Winners And Losers

Written by Duck on September 1 2013

Over to you guys o let us know how you went this year. What you expected? Better or worse than early season form would have suggested?


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86 thoughts on “Winners And Losers”

  1. 2583 / Selwood (took VC)

    Won minor GF in the SCT Cash League over Stubbsy, but lost GF in main mates league by 8 points (had won by 5 before points adjusted on R Murphy & Griffin!).

    Had Pendles as C all weekend but took the safe option with Selwood’s 127. GAJ or Pendles as C would have got me over 2600 to beat Max’s highest round score for the year – such is life. It was a great cash league and well done to Fish for winning the major GF.

    Funniest thing of the weekend was using the emergency loophole and deciding not to take Staker’s 37, only for Pittard to stink it up with 27!

    Was sitting at 3663 overall, hopefully the 2583 score can move me higher than 3135 to get in the top 1% overall. Always happy with top 1% overall as i mainly structure team for league wins.


  2. Had a decent year with a 2100 avg but my last few weeks have been my best in history.

    2685 / Ablett

    Won both Grand Finals that I was in and pumped to take on next year!


  3. 2438/Pendles

    Some absolute monster scores offset by some stinkers… very happy to finish up with a couple of 2400+ scores after a nightmare start to the finals series.

    Won the primary league GF by 32 points after trailing by 110 with a game to go. Will Minson to the rescue! No messing about with R1 next year I feel… easy choice!

    Now to see if we can squeeze all of Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood and Griffen into the starting lineup next season and still have some cash left over!


  4. 2716/Gaz

    Won the three GF’s i made it to, couldn’t be happier.

    This was my first ever effort at supercoach, didn’t even know any of the rules or players two weeks before the start of the season. It turns out my starting team was too weak, but i have managed to turn it round throughout the course of the season. I won’t make the same mistake next year.


  5. 2535/GAJ

    Came home strong to take out my main cash league ($400) and one other league (against same opponent. I was almost in tears last night, just about conceding defeat, but picked myself up today and went for a sneaky captain change, from Swan to GAJ which saved me.

    Lost to Damien (Blue Skins) in LoEC 2. Congratulations Damien. Pleased and proud just to have made this far in such elite company. Well done guys.

    I won my cricket club league minor GF (money back). But that win obviously doesn’t mean too much. It’s all about the big time.

    And finally I got defeated by a whopping 2759 in another league GF that I didn’t really care too much about as I don’t know about half of the coaches in the league. But in saying that I was still expecting to win going into it and quite unhappy at the fact that I got absolutely smashed.


  6. 2712 For me Won 5/5 major GF including SCT 3 Againt BloodsweatandBeers. Might be enough for a top 20 overall finish couldnt be happier. The $1000 from my cash league helps too 😀


  7. Only made it into two grand finals but had my best score to date and won both!

    2809/ Pendlebury

    Only Shaw, Hanley, Griffen and Martin not breaking 100. Huge scores from Montagna, Ablett, Pendlebury, Bartel, Minson and Cox. And very impressed with Walker, Gibbs, Bob Murphy, Danger, Rockliff, Goldstein. And Marc Murphy who was left stranded on the bench.


  8. 2746/Selwood…

    Spewing I took C of Ablett last minute but rapt overall….Won all my money leagues……What a year…Waiting for overall….Currently 361st if I sneak into the top 300 ill be rapt


  9. 2550/Selwood 2/2 League Wins.

    Best case scenario: 2587/Ablett

    The end of the year shines a ray of light on my season. Despite a lowish finish in most leagues (Only won 2 minor GFS), I’ve managed my best overall finish yet – I hope that possibly I might manage a top 10000 finish.

    The step up from public leagues to LoeC and the SCT leagues was huge. Despite being thrashed mid-season week in – week out, I had great fun badly moulding my team. Perhaps no one else cares for Minor League glory – but my team managed it’s highest ever score and I grabbed the Loec1 Minor Premiership (If you’re reading this, well played Luke. 2518 is magnificent) – thanks in part to my final trade – Rioli to Minson.

    Over in SCTTL, Eaglet Esquire also managed to take out the Minor GF with a score of 2500.

