Trade Talk R14 – PART TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 21 2017

When there’s so much going on that you need a 2nd Trade Talk thread for the week 😉  What changes are you planning ahead of the team selections?


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85 thoughts on “Trade Talk R14 – PART TWO”

  1. Trying hard to get Lloyd in this week to be D7 and M9 swing man (have Perryman def/mid) but only way to do it without sideways trading is to cull Greenwood way too early!


    1. Same drama, or forced into a second trade with either Lloyd or Adams a midfielder.

      Guess it solves the Scooter position, if Steele doesn’t play.


  2. Lloyd is brought in to join S Docherty, H Shaw, R Laird, K Simpson, S Burgoyne.

    Who should I target as the D7 to bring in between RD 15-RD18

    TU: J Johannisen (around 350,000 to loop with Burgoyne for the rest of the year and his low cost will assure one of Yeo/Heeney in the side as well as being able to sideways Steele)

    TD: T Adams (should dip to around 500,000 to 520,000 with his high breakeven, allows Burgoyne/Shaw/Simpson to be loopholed for the remainder of the year, but selecting Adams means I might have to forego Yeo and select J Kennedy/T Nankervis instead)


  3. Is the trade from Newman to Lloyd worth it? If I don’t do the trade then Newman will be my D6 for the remainder of the year.

    T/U: Do it

    T/D: Nah not worth it mate


    1. What about c mills to lloyd.

      I got mills instead of lloyd at the start of the year. Roughly same price. Been fixing fires elsewhere.
      Roughly about 20 points ave difference

      Tu yup
      Td nope


  4. I have already penciled in 1 trade this week and that is Stewart to Ryan.

    I am unsure on my other trade though, I have 2 spots where my players are below a 90 average, of Roughy and Barrett.

    I am unsure on who to upgrade as I will have to take JPK if I upgrade Barrett as I am $800 short of Neale.
    If I upgrade roughy I will take Heeney and upgrade Barrett next week for anyone as I will have the money.

    So who do I take
    TU Barrett to JPK
    TD Roughy to Heeney
    Keep in mind the other trade will happen next week but it can be anyone not JPK


  5. Who would you trade out for Lloyd? I already have Newman, and Zac Jones in def and think 3 swans is too many.

    TU for JJ
    TD Zac Jones


  6. My C is not moving off of Danger unless my VC goes 125+

    TU: Rocky – VC he will bounce back and Sloane might be tagged.
    TD: Sloane – Rocky is still recovering and Hawthorn wont tag.


  7. OUT Newman, Fyfe
    IN Lloyd, Neale

    Would leave team as follows:
    DEF | Docherty, Laird, Adams, Hibberd, Lloyd, Tuohy
    MID | Danger, Mitchell, Rocky, Neale, Selwood, Murphy, Bont, Treloar
    RUC | Goldstein, Nankervis
    FWD | Yeo, Heeney, Wallis, Dahlhaus, JJK, Steele

    6 trades remaining for the season and $19.9k in the bank

    Would consider either Nank -> Gawn or Steele -> Greene further on in the season but this might leave me a bit short on trades as each would require 2 trades for the downgrade/upgrade.


    1. Ollir.

      If I only had 8 trades I wouldn’t be trading Fyfe or Newman.

      Both are fit and getting games. Newman has proven he can be a keeper and should ave close to Lloyd. Also I would give Fyfe a chance post Bye. he may just get back to his best. Remember Treloar early?

      With JJK injured and Steele on shaky ground I would be looking at moving them on first. I would consider JJK or Steele to Greene or Macrea. then trading the other to Gawn in a few weeks, moving Nank back to F6.

      Just my opinion though.

      All the best for the rest of your season.


    2. Agree with Freo Tragic.

      If Steele isn’t recalled (dropped to work on his defensive work and their VFL team had a bye on the weekend) tied with JJK who is set to miss more games, you’ll be in trouble up front.


  8. Already full premo, however the lack of Docherty should probably be addressed. First of my luxury trades
    Barrett – Rayn
    Shaw – Docherty

    The backline is a tricky one to settle with; I’ll have Docherty, Laird, Adams, Rance, Newman, Hibberd. Does mean I’ll pass up on Lloyd


  9. Big decisions this week, i’ve got flexibility with 14 trades coming into this week and 100k in the bank

    My major decisions come from whether to complete my mid and get neale in or jump on llyod in the backline

    Doch, Shaw, Tuohy, Adams, Newman, Stewart (Berry, Scharenberg)
    Danger, Martin, JSelwood, Bont, Ablett, Fyfe, Pendles, Barrett (Bolton, Cousins, Brown)
    Kreuzer, Sandi (Strnadica)
    Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Lynch, Buddy, Heeney (Greenwood, Eddy)

    Can easily downgrade berry or barrett to Luke Ryan but the next trade to a premium is tough

    Thoughts on what to do?


