Trade Talk R15, 2013

Written by Motts on July 1 2013

By now, you should be putting the finishing touches to your masterpiece of a side. Maybe, like me, you’re already looking at a thing of beauty that has the power to shock and awe (right MJ?) (you knew it was coming mate ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So will you be trading this week? If so, who’s in and who’s out?


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142 thoughts on “Trade Talk R15, 2013”

  1. At the moment, I cant see how you cant have Griffen in your side. Problem is he costs a fortune. Interested to read the rookie review this week on how to make some coin.


  2. Blicavs out is the obvious one – I reckon he has hit his peak.
    I will probably trade in Joe Daniher should he be named this week (via Rowe).

    That will leave me some good dough for my final upgrade in a couple of weeks (Tom Nicholls), although Rockliff will come under scrutiny all week (why does Voss keep playing him forward?!?!?!).


  3. Blicavs at 373,800 & a BE of 83 is ready to be upgrade.

    Thumbs UP: Roughie โ€“ 543,300, BE 74. Ave 102, 3RA-116.3, 5RA-109, High of 145, low of 58

    Thumbs DOWN: Goldstein โ€“ 551,900, BE 129. Ave 112, 3RA-108, 5RA-108.4. High of 163, low of 82

    If get Roughie he will ruck with Minson with Nicholls & Rowe on bench. Cox & Nic Nat would be forwards but provide cover. Would then look to get Goldy or Sandi into Ruck with Roughie going into forwards.
    If get Goldstein, then Minson & Goldy set & loaded rucks.
    PS, McEvoy value for me, but donโ€™t like it when they play another ruck with him.


  4. I’m in strife this week:
    Injuries: Duffield, Goodes. Vlas
    Duds: JPK, Dwyer J.Thomas
    Suspensions: StevieJ

    Def Goddard, Gibbs, Houli, Duffield. Terlich. Vlas Thurlow, Frost
    Mid Gaz, Pendles, Waston, JPK, Deledio, O’meara J.Thomas Goodes, Mitchell, Hrovat
    Ruc Minson, Cox, Nicholls, Gawn
    Fwd: Roughead, StevieJ, NicNat, Franklin, Kennedy, Staker, Dwyer Rowe
    What r some trades for me this week
    Thinking of trading Duffield and JPK
    Have 7 trades and 85,400 in the bank
    Looking to see who I play this week tho might hold


  5. Trading out Zorko for either Pendelbury or Cotchin..

    If I go with Cotchin I will have 200k to play with next week, if I go with Pendulburg, I will only have 75k.

    Anyone able to help?

    (Up = Pendulbury, down = Cotchin)


  6. Final up grade down back and im not sure who to trade out, Terlich has given me great bench cover this year… Which of the below should i trade OUT?

    T/U: Terlich

    T/D: Vlastuin


  7. $296000 in the bank, is it worth it to go

    Goodes – Hanley

    Macaffer (BE.120)- Stevie J (not playing this week

    60K left, 4 trades 1 upgrade down back left (Clisby)

    T/P: do it

    T:D: nah


  8. I’m going for 2 POD’s this week.

    Reilly (pending injury news) > Watts
    Macaffer > J.Riewoldt

    I wasn’t on Watt’s at the start of the year.


  9. Really peeved with Stevie J’s suspension. Was going to trade him in for A.Black. Holding off has netter Black a 29 and a big price drop. Now wondering if i should pull the trigger early to avoid another price drop.


  10. Goodes to Griffen (up)
    Blicavs to Minson/Goldy (Down) – keeping Nicholls as ruck at the moment


  11. Why doesn’t anyone talk about S. Thompson, got him in for Birchell last week and if he can average 90 odd i’ll be happy. Bringing in Hanley this week.


  12. Macaffer and Vlastuin have to go

    Think I’ll trade Vlastuin for Daniher (so I can bring Staker into my defence)

    not sure who for Macaffer yet …… already got 6 premium forwards, a rookie would leave me with a heap of cash

    Decisions, decisions


  13. do you think deledio and Martin should be upgraded to say Griffen and Bartel. Tigers going well but I have Cotchin, deledio and Martin who are my weak links.


  14. I have 7 trades left, I’m playing for a league win and I’ve got $133,700 in the bank. The first trade I’m going to do is Macaffer -> Hanley (using Staker as link). Now, my question is, I have Dayne Zorko in my team, is it worth trading him now even with a relatively easy run ahead? I could trade him to McEvoy swinging Cox into my forward line. Do I:

    T/U: Trade Zorko to McEvoy. Leaving me with 5 trades.

