Weekend Games

Written by Motts on February 20 2011

Who caught your eye that wasn’t already on the radar in the Swans and Suns’ games last night?

And who will you be looking for in the games this afternoon between the Roos, the Cats and the Dogs?


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20 thoughts on “Weekend Games”

  1. Here are my notes:
    D Swallow is ready to go
    Harris is a lock
    Watch Matera, Toy, Hunt & Krakouer in the second round
    Josh Kennedy – 274??
    Goodesy may not be done just yet
    Rohan probably not yet ready
    Jack will step up again in class this year

    Today I’m wanting to see:
    North – Anthony, Swallow, Ziebell, Petrie and of course LEVI!!!
    Cats – Enright (my suspicion is he’s going to shed $ this year), Varcoe, & Joel
    Dogs – Wallis, Djerrkura, Boyd, Higgins, Cross, Cordy, Sherman, Veszpremi, and L’il Libber.

    Altho I do admit I don’t know if all of them will be playing.


  2. Yeah its hard not to like the GC boys.
    Think its a given that Swallow and Harris should be in every side!
    I liked Matera, Toy, Prestia & Bennell. Think i will go with 2 and atm it would be Toy and Prestia as Matera looked good but still didn’t score well and Bennell is really up against Swallow and we know who wins that battle.
    Not sure on Hunt and Krak as i think the increase in pace of the H&A season will be too much for consistent scores.
    You kinda want half the GC list though as you don’t wanna miss out on that next ‘Barlow’.

    With the first round i’m still a little skeptical on the scoring (and so many stars missing), so the next few weeks will hopefully reveal some more accurate evaluations.


  3. Definately Harris and Swallow in every side. Matera, Toy, Bennell, Prestia and Zac Smith also potentials. Bock has also been a big scorer in the past so keen to see his form when he gets on the park..


  4. Hey boys,
    Any good cheap defenders under $300K? was thinking Sheppard or Laidler?
    Also who would you choose? Drummond, Hurn, Bock or Carazzo?


  5. As a Sydney supporter, I was very impressed by Everitts ball use in coming from half back.
    Anyone fancy Craig Bird? Played a ripper last night and is nicely priced at 250. If he can hold his place in the team could be worth a shot?
    And Kennedy just cemented his spot in my team….



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