k spare
    On the field: shaw, smith, newnes, Lumumba, Ox, saad
    Bench: mcintosh, lever and Mckenzie (mid dpp)
    Leaning towards saad and ?mckenzie/mcintosh
    Lumumba almost certainly gone next week for probably hodge
    Love to hear ur thoughts!


  28. I was wondering if anyone knew if Amon,Lever and Clarke are any chance of returning this week as this has a major impact on my trades. Went into byes with an even 10 split but copped a donut last week and if these 3 miss again I will have to cop another as I have krak and read in my team also.


  29. DEF: Hodge, Shaw, Simpson, Ibbotson, Newnes, Saad
    MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Parker, Neale, Selwood, Cripps, Rockliff
    RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui
    FWD: Gray, Martin, Franklin, Mitchell, Swan, Bontempelli

    Thoughts Anyone??


  30. Greetings everyone.
    My trades this week are as follows:
    Geary > Shaw
    Goodes > Hamling
    Miller > Beams
    My team therefore will be:
    Backs – Shaw, McGovern, Gibson, Birchall, Saad, McIntosh, Yeo & Hamling

    Mids – Fyfe, Pendles, Beams, Treloar, Dangerfield, Dumont, CEY, Neal Bullen, Kavanagh, Bont & Lewis

    Rucks – Goldy & Nic Nat, Read

    Forwards – Swan, Goddard, Harvey, Krak, Gray, Mitchell, Martin & Tarrant

    $6400 bank

    The plan for round 13 is to trade out Bont and maybe Krak if not upgraded again and looking at getting either Sloane or Sidebottom (although BE is 182).
    Plan B is to go Nic Nat to Martin which I reckon would be worth minimum 25 points per round and create a POD
    T/U Supercoach Mastermind – $50K her I come
    T/D Supercoach Knucklehead – go play Dreamteam

    Feedback welcome


  31. Saad & DMac for Steele and Beams

    T/U – good trades

    T/D – re-think it.

    9 trades left after this and 84k in bank.

    My team has 6 premo defenders, 7 premo Mids(Cripps m8), 2 rucks and 6 premo forwards.


  32. Lever out is going to cause massive headache for those that have him. I had to pull the plug on Vandenberg and Roberton last week. This just puts my bye planning completely out the window.


  33. 154K in the bank so time for some upgrades
    TU: Yay
    TD: Better options


  34. Nathan J. Brown > Hamling
    Saad > Hodge
    Rockcliff > Sloane

    Still only have 16 eligible players this week ๐Ÿ™


  35. Not sure who to chop in DEF – Oxley or Saad or both?
    Oxley/Saad OUT, Hodge/T Mac IN ($9K and 15 trades remain)

    These two trades will leave me with Hamling, A Pearce or McIntosh as D6-D8, Full premo in MID with Cripps as M8 and Tarrant and Clarke loopholing in FWD



  36. Really wanted Laird, but want Dahlhaus more….

    Mckenzie to BrodieSmith
    Tarrant to Steele (if named)
    Clark to Dahlhaus

    Gives me 19 players this week and 16 in week 13


  37. not seeing a lot of love for Rory Laird.. has averaged 110 over his last five.. would be a very decent POD in defence. Thoughts?


  38. Thoughts right now with 425 k in the kitty.

    Saad-> smith
    McKenzie-> Sloane
    Lonie-> Bont

    Leaves me with a much better side and $34 k

    TU- go for it juddlow, you’re onto a winner
    TD- think again juddlow, you can do better


  39. A. Saad –> L. Hodge (thankyou Saad for all you have done)
    N. Krak –> R. Sloan (Hoping Sloan can get back to those first 3 games of output)
    J. Newnes –> J. Hamling (realised early that Newnes was not going to be a staya)

    This leaves me with $355,000 left for next week and the last couple of prems to bring in. Currently sitting 320 o/a
    I hope Clark can get on the field this week for one last score before he gets moved on.


  40. I’m in the worst position I have ever been in… WHAT TO DO????

    Mcdonald Shaw Ibbotson Hibberd Saad Brown Mckenzie Lever(Isheback?)

    Fyfe Pendlebury Ward Heppel Kennedy Selwood Beams Yolmen(Isheback?) Boston Menadue(Isheplaying?) Krakouer

    Goldstein Mumford(Outforseason)

    Gray Kennedy Roughead Martin Bont(Isheback?) Clark(Isheback?) Lonie Dale(Isheplaying?)