    T/D: Keep Zorko for now and offload later.


  15. Can any Cats fans give some thoughts on Thurlow. I have been disappointed he has not played since the bye. Will he get regular games?


  16. Ok so I traded in shaw and Martin last week for vlas and birch, this is my team after r14. I’m thinking go for dangerfield has fairly low be of around 80. Or wait a week or two for ablett to drop a tiny bit haha

    Team is shaw,goddard,Gibbs,hartlett,goodes,terlich and staker,thurlow

    Watson,swan,jpk,j.sellwood,mundy,monfries,omeara,Mitchell and crouch,hrovet

    Cox,maric and nicholls,currie

    Walker,Martin,bartel,Franklin,jjk,rockliff and daniher,oxley
    I have 7 trades, made none yet with 370k in bank.
    Not sure what to do first,any help??


  17. Def: Goddard, Hartlett, Hanley, Duffield, Shaw, Gibbs (Docherty & Clisby)

    Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Priddis, Fyfe, Dangerfield, T. Mitchell (Crouch & Martin)

    Ruck: Cox, Jacobs (Nicholls & Currie)

    Fwds: Buddy, Martin, Nic Nat, Rockliff, Breust, Stevie J (Rowe & Daniher)

    9 Trades left, $86,800 left over
    Any ideas would be very helpful.


  18. Team:

    Goddard, Heppell, Shaw,
    Hanley, Newman, Goodes,

    [Vlastuin – Sierakowski]

    Ablett, Griffen, Pendles, Swan,
    Watson, Montagna, Cotchin, TMitch,

    [KMart – Colquhoun]

    Cox, Nicholls

    [Blicavs – Daw]

    Walker, Bartel, Franklin,
    Stevie J, Rocky, Staker,

    [Lamb – Rowe]

    I seriously need to get rid of Newman, I was ready to trade him before he went on a run of 125, 123 and 88. Then I was ready to trade him again when he went back to his crappy scores but other problems have forced me to hold him to avoid donuts (ahem Birchall Goodes and Vlastuin]

    I have 90k in the bank and I’m thinking of getting rid of Newman for Gibbs or Ibbotson.

    T/UP – Gibbs
    T/DN – Ibbo

    Of course then I’m a little short on cash and I need to make money. I’m thinking of trading Blicavs > Daniher via Rowe and I’ll still have 80k or so for the week after. Also I’m hoping one of Vlas or Goodes are back this week.



  19. I was watching AFL gameday yesterday morning and B.Goodes was a special guest on there. He said he will not be back this week but he will be back in round 16 against Essendon.


  20. Hey guys back line is:
    Godds, hibberd, Gibbs, shaw, houli, Birchall, clisby, Goodes
    Was thinking this week to go birchall to someone (preferably upwards)
    Got 80 odd k in the bank and just enough to afford bob Murphy.
    Really keen on him as he’s been in great recent touch. Other options were potentially heppell (not keen on having three dons in the backs), Hanley, or eski.
    T/U – birch -> bob Murphy
    T/D – birch -> Hanley.
    Not keen on hanley’s consistency + target for tags, on the flip side there’s bob who’s had great consistency recently and will probably not get tagged with the likes of Griffen and Boyd in the team.
    Comment for heppell or malceski.
    Ps 5 trades left.


  21. Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Shaw, Ibbo, Houli, Dixon

    (Clisby, Thurlow)

    Mids: Swan, Barlow, J.Selwood, JPK, Priddis, Murphy, T.Mitchell,

    (Jรคgermรซister, Hutchings)

    Rucks: Leuenbeger, Godstein
    (Maric, Nicholls)

    Fwds: Cox, Bartel, Franklin, Walker, Kennedy, Staker

    (Mayes, Daniher)

    5 trades left
    432k in the bank

    Probably gonna go Thurlow to a prem fwd (Rioli or Stevie J) via Staker soonish, and wait on GAJ to “bottom out” from his mediocre 115 on the weekend to do a trade up from Hutchings after a downgrade from somewhere else.. Then if Dixon doesn’t come good, trade him in for Heppel or Hibberd


  22. Traded in Martin 2 weeks ago and 2 sub-100 scores later. Cotch has been underwhelming too.
    Wondering what the hell is wrong with the Tigers.
    2 wins by 60+ in a row and not one player with more than 25 disposals in both games!
    Supercoach hates proper TEAM efforts!