    My opponents used the loophole effectively, with Rockliff to Pendlebury and Selwood to Ablett. I, with the my recent track record, and projected scores, decided to play it safe. With Ablett going ballistic early (and through the game) I was worried, but I calculated that I’d be safe, even if he popped a 200+ score out (discounting unexpected injuries to my POD players)

    In the end, there were winners all over the ground (as well as a handful of losers), but overall, the shadows they cast over the ground was bathed in brilliant light.

    Let’s roll off with the villains…

    Party Poopers:

    Paul Duffield (48)
    Lance Franklin (58)
    Brent Staker (37) (E)
    Tom Mitchell (60) (E)
    Ivan Maric (68)
    Trent McKenzie (73)
    Pearce Hanley (79)

    Sufficent Soldiers
    Dayne Zorko (89)
    Dustin Martin (89)
    Brett Deledio (99)
    Josh P Kennedy (101)
    Trent Cotchin (104)
    Dane Swan (100)
    Brendon Goddard (103)

    Guards of Honour:
    Robert Murphy (122)
    Tom Rockliff (117)
    Joel Selwood (127) (C)
    Matthew Priddis (129)

    Royal Rumble:
    Bryce Gibbs (139)
    Jimmy Bartel (156)
    Will Minson (143)
    Scott Pendlebury (157)
    Dean Cox (158)
    Gary Ablett (164)

    Behind the Scenes: Jimmy Webster, Xavier Richards, Kyle Martin, Jack Osborn, Daniel Currie, Jed Lamb.

    A suggestion for the the SCT gurus… What about a post where we can analyse our Supercoach choices during the season – trades, squads etc…


  10. Catta’s Clan………..2601/Pendles,

    Won 3/5 Grand Finals, but most importantly won LoEC1 league v my good ole mate & ( Arch Nemesis ) Bearded Burblers by 150! Thanks for the battle as per usual Koray, I believe that makes it 3 all over the last few years buddy!

    Hoping to finish in the top 100 overall….

    A special mention to Motts, BS, Duck, Nath, MJ & the SCT crew for putting in the time to organize these LoEC leagues & all the extra efforts they all put in throughout the SC season…..cheers guys 🙂


  11. 2710 and won both cash leagues. Hopefully get into the top 1000 overall. Team definitely flew home.

    Will Minson, I love you.


  12. 2528/Swan Won 3/3 majors and got smashed by 150 in 1 minor. I’ll take that 🙂

    Snuck across the line in my SCT Cash League against Banjo. A 46 point win wasn’t looking likely when Swanny was spudding it up and Wilbur was tearing it up against me. Bartel, Danger & Goldy were my big PODs but I pretty tempted to hand the Norm Smith to my favourite young Eagle of all time – Blayne Wilson (google him). Stepping up to the plate with 95 after I got FURLed with Ibbotson was monumental. I may never pick him again but he’ll be the first invited to the premiership reunion.

    Good year as always guys. I’ve been a bit quiet of late but I’ll be back on board again next year.


  13. MJ and Yorga, how did you go this week? In our SCT cash league, MJ’s 49,736 was 296 in the lead for total cumulative points coming into this final round. With Banjo’s 2472, MJ would need > 2176 to get top spot unless Yorga who was 396 behind MJ has a cracking week.

    Some huge scores this week, did anyone in our Andy B’s SCT cash league get > 2600 score to knock off Max’s highest score round?

    Current Prize money stands as follows: –
    $ 400 Winner of Major GF – Fishmiers (David)
    $ 200 Runner up of Major GF – Banjokers (Banjo)
    $ 50, 3rd place (highest runner up in Rnd 22) – Hird of Me (Max)
    $ 50, winner of nuffy GF – Andy’s Saints (Andy B)
    $ 100 – Highest cumulative points – between MJ, Banjo & Yorgas
    $ 50 – Highest round score – unless 2600+ today, stays with Max (Hird of Me)

    Fantastic league fella’s. We were 44th league overall last week & i suspect we will move up this week.


  14. 2632 and won all 3 grand finals that I made comfortably. =D!

    Also great finish to the year for the Saints, with 2 wins. But Steven and Montagna, 94 possessions combined, do you guys think that’s some kind of record for most disposals by 2 teammates in a single game put together? wow.


