2019 JLT Series – Stats Spreadsheet

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 15 2019

Coaches……..we have really been blessed this year with so many people, not just putting in the hard yards to compile research tools, but also willing to share their work with the larger SuperCoach community.

If you’ve been following us on the site and Twitter, you’ll know that AllSaints has been producing fantastic stats throughout the JLT Series while Empr_X has been impressive with his rookie sheets among others.

Because I love a great stats sheet, we’ve got another one for you today from ‘Ando James‘ or as he’s better known on Twitter – @sirblaknight (Give him a follow if you’re on Twitter).  Click on the LINK to check out his JLT Series Spreadsheets.  If we’re lucky, he might even produce this gold on a weekly basis during the year…….fingers crossed!  Thanks again to Ando James!!


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4 thoughts on “2019 JLT Series – Stats Spreadsheet”

    1. Ando, will you be putting together a 2020 spreadsheet based on preseason scores? can you please email me the link again?


  1. The content is great lots of work massive effort well done.

    I do have a criticism though.
    Next year you should make it workable, it protected and I can’t edit which is understandable

    What I wanted to do was apply filter on the rows. That way I could filter to only show mids, def/mid, def etc. also when looking at my team I could filter names I have or names I am looking at bringing into my team. Rather than searching doing the whole thing which doesn’t fit on one page send me an unblocked version I could clean it up in 5 mins to much more user friendly version.



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