  23. i am upgrading my last premium defender, is it worth going for a hanley/hartlett or making a double trade and picking up a ibbotson?

    TD: double trade ibbotson


  24. One on Goodes, Vlastuin, terlich have to go to make room for Hanley either this week or next.

    TU – Goodes Out
    TD – Vlastuin Out
    Comment if Terlich


  25. Two losses this week, both by less than 40 points – but was carrying Barlow, Stevie J, Maric, Goodes and Vlastuin. Had $200k in the bank going into this week, have traded Vlastuin for Hanley, and dumped Priddis for Griffen. Was tossing up between Cotchin and Priddis to make way, and figure that if Cotchin can score 100+ without seeming to have an impact on the game, then once he decides to put in some effort he should be pumping out the big scores. Team now looks like:

    Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, McKenzie, Goodes (Thurlow, Clisby)

    Ablett, Pendles, Griffen, Watson, Swan, JPK, Barlow, Cotchin (Mitchell, Martin)

    Naitanui, Maric (Nicholls, Currie)

    Cox, Walker, Stevie J, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy (Staker, Kennedy)

    3 Trades and $34k left. Time to sit back and wait it out. Will only be using those trades for injuries resulting in 4+ weeks out, reckon Mitchell, Nicholls and Staker provide reasonable cover for three of four positions – not stoked about the backline cover, but we’ll see how it pans out.


  26. Got a question for everyone: Who let the byes back in?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

    Running through my team here:
    Duffield – Injured
    Goodes – Injured
    Birchall – Injured

    Swan – Out of Form
    Shuey – Injured
    Kennedy – Out of Form
    Deledio – Out of Form

    Maric – Injured

    Rockliff – Out of Form
    Zorko – Been out of form all year.
    Martin – Out of Form.

    Birchall looks like he has to go; but with only $6, 800 I’ll have to do a straight trade.

    Must. Not. Pick. Jack. Watts.

    Such is my predicament. If you were in the same situation, what would you do?
    Thumbs up: Cry
    Thumbs down: Weep
    Comment if the future is going to get brighter.


  27. Want to trade in Clisby for Kerridge via Staker

    Problem is that it leaves me with Clisby & B Wilson as my two emergencies in the back line

    Clisby’s job security good enough to close out this deal?


  28. Playing my brother this week so need to lift.

    I have 275K in bank looking at 2 trades to boost my back line .

    J Clarke for Hanley
    S Atley for Hartlett or Mackie



  29. Going to trade Omeara for Griffen.

    Omeara b/e 52. Griffen b/e 130.

    Griffen coming up against GWS.

    T/U – Do the trade this week
    T/D – Breakevens are in my favor, possibly save money & trade next week


  30. Hi SCT coaches,

    Looking at the 1 trade this week…… Macaffer out, swaping Cox forward & picking up big Wil Minson in the ruck

    T/U…………Like it Catta

    Cheers coaches


  31. Hey guys, very happy with my team with only really one spot to fill (2 if tom mitchell hits the ‘rookie wall’) and that’s d6.

    Ill Be trading vlastuin but not sure who

    Thumbs up: Mckenzie (POD)
    Thumbs down : Ibbotson

    Cheers guys


  32. DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Ibbotson, McKenzie, Terlich (Thurlow & Docherty)

    MID: Ablett, Swan, JP. Kennedy, Deledio, S. Mitchell, J. Selwood, Fyfe, T. Mitchell (Lonergan & Saunders)

    RUC: Minson, Cox (Hannath & Currie)

    FWD: Bartel, Walker, Martin, Franklin, JJ. Kennedy, Staker (Macaffer & Lee)

    10 trades & $45,000 in the bank.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?


  33. Was wanting to hold onto my trades this week (8 left), but there is always the temptation. Is it time to upgrade B.Goodes?
    Was thinking Thurlow > Clisby, which will allow me to do B.Goodes > Hanley/Ibbotson

    T/U- hold fire
    T/D- trade away


  34. With the confirmation that Goodes will be out for 1 more week, I think I’m gonna take his money and trade him to a premium to almost complete my backline which currently is: Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Gibbs, Docherty, Webster (Goodes, Thurlow)

    T/U: Goodes – Hanley
    T/D: Goodes – McKenzie

    Comment if you think there are other better backline options


  35. right i want to dump birch

    back: goddard hepel shaw clisby goodes : Thurlow birch
    Mid: Danger, sloane, pendels, swan, GAJ, pridiss, barlow, T.mitchel, hutchings kmart,
    Ruck: cox, minson, nichols, currie.
    Fwd: bartel, buddy, rockcliff, nic nat, martin, stevieJ staker, rowe.