  10. Harry

    Have you considered Barrett to J Lloyd M/D

    You could then swing Lloyd back next week.Trading Stewart or Berry for your last mid upgrade. I’m thinking of going P Cripps (POD)for around $520K.

    I would also be trying to find the cash to turn Sandi into Gawn in a few weeks.

    Having no Nank or Ryder as ruck cover could really hurt if you decide to keep Sandi.

    All the best for the rest of your season.


    1. Thanks Freo Tragic

      Yeah i’m definitely looking to go sandi to gawn in the upcoming weeks

      I’m also looking for that POD in the mid and seeing Neale in less than 5% of teams made him a great choice but i agree my backline needs the upgrading

      Would you say downgrading berry to ryan also for cash generation ?

      Good luck going into the finals to you also


      1. Harry

        I would check out Cow Talk on Berry. Don’t think he has much more cash to make. Don’t think he will lose much either.

        I’m going to keep him for now, as he has DPP and great JS and can provide cover M/D.

        I have Barrett and SPP to offload for Ryan and Lloyd this week.+ $170K

        In your situation. Berry to Ryan seems a good trade.

        As I have Neale already I’m tossing up between Bont and Cripps next week.

        Leaning towards P Cripps as he has been building and has a great draw coming home. He is also under 5% ownership.

        Best of luck with the rest of your year.


        1. Okay thanks for the advice and help Freo Tragic

          P Cripps could really explode from here as a POD for sure

          Thanks for the advice and good luck with your year also


  11. In a dilemma on whether to get in Lloyd or fix up necessary parts of my team. My defenders and mids are currently full premo but I’m still playing two rookies (WHE/Greenwood) in the forward line.

    TU: Get in Lloyd and use him as a loophole at D7/M9

    TD: Pass on Lloyd and bring in Yeo to shore up the forward line


  12. will be going Stewart to Ryan as my first trade
    tossing up between
    TU Newman/Shaw to Docherty
    TD Scooter to Neale/Zerrett


  13. I am looking at options to shore up my forward line.

    Cam Pederson is looking good on the law of averages but I am not sure if he will make way once Max G comes back. He has played from round 6 – 13 averaging 99.3. Gawn went down in round 3. Melbourne FC is a bit of mystery to me.

    Toby Green is the next best averaging 97.6 (To many Doggies already to consider Wallis (who I think will require a few games rest also) averaging 104.3

    Current forward line up: Yeo, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Macrae, Nankervis, Steele, (Em: Hannan, Bolton / Greenwood)

    Not willing to consider power forwards such as Franklin or Kennedy (when fit) as their scoring fluctuations are no good coming in to the pointy end of the season.

    Any feedback or options welcomed.

    TU: Pederson
    TD: Green


    1. Pedersen is unlikely to play once Gawn gets back; even if he does, he won’t score anywhere near what he has been.


  14. Looking to bring in Ryan to free up cash if named, likely for Stewart even with the low BE. Considering bringing in either Lloyd or Neale but can’t decide who for, as all either with a low BE or made bugger all cash. Team is as follows:

    D: Laird, Simpson, Hibberd, Howe, Shaw, Newman (Stewart, Scharenberg)
    M: Danger, Dusty, TMitch, Jelwood, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, SPP (Scooter, Fisher, Cousins)
    R: Witts, Ryder (Strnadica)
    F: Yeo, Heeney, Macrae, Dahl, Nank, Greenwood (Parsons, Florent)
    12 trades, $336k bank.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    1. If you have that much cash in the bank before trading, then I’d move Fisher or S.Selwood out for Lloyd…….


  15. I need to replace Scott Selwood. Having brought in Lynch last week, I can cut Steele loose, so money isn’t an issue.

    TU: D. Martin
    TD: D. Zorko

    Comment: T. Mitchell


    1. Alternatively, I could downgrade Tom Stewart instead of Steele. In either case, they would probably end up as Luke Ryan (thanks to DPP magic), but they both have some pros and cons.

      If I trade out Stewart, then I’m left with no DEF bench cover in the event of another FURL incident (although Mitch Hibberd will surely have to get another game at some point). It would also mean that I could only afford a player up to the value of around $590K-ish – this would mean either getting someone cheaper than the aforementioned trio, or waiting a week and hoping that Tom Mitchell drops around $15K (a definite possibility, but hardly guaranteed).

      On the plus side, trading Stewart instead of Steele would mean that Steele and Hugh Greenwood could work together as MID/FWD bench swingmen, whereas trading Steele would make Greenwood my only reliable swingman, and leave me hoping that Callum Brown gets a regular game (I’ve also got Parsons up forwards, but… yeah. Parsons).

      TU: Trade Steele – more cash, + keep your reliable D7.
      TD: Trade Stewart – better MID/FWD swing coverage

      Comment: Try to find a way to upgrade Steele instead of Selwood, and keep Scott as an M9.


  16. Bontempelli hasn’t cracked the ton since round 7. Will he get back to his early-season form, or was it really just a purple patch?