  15. 2622/Gaz, highest score for the year and won 4 out of 5 GF’s. Lost one where opponent also scored their highest for the year, 2691. Only let downs were Barlow & Burger.

    SCTTL: 2218/Swan, took out the SCTTL3 GF and hopefully it was also enough to take out the overall SCTTL GF.


  16. 2336 (3 donuts) wasn’t in any GF’s

    Decent score considering, but nothing like what others have been scoring this week. Was ranked around 300 a few rounds ago, and top 4 in all leagues but lost all in straight sets. My teams been ruined by poor performances, injuries and rested players. Falling down the rankings and stuggling to stay in the top 1500. Last few scores have been 2207, 1989, 2101 to end the season on a bit of a low. Proud of what I’ve achieved in only my second year though considering my goal was top 15,000

    Cheers for all the work you guys do on this site 🙂


  17. The BS went 2640 in his 3 GFs and was lucky enough to get up in all 3. I took the Selwood 127 to bank it and should have held out for Yablett but can’t complain. Oddly enough I still have a trade to spare after not having any players I wanted to upgrade and no late withdrawals which is what I opted to save it for. Also, like many if you this was my highest score of the year, so pretty happy with that. Finally my two recent inclusions through injuries Hibberd & Walker finally came good.


  18. 2,387/Pendles. (Plus a donut)

    Overall Ranking: 4861 (Ave:2190.65 )

    Had 4 Major GF’S and lost all 4.
    My Opp scored as follow..

    Stingrays – 2413
    Adelaide Cows – 2563
    KuhnieVII – 2655
    Master_Coach – 2397

    What did I learn? More depth required heading into finals and at least 3 trades heading into Prelims. 30 trades is appealing at the start of the season, but using my last trade heading into my prelim is where I lost it. Should have held onto Dangerfield and Watson. Extra byes approaching the SC finals next season could help with players not being rested during SC finals campaign.

    Anyone know what the requirements are for a birth in the LoEC Leagues? Been very very keen for the last 2 yrs to test myself against the very best.


  19. 2685/selwood
    Netted 3 out of 3 grand finals with a few hundred dollars in cash league as well, very happy! Spewing lost by a few points last week in big cash league as would have won it easy today.
    Huge scores from so many players only let downs were Maric and maybe Mckenzie. Risked playing Dwyer over couch’s 60 and he returned the favour, also did the same with Aaron black in forward line. Left the vc selwood score to avoid losing lead position.

    Want to say a big thanks from all you the fellow coaches on this site as well as the admins, have been instrumental in my decision making and rarely got it wrong. Since joining the site I finished last year top 100 overall and this year 3,500th with actually a better finish results-wise. Thanks everyone, congrats on all the winners and look forward to next year. !!!! Cheers


  20. SC open but no change to the Super Round score. There’s at least two scores on here that beat it. Anyone know what’s going on there?


  21. I’ve really enjoyed my first year of SC and I’d like to thank the guys that run SCT, the articles and information here has helped me heaps, Cheers guys.

    2534/Selwood 2/2 GF’s won.

    Studs – Selwood, Cox, Bartel, GAJ, Gibbs, Hibberd, Pendles, Walker, Goldstein and a big thanks to Crouch who I stuck with all year for pumping out a 122 in the absence of Fyfe. Proved to be the difference.

    Duds – Staker , JJK, Barlow and Ross Lyon.

    Finished the year in 4878th place after a terrible start, not knowing what I was doing burned heaps of trades correcting my initial mistakes and was out of trades by round 19. Averaged 2190.57 per round and can’t wait for SC 2014 with a bit more of an idea and planning for my starting team.

    Might even print out the SC Premiers certificate lol 🙂


  22. Firstly I just want to thank everybody who makes this such a fantastic site and port o call for us SCers. Great seeing some of the scores and overall finishes. Whilst I’m not elite by any stretch I’m happy with my 6208 overall cause without this site it would have been 62208. I lost my major GF today only my 3rd loss with 2573 ironically my highest score of the year going down to my best friend which will be painful. 😉 knocked out a flag in my other league and can’t wait for 2014. Thanks all again.


  23. 2635 swan. Won 4 of 5 grand finals. Finished 1068 overall. Best season yet by far. Could of been 5 From five but changed captain to swan in a defensive move in one league that cost me in another. Think I had 14 players score higher than swan. Fyfe to montagna with my last trade paid off, just wish I had vc’d him as well.