    I have 220k in the bank & 16 trades left… It’s a must win week for me to keep my self in the 8. [money league]

    Any tips, ideas on who to get or what to do…. He has a strong 18 playing…

    Thumbs up trade & try win… Thumbs down take the loss ๐Ÿ™


  41. I am going to make a very tough decision in selling Jack newnes to either simpson of hodge (not sure which one need help), de goey to sloane, Mitch clark to either Luke Dalhaus or Shane Edwards from richmond depending on what player I want out of simpson and hodge.
    Let me know If i need to change anything

    Current team:

    Defence: Mcdonald, Shaw, saad, oxley, newnes, macintosh,
    Bench: hamling, Pearce

    Midfield: Fyfe, JPK, Kennedy, Beams, Parker, Selwood, Wines, Cripps Bench: Boston, Dumont, Boekhorst

    Ruck: Goldy, Grundy
    Bench: Naismith

    Forwards: Dusty, Gray, Buddy, mitchell, Swan, Tarrant
    Bench: Clark, Lambert


  42. Option 1:
    Saad > Smith
    Rockliff > Sloane
    Griffen > Houli (via McKenzie)

    DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, KK, MacMillan, Smith, Houli (Lever, Hamling)
    MID: Fyfe, Priddis, Beams, Ward, Pendles, JPK, Wallis, Sloane (Boston, Glenn, McKenzie)

    10 trades w/ 15k bank

    Option 2:
    Saad > Smith
    Rockliff > Hodge/Simpson (via McKenzie)

    DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, KK, MacMillan, Smith, Hodge/Simpson (Lever, Hamling)
    MID: Fyfe, Priddis, Beams, Ward, Pendles, JPK, Wallis, Griffen (Boston, Glenn, McKenzie)

    11 trades w/ 16k (Hodge)/ 54k (Simpson)

    TU: Option 1
    TD: Option 2



  43. Thoughts on –
    M Clarke > Hamling via H Goddard
    T Miller > Beams
    N Krakouer > Sloane

    Would be left with 300k and 16 trades after all of that due to downgrades last week
    Would like to keep Saad and Oxley if possible


  44. Lads & lasses, a little help with my musings please! Side before trades is:

    TMcD, Shaw, Simpson, Smith, Oxley KMac, Hamling, Lever
    Fyfe, Pendles, Gray, Joelwood, Ward, Rocky, CEY, Saad, Mckenzie, NVB, Kav
    Goldy, NicNat, Read
    Swan, Dusty, Wingard, Buddy, Tmitch, Dahlhaus, Dale, Tarrant

    18 currently on the park for this week, without trades. So, the question is does anyone have some good suggestions on the best trade strategy … or even if I should trade?

    Problems are: 1) only 12 trades left; 2) both rucks out in Rnd13 and 3) only $13K in the bank.

    Is Rocky to Sloane a must (ie will sloane get back to better scores, given that both he and Smith have burned me badly this year with traded in) or is it better looking at Beams?

    Should I focus on trading out one of the good performing rookies in Oxley or Saad for a “supposed premium” in the DEF line with only Enright, Houli and Rance averaging better than either of them (bomber boys and Hodge excluded)

    I am almost inclined to hold Saad in the Def line on the oine for the season with DPP to McKenzie in the Mids … so that only leaves Oxley, who is probably the best of all the rookies …

    So, lots of decisions and not 100% sure on my best moves from here, so all help / suggestions greatly appreciated thanks!!


  45. Time for much-needed downgrades and upgrades!

    C.Salem > O.Fantasia
    M.Clark > Big Max
    Rocky > Montagna, Pearce or Danger!??



  46. Thoughts on my team after these trades: Saad- Simpson, Newnes- Hodge and De goey to Sloane and 110K in the bank

    Defence; Mcdonald, Simpson,Hodge, Shaw, Oxley, Mcintosh (Hamling, Pearce)

    Mids: Fyfe, Beams, JPK, Parker, Sloane, Selwood, Cripps, Wines (Boekhorst, Boston, Dumont)

    Rucks: Goldy, Grundy (Naismith)

    Forwards: Buddy, Gray, Dusty, Mitchell, Tarrant, Swan (Clark, Lambert)

    TU- Good team

    TD- Needs work (If so where possible)



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