    TU: He’ll bounce back.
    TD: Purple patch. The bastard tricked the lot of us!


  17. Help Please,

    I’ve been mad at work, little time to study, Zak jones needs to become Doc, screw the expense.

    I can downgrade SPP, for a playing player, or I’m even considering a non playing player for loophole., what would you do, and who?


  18. Have scooter as m8, and have no bench cover have 183k in bank and thinking lloyd is to good to refuse. Backline is doch laird adams roberton hibberd newman. Should i get i lloyd and wait for newman to bottom out and swing lloyd to backline and trade in a mid premo or miss lloyd and trade in bont, dont have enough to get zerrett or neale

    T/u lloyd
    T/d bont


  19. Have to chose between offloading Shaw or Scooter this week to get in Doc and (via adams or Lloyd) fill my mid doughnut for the week.

    ie. TU Option 1) Shaw — > Doc & Fisher —> Lloyd or;
    TD Option 2) Scooter —> Lloyd, Stewart —> Doc

    Would love to play Newman off against Shaw for a few more weeks before using the cash from the weaker option to fill my last mid spot. Otherwise its sit on Scooter as a stepping stone.

    Option 3 i suppose is wait for Doc another time but gee i hate not having him right now haha


  20. Myers and Fisher to Lloyd (via berry dpp) and Mountford. Not a blockbuster trade but kind of a good opportunity to parley 2 poor rookies into possibly a slightly better one and a good d5/6

    T/U – good idea
    T/D – get thinking again


  21. For context have Newman/Stewart D6/D7 and SSelwood M8 (rucks, fwd complete for now). Am assuming that SSelwood is not named. Lloyd seems like such good value but not sure how much effort I should go to

    TU: Complete M8 this week with premo, use SSelwood & Stewart for cash gen
    TD: Get Lloyd this week (single trade for SSelwood) and use him to cover M8, swing him back over next couple of weeks as I complete M8 with proper premo

    Comment: open to suggestions, doing my head in going in circles

    As always, thanks for all the help!


  22. DEF: Doch, Adams, Hibberd (Melb), Shaw, Tuohy, Newmann (Berry, Hibberd – Nth)
    MID: Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, JJK, Merrett, Beams, Bont, S-Pepper (S Selwood, Myers, Cousins)
    RUC: Sandi, Martin (Strandica)
    FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Lynch, Buddy, Nank, Greenwood (Parsons, Eddy)
    12 Trades – Only 3K
    Thinking: Ryan and one of Lloyd, Laird, Yeo, Heeney Riewoldt
    Would love your best supercoach trade IN/OUT options.


  23. 9 trades left. JJK the issue and really want Lloyd but little worried about trade situation.

    TU- JJK-Yeo (8 left)
    TD – JJK-Buddy and Stewart-Lloyd (7 left)


  24. T/U: Stewart -> Lloyd and English -> Darcy
    T/D: Sandi -> Ryder/Goldy

    Basically I’ll either have Lloyd and Darcy on field or Ryder/Goldy and Stewart on field.


  25. I was hoping Sandi was back this week (have held him thru the byes) but is still out this week. He has to go so what option should I do?
    I have 155k in the bank so can spend big:
    1. sell Sandi for a genuine ruck ie mummy or goldy USE only 1trade
    2. sell Sandi, bring Nank into ruck and buy a premo like Heeney or Yeo USE only 1trade OR
    3. sell Sandi and Scooter, bring in Ryder and Yeo 2 trades OR
    4. sell Sandi and Scooter, buy Stef Martin and Bontempelli

    I have a no. of options but priority is to get rid of Sandi as I can no longer afford him on bench, I also dont think Scooter will play this week

    What do you fellas think? and why


    1. I’ve also held Sandi and have to trade. All depends on how many trades you have left but Ryder seems a great replacement for Sandi and if you can also upgrade Scooter to Yeo or Heeney then that seems like 2 great trades to me.


  26. I assume the time difference doesn’t affect the Freo final team announcement time?
    I need Berry to Ryan to get Steele to Heeney but want to see Ryan in the 22.
    If Steele is picked and Ryan isn’t, I may leave it.
    I neither are picked, I’ll go Myers to Brown and Steele to Heeney.


  27. TU
    Myers –> J.Lloyd
    Stewart –> L.Ryan


    Barrett/Berry –> J.Lloyd
    Stewart –> L.Ryan
    Main difference being the cash flow for next week but will probably be two Mids for a premium


  28. What to do?? Need the community’s input
    Want to get J Lloyd in as D6

    TU – OUT: Vickers & Stewart; IN: Ryan & Lloyd (Scharenberg as cover)
    TD – OUT: Vickers & Barrett; IN: Junker & Lloyd (DPP link, SPP and Cousins on bench)
    Thanks all


  29. Footy fan Dave loves Thursday night footy.

    SC Dave who made trades already and can’t undo them in this Friday carnage despises it.



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