  24. 2468/Selwood
    Won 2/2 GFs carrying a DEF donut… Got lucky with some key outs to opposition teams. Had a great deal of fun this year and the help on this site has gone a long way…
    Already suffering post season depression PSD… not to be confused with PMS

    Thanks to all the regular SCT contributors and see you all in 2014!


  25. 2257 / 21 / Griffen

    For such a round with so many monster scores, obviously not enough. Biggest mistake of course was my decision to bypass Ablett or Pendles for captain. But even with that, still would’ve lost my 3 GFs. Had a permanent donut in my backline over the last 3 weeks so to make 3GFs needed alot of luck……and that ran out this week. Still had heaps of fun with SC and this forum. Thanks for a great year and see you in SC Finals!


  26. Don’t usually put up my score but it’s my best,2756pts, good enough to win SCT1. I’m more happy with overall ranking of 534 which I didn’t think i’d get after making some bad choices. Only my second full year of supercoach, 513 ranking last year.I suppose i’m like a lot of others on this site that would like a Guernsey to LoEC League if a spot comes available.Enjoyed being on the site this year and now its time to get our Supercoach Final sides worked out.


  27. I’m part of the screwed by ross lyon crew.

    Copped a donut from ibbotson in the back and a donut from fyfe in the mid.

    Lost by 200 points. Oh well, will manage my trades and bench cover better next year!


  28. After sitting out the 2012 SuperCoach season due to having a life and cheering the Crows to within a kick of the Grand Final, I returned to the fold and with the rolling lockout introduced I’m not sure if my Saturdays or the Crows suffered more.

    Struggled in the first half of the year but with strong trading around the byes I worked my way into the top 1000 and took a trading plan into the second half of the year which would see me only trade in POD’s I cracked the top 100 at after round 19 and managed to hold on and finish in 97th for the year. Best year of my career smashing my previous PB of 952nd and surpassing all expectations for my first year back in the game.

    Don’t want to encourage anyone to take a gap year as it’s just too damn fun but a year off did me a world of good dropping all my affections with previous guns and starting afresh! Now to hold onto my number one position in EPL in the SuperCoach offseason and come back even stronger next year, just like the Crows.


  29. Had an OK year overall.

    Lowest rankings finish in four years at 1,544 and didn’t take out any premierships (except in the league with my mates who don’t really know what’s going on), but ranked in the top .5% isn’t that bad!

    Three top 20 ranked leagues is nice too (6th, 7th and 16th), I love the competition.

    Massive congrats to Catta for taking out LoEC1 this year and kudos to the whole league for finishing 7th overall. Little shattered to have finished 4th in total points but last on the ladder, but them’s the breaks!

    Looking forward to SC Finals comp and continuing 2014 preparation!


  30. 2476/Selwood

    Very happy with my year won 1/5 grand finals less than 100 points =[, duffield, Mckenzie, Fyfe/Tmitch letdowns and other premos =[

    Jimmy B

    T. Mitchell/ Fyfe

    Ranked top 300s overall =]


  31. 2467/Pendles C

    Extremely happy to have won my the GF (no thanks to Ross Lyon) with having both Fyfe and Mundy not playing leading to 1 donut with T Mitchell and JJK on the field!!

    Some massive 120+ contributions from GAJ, Cox, Pendles, Bartel, Gibbs, Danger, Priddis, Selwood, Walker and Bob Murphy and a couple of handy tons from Rocky, Goddard, Stevie J and JPK

    Looking forward to 2014!


  32. Avg: 2247
    Top score: 2675 (last round)
    Overall: 205 (100 rank jump in last round)

    Best season for overall I have had yet no grand final wins. Lost 4 prelims last week and then lost a grand final this week by 10 points.

    Lost in my cash league prelim last week, going into the last game with a 152 point lead vs Minson.

    In the grand final this week, Griffen+52 vs Minson and again Minson killed me.

    Went with Goldie over Minson earlier in the year :/


  33. At the start in my main league with my boss I would not have expected to finish 4th and then end up making it to the Granny even tho I knew I had lost the granny coz I was playing with 21 for the last 2 weeks



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