Trade Talk – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 12 2018

You still have trades? Official statement: “Then I admire your restraint & control”. Unofficial Statement: “How the @$#!, you lucky %×¢@#!”

Who is coming in for the do-or-die SC-Prelim? Who has to go?


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100 thoughts on “Trade Talk – Rd22”

    1. I’m thinking I’ll put t Mac forward and then look in the backline . I’m in same position as you have 423,000 and 1 trade cane be a fwd or back .I’m thinking Brisbane or Sydney may be the provider for the defender Aliir Alir or Cutler maybe I would also be Happy for help!!!


      1. Unfortunately i don’t have the luxury of doing that, my list short list of players to pick from is Majak, dale Thomas, Mitch Robertson an boak


  1. Will leave me with no trades, no back up on the ruck line but cover at d7 Lynch, m9 Bonar & f7 Billings for last 2 rounds!

    Ahern < Bonar ( mid/fwd GWS )
    Walters < Macrae

    T/U….Go for it Catta
    T/D….Look elsewhere Catta

    Cheers Catta


    1. Catta,

      I think you should trade in Relton Robert.

      I hear he’s fresh coming of a spell !!

      The fact I am playing you in the Cattas Challenge league this week is COMPLETELY coincidental


      1. Lol

        Awesome suggestion, Shaggi 😉

        Good luck on the week-end, our league is peaking at the right time currently 40th overall before the start of round 22!


  2. Need sub $420k Walters replacement! Last trade 🙁
    TU: Boak
    TD: Robinson
    Comment: Acres
    Feel free to suggest others not listed, thanks all!


        1. Went Big Mac catta cheers for the suggestion I was thinking Cripps or McRae so u helped the decision for the better!


  3. Who’s the best defender for $330k?

    I have one trade left, L. Murphy still on field and Lynch and Riordan for backup :/

    Somehow winning league still.


  4. 2 weeks to go, and I still have 2 trades left. At this stage I don’t think I have any injuries to deal with, and I also have swinging cover if something does come up. So, I’m starting to think a luxury trade might be in order.

    Luke Parker’s form has been so-so lately, and his record against his two remaining opponents isn’t great. I have enough money in the bank to turn him into Macrae.

    TU: Go for it.
    TD: Hold off until round 23. You never know what might happen between now and then.


  5. Out: S Martin & P Ahern
    In: B Grundy & J Madgen
    Leaves me with 1 trade for next week & 120k to get whoever I need with that trade.

    TU: go for it
    TD: reassess


  6. Fortunate to have two trades…one of which is Heater…..he or Tmac were always going this round.
    Enough cash for LLoyd, but if i go to a Crisp, I could then get menegola for the Hoff in Grand Final

    T/U Its all or nothing…get LLoyd
    T/D Go the dual option.


  7. Lambert is out for the last two, which means I’ll be getting rid of him…
    Lambert and Hurley OUT
    Menegola and TMac IN.
    TU: Good trades
    TD: reconsider


  8. Last trade Have $570k to spend looking at a mid can’t afford Macrae looking
    For a pod thinking of Seb Ross

    TU Do It
    TD keep looking

    Comment have most of the regulars any help would be appreciated


  9. FWD- Heeney, Gray, Menegola, McLean, Smith, Fritsch/Ahern
    Last trade, Fritsch out…

    T/U – Franklin
    T/D – McDonald
    Comment – Hold/Someone else


  10. Had the week off so held my two trades. $103k ITB
    Gaff needs to go. Still have Webster D6 (Lienart D7) and Fritsch F6 (Ahern F7)
    Who goes?
    TU: Webster
    TD: Fritsch

    The Gaff replacement will depend on Fritsch > Buddy or Webster > Crisp


  11. FREMANTLE gun Michael Walters is a shock chance to line-up against the Cats in Geelong on Saturday, despite previously being ruled out for the season by coach Ross Lyon.

    Meanwhile, superstar skipper Nat Fyfe is set to be back from his hamstring strain for a potential head-to-head battle with fellow Brownlow medallist Patrick Dangerfield.