    Thumbs up hanely leaves me with 120k
    thimbs down Ibbotson.leaves me with 20k

    this trade makes my team leaving just one prem mid left, if i get ibbison, i think this will hurt my bank balance to buy Griffen, who i want for the sc finals.


  36. best defender to get already have – Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Ibbotson and goodes i am thinking one of the two Essendon boys in Heppell and Hibberd
    Thumbs up – Heppell
    Thumbs down – Hibberd


  37. goddard, heppell, gibbs, shaw, ibbo + terlich/goodes
    thoughts anyone?
    T/U – trade terlich/goodes to premo
    T/D – hold


  38. what is everyone’s opinion on the importance of these trades (313k 8 trades left):
    1) blicavs to goldstein or roughy (rocky/jjk/jacobs on bench)
    2) goodes to hanley/hibberd
    3) priddis or cotchin to watson/griffen


  39. Ive got Birchall to dump right now and 186k in the bank

    Backs: Shaw, Gibbs, Goddard, Ibbotson, Heppell, Staker (Birchall, Thurlow)
    Mids: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, Barlow, JPK, Hannebery, Priddis, Mitchell (Goodes, Hrovat)
    Ruck: McEvoy, Nicholls (Rowe, Hannath)
    Forward: Cox, NicNat, Bartel, Dusty, Rockliff, Buddy (Stevie J, X.Richards)

    Right now with Birchall, he’s a must-go, but I feel that I’m able to manoeuvre my team to wait it out on Goodes and Stevie J. Swapping NicNat with Rowe means that my Forwards and Rucks are solid.

    This week I’m trying to figure out if I should trade Birchall out for my D6, or load up on my Final Midfielder, but I don’t have enough for Griffen

    T/U – Trade up and grab Danger/Jobe now, D6 later
    T/D – Finish backline, grab Hanley – wait on Griffen


  40. Need a fwd upgrade. Im gonna lose Aaron Black, and have $440k in the kitty. Could also do with a midfield upgrade (although not sure who to ditch for probably pendles out of vlastuin and goodes) so dont really need to burn all the cash just yet.

    The two on my radar are a certain j Roughead (yeah the good one from hawthorn) and one K Tippett.

    Both have good averages (102 and 97), eaily acheivable breakevens, good teams and pretty high hopes.

    Yes, tippetts sample size is a bit smaller but he did just smash out 130 last week and is up against the dees. He also comes at an $80k discount over Roughy who I suspect will be at his price peak after next week.

    T/u Roughy has the consistency
    T/d Tippett will smash the dees


  41. Want to trade B Goodes to either Hanley, Ibbotson or Bob Murphy

    Was also thinking Rockliff to Stevie J (despite the week off) before Rocky loses more $ (have bench cover)


    TU= Hanley
    TD= Ibbotson
    Comment for Murphy or other

    many thanks all


  42. Went Dwyer to Daniher and Duff to Griffen via Goodes leaving 5 trades 17,500 and only Goodes, Vlas and Thomas left to trade. Nxt week probs go Goodes def upgrade and Thomas mid downgrade. crossing my fingers that Goodes and Vlas play this week then i will have a full team if not I still think that I will be able to score over the 2k mark and plus my team will be strong for the SC finals at least.

    Def Goddard, Gibbs, Houli, Goodes. Terlich. Vlas Thurlow, Frost
    Mid Gaz, Pendles, Waston, JPK, Deledio, Oโ€™meara J.Thomas Griffen, Mitchell, Hrovat
    Ruc Minson, Cox, Nicholls, Gawn
    Fwd: Roughead, StevieJ, NicNat, Franklin, Kennedy, Staker, Daniher Rowe


  43. Should i keep birchall on my bench my defence is:

    Shaw, Goddard, Gibbs, Ibboston,, Hanley, Terlich (Vlustian, Birchall)

    When Birchall comes back ill have a full premium backline


  44. I’ve got to trade out Grant Birchall; I haven’t got enough cash to go to Hamish Hartlett, and I don’t want to make two trades.

    So it’s got to be Pearce Hanley, right? No one else around that price range better?


  45. Hey guys im a but worried about getting shaw in. Given my track record this year and shaw’s history of missing games I feel like he’s garaunteed to miss some games if I bring him in. So I have two options.

