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  1. Into grand final with 2 trades left. Hoping the general turns up. Very selfish of me I know. Come on down sandilands


  2. Playing Big Sexy in the Major GF of my cash comp this week. $450 goes to the winner. $200 goes to the runner up. BS already looks like he’s going to take out the Most Cumulative Points for the Year award and snag himself $100 for that so its only right I take him down in grannie. With 2 trades and a little over $200k in the bank I’m feeling confident.

    For those that are interested in how we set out our comp, we all pay $50 to enter and then the prizes are allocated thus:

    $450 for the winner of the Major GF

    $200 for the runner-up in the Major GF

    $100 for the highest cumulative points score for the year (designated as Rounds 1-23)

    $50 for 3rd (designated as the higher scorer of the 2 losing Top 8 teams in Week 3 of the finals [R22])

    $50 for the winner of the Nuffy GF (the Bottom 8 GF)

    $50 for the highest one round score for the year (designated as Rounds 1-23)


  3. Got 2 trades and zero cash. Giles will have to make way

    Thumbs up – Giles to Sandilands
    Thumbs down – Don’t trust Lying, consider Jacobs v GC or Goldstein v GWS


  4. Grand Final versus much better opposition. Please help!
    DEF: Lids, Rance, Suckers, Heppell, Guerra, McMahon, S.Shaw (Hine, Paine)
    MID: GAJ, Thompson, Kelly, Murphy, Carrots, Gibson (Baguley, Crozier)
    RUC: Roughy, Mummy (Campbell, Pattison)
    FWD: Beams, Pavlich, Sidebum, Hale, Blair, Zorko, Casboult (Wilson, Couch)
    All suggestions appreciated. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. In 3 Grand finals. 2 cash leagues. No trades but still of decisions that need to be made:
    The main one I’ll be changing all week is whether to play Lake or Newman as D7?

    T/U: Lake
    T/D: Newman


  6. Four GFs for me from the five comps I’m in. Unfortunately no trades left so very concerned about ‘restings’ this week, especially as the Top 8 is already set. Got decent coverage in each line but who knows what the SC gods will deliver on Thursday night.


  7. I ran out of trades four weeks ago but have been pumping 2500+ scores for the last three weeks, thanks largely to rookies such as Zorko, Treloar & Gibson.

    So the biggest decision I’ve got to make this week is who to give the “C” to. And while Ablett against the Crows is looking like a pretty obvious choice, any one of Pendlebury, Swan or Beams could be a great unique pick this week. Here’s a bit of food for thought.

    Midfielders against Essendon in recent weeks:

    Carlton – Round 21
    Marc Murphy: 187
    Kade Simpson: 156
    Bryce Gibbs: 143
    Brock McClean: 122

    Richmond – Round 22
    Shane Tuck: ย 155
    Dustin Martin: ย 137
    Brett Deledio: 131
    Trent Cotchin: 123

    Collingwood – Round 23
    Dane Swan: ? (180 vs Ess in R5)
    Scott Pendlebury ? (143 avg in last 3 vs Ess)
    Dayne Beams: ? (in awesome form)


  8. Team currently looks like:

    B:Lids, Enright, Carrazzo, Scotland, Goddard, Shaw, Waters (Shaw, Ellis)
    M: Ablett, Pendles, Mitchell, Hayes, J Selwood, Priddis (Smith, Baguley)
    R: Cox, Giles (Campbell, Derickx)
    F: Chappy, Dangerfield, Stevie J, Harvey, Franklin, Martin, Fyfe (Cloke, Sexton)

    One trade left, 10k in the bank.

    Tossing up between Giles to Sandi or Chappy to Petrie vs GWS (I have 4 Geelong players currently in my best 22 and it has cost me a few times this year).

    TU: Giles to Sandi
    TD: Chappy to Petrie


  9. Big week this week….team holding up nicely (touchwood) haven’t had trades for 5 rounds now! Don’t know how anyone has trades left….


  10. 2 trades and 107k in the bank. Didnt score very well this week as i had a weak match in my cash league so that was the only league i really needed to win and did but lost the rest. Have some trades in mind but really not worth thinking about it til thurs when i find out if lake, pav, selwood are back and who will be rested this week.


  11. In another blow to the Cats’ finals hopes, exciting youngster Billie Smedts could miss two to three weeks if he requires surgery on a broken finger.

    Larkins said Smedts would see a specialist on Monday to determine whether he needed a screw inserted in his broken right finger, after he landed awkwardly against the Bulldogs. (from AFL.com.au – within Varcoe & Rosa injury up-dates)


  12. For my last trade, thinking of doing Watson > Swan. Watson seems to be getting tired towards the end of the season but Swan isn’t.



  13. Have 2/2 league grand finals to play. One trade left, have both Boyd and Dal Santo, both playing teams that tag and seem to quell their output – should i be worried?


  14. Was going to do Giles>maric, but have pav who may not play and have been playing births Gibson, who has done well lately until last week. Only have 1 trade. My team

    Carraz, scotl, godd, rance, shaw, deledio, enright
    Ablett, Boyd, Thompson, pendles, swan, Gibson
    Rough, Giles
    Danger, beams, pav, zorko, sideb,hale, buddy and tippet on bench
    Let me know if u have any ideas


  15. DEF: Goddard, Waters, Enright, Birchall, Carrazzo, Adcock, Harbrow
    MID: Ablett, Watson, Selwood, Boyd, Murphy, Priddis
    RUCK: Ryder, McEvoy
    FWD: Dangerfield, Beams, Sidebottom, Lewis, Martin, Goodes, Zorko.

    without the byes my average is 2,299



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