    Lyon expected Walters would miss the final two rounds after appearing to ping his hamstring late in Sunday’s come-from-behind win over Carlton.

    But further investigation has revealed Walters’ hamstring is not torn, and the Dockers’ leading goalkicker will be treated for a lower buttock complaint in a bid to face the Cats.


  12. hey boys,

    business end of the season, have worked my trades nicely, 4 left and have the luxury to be unhappy:

    – TU: Use bench money to get brayshaw, swap with Hurley out
    – TD: Use bench money for Menegola, swap out Westhoff

    -Comment: Matt Crouch for Gaz


  13. Sorry for following long post
    $477.1k ITB
    1 trade must use for heater in def as bench cover is only mihocek

    When looking at a last trade its my simple belief that it is more important to look at last 3rd / 5rd avg than next opponents (coz I rate form)?

    On that basis – for the price and discounting who I have in team already, that leaves me following players to choose from to get a 90+ return based on form
    suckling 97 (3rd) / 94 (5rd)
    may 100 / 89.6 – can really spud?
    TMac 90.7 / 90.6 -goes missing?
    Johannisen 93 / 96 – yoyo?
    Walker 94 / 91 – he has nothing to lose?
    Salem 102 / 93.6 – can he keep producing?
    Himmelberg 108.7 / 91 – like his output, worried what heaters absence means?
    T Langdon 101 / 86 – unsure?

    Who would you choose? (perhaps this is where opponents do come into it)?


    1. Cuzza2.

      Out of your list I rate Himmelberg but I wouldn’t back him in this week v’s the Swans.
      Salem has been great but I’m worried Hibberd back this week
      could affect his output. Plus Melb have a very tough draw.

      I would consider Harris Andrews $391.600

      He was flying earlier in the year before his concussion.
      He has taken a few games to find his feet but he scored 91 last week.
      A high score of 152 in round 12 shows he has a huge ceiling.

      Plays the Suns and Eagles (at Gabba) in the last 2.

      If Ryan for Freo doesn’t get up he is coming into my team this week!


  14. Need a MID. Planned on trading Ahern but now that Lambert is out (would have pushed him to M7/F7) I’ll need to replace him instead.

    Better options available for his price + my bank though, so not all bad.

    Thinking GAZ with his run home. I’ll have $550k to spend.

    T/U – GAZ (super high risk…super high reward?)
    T/D – “toss a coin” btw Crouch, Beams, Zorko, or Whitfield

    *The “toss a coin” is because I’ve basically sold myself hard on GAZ, but I know that it is crazy risky. The T/D picks are all decent PODS and I’d be expecting them all to score 105+ with the chance to go large as they’ve all shown decent ceilings.

    Thanks for any input, and feel free to shout out some names that I might be overlooking below the $550k mark.


    1. All great options and will be very hard to decide on one.

      Whitfield could be a great pick/pod:
      2018 Post Bye Avg: 110.5 from 8 (low of 85 and a high of 141, 2/8 below 100, 2/8 120+)

      2018 Wins Avg: 110.38 from 13 (low of 85 and a high of 141, 3/13 below 100, 3/13 120+)
      2018 Losses Avg: 88.5 from 6 (low of 64 and a high of 113, 5/6 below 100)

      Averaging 27.4 disposals in 2018.
      SC Avg when disposals exceed 28: 115.1 from 10 (low of 95 and a high of 141, 1/10 below 100, 3/10 120+)
      SC Avg when disposals below 28: 90.5 from 10 (low of 64 and a high of 115, 8/10 below 100)

      Past 6 weeks he has had 28+ disposals for an average of 117 (low of 105 and a high of 130, 2/6 120+)

      11 100+’s in 2018 with 7/11 exceeding 110+.
      Since Rd5 only 3 scores below 90 (81,82,85).