    TU : shaw & hanley
    TD : ibbotson & mckenzie


  46. With only 5 trades left and $106400 in the bank, my team is:
    Goddard, Hanley, Shaw, Gibbs, Vlas, Goodes, (Clisby, Thurlow)
    Ablett, Swan, Pandles, Watson, Danger, JPK, Deledio, Stevie J, (T.Mitchell, Mayes)
    Goldy, Nicholls, (Blicavs, Rowe)
    Walker, Martin, Buddy, JJK, Rockliff, Naitanui, (Macaffer, Staker)

    Thinking about downgrading one of Macaffer/Blicavs and upgrading Thurlow to Mckenzie but would love some feedback.


  47. Projected Money gain or loss out of it, because I don’t have the trades to worry about trading the rest out later. I’m looking to bring in a Prem,

    Who should go this week?

    TU – Goodes Out
    TD – Terlich Out

    Comment for Valstuin, / why is everyone on here slamming him so bad, if you take out the 31 he had from injury he is averaging 90+ and the tigers run home isn’t that bad at all


  48. I am thinking about my last few upgrades with only 8 trades left.
    My lowest scoring player on the field is currently Lester from Brisabne who has an 81 average.
    I can upgrade to Ibbotson who has a 103 average.
    So I get a 22 point upgrade.
    This will cost me $164k.

    For about the same price I could upgrade Priddis to Griffen.
    The points upgrade there is about 33.
    I know that you should never trade premos but I am looking for the best bang for my buck with the last few trades.
    Priddis is my lowest scoring mid by the way.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    T/U trade Lester
    T/D trade Priddis


  49. Double down grade this wk..


    Leaves me with 6 trades & $300k in the bank. Terlich is having a very good 5-6 wks. Might keep him if he keeps going. Need to upgrade Mitchell or Crouch in coming wks. Also looking at trading out Rockliff.. Voss is ruining not only his fantasy career, but his actual career. Will bring in Stevie J or even NRoo at his expense..


  50. opinions as to whether bring in aaron edwards from richmond as a unique for staker or daniher ?
    have 10 trades left with 3 upgrades still to do

    T/U bring him in
    T/D leave staker in


  51. D: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Shaw, Hartlett, Terlich (Clisby, Thurlow)
    M: GAJ, Pendles, Watson, JPK, Jack, Lids, Cotchin, Jelwood (T.Mitchell, Hrovat)
    R: Cox, Minson (Nicholls, Currie)
    F: Nic Nat, Buddy, Martin, JJK, Rockliff, Zorko (Staker, Mcbean)

    6 trades
    $344,100 in the bank

    I’m thinking Terlich to Hanley then next week Staker to Stevie J. Anyone got any other opinions? Thanks.


  52. If money were not a deter-ant, who would be the best 8 midfielders that will score the most points for the rest of the season?


  53. My team is:
    DEF: Goddard, Shaw, Hanley, McKenzie, Gibbs, Ellis
    (Colquhon, Wilson)
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, Watson, Cotchin, Fyfe, Priddis, T.Mitchell
    (K.Martin, Hrovat)
    RUC: McEvoy, Naitanui
    (Nicchols, Currie)
    FWD: Martin, Stevie J, Bartel, Franklin, JJK, Walker
    (Rowe, Lee)

    I only want to make one trade this week, I have $66,000 in the bank, any ideas who I should upgrade?


  54. Goddard, hibberd, birchall, shaw, Gibbs, houli, (clisby, Goodes)
    5 trades left…

    Should I go Birch up to a premo (murphy) and then Goodes down to a rook (x Richards) to free up 300k for final ups and injuries?
    that way I can use the switcheroo with Staker and Richards.
    Not sure bout leaving so few trades left. Seeing as Goodes is back this week should I just go birch to Richards this week?

    T/u – make two trades.
    T/d – just the one,free up some cash for later.


  55. So I need to fill one more premo spot on my midfield and really want to bring Watson in. I’m just very worried about the ASADA findings. I can muster up about 560k (goodbye rockliff) and already have jpk and joelwood. Not sold on cotchin or lids though. Only 6 trades left. Somebody tell me that it’s all going to be ok.

    T/U Get him in – Port this week and a proven big scorer
    T/D Not worth the risk


  56. With Ablett out, I’m going to have to use two trades to avoid doughnuts.

    How’s this?

    Birchall – Hanley.
    Shuey – any of Fyfe, Cotchin, Swallow or Sam Mitchell.



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