    2. The Merrett boy has 9 tons on the trot and a couple of 120’s. Getting 30-40 each week. If he can get a sausage or two and halve his clangers…doesn’t anyone with high contested have that problem, he can get 140+


    3. With Freo and Gold Coast GAJ is a MUST HAVE if you’re in a position to get him. Or Menegola even. Danger too. Basically anyone that’s SC relevant down at the cattery as they’re likely to all go massive the next two weeks.


  15. 4 left
    This week McCrae or McDonald in, they play Sunday so I’ve benched Hurley & Coniglio. If either fail, that’ll decide my trade. If they both burn I’ll loop hole and get McDonald in as a fwd and put the E on Petracca


  16. Is there someone who could be bothered running through which premiums will score well this week specifically cause who they are playing etc? I have 3 trades left and no injuries I’m putting Hurley d Martin And d Smith all on bench as emergencies to check how they go. If they score well loophole them if they score bad trade the rookie on the field for a player who should go well this week and next week. Cash league 800$ for winner this could be of great help.

    Yeo Lloyd Hurley (loophole) Simpson Laird a brayshaw

    D Martin (loophole) pendlebury Cripps t Mitchell danger crouch congiglio Oliver

    Gawn Martin

    Mundy Billings d Smith (loophole) heeney McLean r gray


  17. Somehow looking at Brodie smith as a Smokey in the backline, easy next to games and hasn’t missed a beat since return, don’t have loyd but 10k short
    TU do it as D6/7
    TD not worth it considering other options


  18. Opponent has Grundy (who I don’t have) and Walters (who I do). Worried about Walters spudding up this week, assuming he plays. I am making one trade:

    T/U – Martin to Grundy; OR
    T/D – Walters to Menegola

    Thinking the difference between Martin in Grundy likely between 10-50 points. Difference between Walters and Mengeola probably 20-60? Tight one.


  19. Heater’s done for the year and i’m prepared to use my last trade on his replacement. With only 3K in the kitty i’m looking for a 454.1K or less defender. As it’s my last trade value is obviously irrelevant so points scoring is the only factor.

    Options as i see it are Smith, Himmelberg, Salem, Langdon, Crisp, TMac. Really don’t feel super confident picking any of them. Feel the greatest upside is in Brodie Smith so currently leaning that way. Himmelberg’s got two big games against quality teams so that means there’s more players to steal points from him. Salem and Langdon seem inconsistent. Crisp seems the most reliable. TMac, well is Hogan’s injury a boost or a bust for his point scoring in two crunch games?

    Hmmmm…. Haven’t got 6 thumb options so i’ll narrow it down to Smith vs Crisp
    TU – Get Smith
    TD – Get Crisp
    Comment – One of the other options


    1. TMac, well is Hogan’s injury a boost or a bust for his point scoring in two crunch games?
      I reckon it will be a Boost for what its worth.


  20. I will trade kelly out, most likely for Macrae, but is it worth looking at Fyfe as a POD instead?
    TU: Yes
    TD: No, too risky


  21. Heater and Kelly out 3 trades remaining money is no issue.

    Thinking of GAJ and B Smith because of their run over the next 2.

    T/U go in balls and all
    T/D play safe with Hurley and oliver


  22. Hi coaches. 3 trades and I want to upgrade my Midfield.

    Who get’s TRADED OUT to bring in Macrae?

    TU Pendles
    TD Beams
    Comments – Coniglio and Crouch


  23. Who’s scores the most from the next 2 weeks

    TU Ablett
    TD Macrae

    with Geelong having GC last round and Bullies having Rich im slightly leaning to Ablett


  24. D Yeo Laird Simpson Hurley Shaw Lloyd (Murphy Durman)
    M Mitchell Cripps Pendles Danger M Crouch Kelly Martin Gaff (Edwards: Spargo Powell)
    R Gawn Goldy (Olango)
    F Smith Heeney Westhoff Gray McClean Petracca (T Smith Ahern)

    4 trades and 50k.

    Thumbs Up
    Shaw and Gaff to Crisp and Sidebottom

    Thumbs Down
    Kelly and Gaff to Ablett and Oliver




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