2022 Team Preview – Geelong Cats

Written by Dane on February 21 2022

Set for another push towards a flag, this ageing Cats list is still good enough to punish teams on any given day, so will 2022 be the year they finally put it all together after coming so close over the last decade? They’ve added some more experience again this off season, and there’s some big wraps on some of the younger generation coming through. With stars on every line, they’ll be heavily featured in many a Supercoach team this year, although some usual staples like Dangerfield and Hawkins probably have bigger question marks than previous years. Let’s take a deep dive into the Cats for their 2022 preview!


Feeling Lucky – Tom Stewart (585,700)
This was previously a “Lock and Load” scenario, but after a heads up on the injury front, it’s been downgraded. Coming off a career best year where he averaged 107, there’s a small little reason in his foot that may lead to the multiple All-Australian not reaching those same heights in 2022. When he plays, he’s  the Cats main man in defence with his elite reading of the play and solid disposal use, which tends to lead to extremely consistent scoring (take away the 58 against the Lions where he slung Charlie Cameron, everything else was 83 or above). He’s also fairly dependable, playing 20+ games in three of the last four seasons, but this foot issue means extra caution leading into the 2022 season. Keep a close eye on team news surrounding this, you’ll end up wanting him at some point this season.

Feeling lucky – Tom Atkins (415,700)
He’s in a super awkward price range but there was signs last season of some really good scoring potential playing off a back-flank. He’s improved his average every year in the league and is rated super highly by the Cats, which may see him sneak into the midfield more with his contested ball work and tackling can net him some extra points. To say he will win you a league as a POD is far fetched, but the potential to average close to 90 isn’t completely out of the question in my eyes.


Money Maker – Sam De Koning (123,900, DEF/FWD)
Made his debut on in round 5 last season but is still priced very low. Not saying he’ll be picked in round 1, but Geelong usually drafts extremely well and surely they’d have big aspirations for the former pick 19 who can play as both a FWD and DEF. He probably needs another pre season to bulk up but all it takes is an injury or two for him to break into senior footy. Also has the valuable DPP.


Lock and Load – Cam Guthrie (616,700)
Took another big step last year to average 113, jumping up from 103 the year before. Will be starting in the centre square and with his elite ball winning capabilities, should see more of the same in 2022. With Geelong’s midfield ageing and looking to spend more time forward, Guthrie and his castaway inspired look should see plenty of midfield minutes as he leads the new brigade of Parfitt and the younger Holmes. The only thing that worries me is his potential to see more attention from the opposition this season, but for 616K with the potential to average 110-115, he’s a safe pick.

Feeling lucky – Patrick Dangerfield (567,800)
Could well average more than Guthrie, but there has to be doubt at age 32 that he’ll see the midfield time that is generally needed to push one’s average to the elite numbers. Now on the counter side of that is that Dangerfield is a Brownlow medallist and can dominate games no matter where he plays, and even if he pulls out his usually couple of stinker scores, he still has massive scoring potential with captain worthy scores of 134, 165, 169 and 184 last season.

Brandon Parfitt (445,000)
Will turn 24 a month into the season and is almost at the 100 game milestone, so maybe it’s about time for a potential breakout? There’s a couple of things going his way: Geelong ageing on ball unit, his contested ball and tackling work and finally his price, which could grow very quickly with some big scores. The issue he does face is even with an ageing list, there’s quality players everywhere with much of the team capable of big scores even at this stage of their career, so overall will there be enough points to share around?

Money Maker – Cooper Stephens (123,900)
There’s been some good words spoken about this guy for a couple of years but between a solid midfield and not being quite ready for AFL football, he hasn’t had a go just yet. Of the bargain based options, seems like the one with the most appeal at this early stage.


Any footy fan knows that Geelongs Rick stocks have been a talking point for years now. An almost certain split between Stanley and Ceglar, with a little bit of Blicavs thrown in there, means they’re not really useful in anything but draft leagues. They’ll all pull out 100s at some point but not worth picking them.


Lock and Load – Mitch Duncan (540,000, FWD/MID)
He’s a tad older and has been more injury prone in the past few seasons, but the added bonus of DPP makes him one of the must consider forwards to start the year. Averaged 99 last season (with an injury affected 10 in there) after returning a triple figure average from 2017-2020, so you know he’s a consistent performer already. Will see plenty of midfield time playing an off-the-ball role, winning plenty of it on the outside, and with his clean disposal and superb decision making, you’ll find yourself quite contempt when watching Geelong games if you own Duncan this season.

Feeling lucky – Tom Hawkins (510,900)
Now one of the original Supercoach commandments is that key forwards are a big no no, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t outliers, and Tomahawk is one of those. A truly consistent performer, Hawkins averaged 94 last season and returned a 106 point average in 2020, so the scoring history is there, and with Geelong set to make some noise again in 2022, he’ll be on the right side of some big bags of goals to help boost his score. The issue for big forwards is they’ll score 42 one week, and then 130 the next, so do you want to deal with that for 22 rounds, or wait and see how the start 2022 pans out first?

Money Maker – Tyson Stengel (247,500)
Geelong invested in Stengle, and you just know with their history of recruiting that they wouldn’t bother with a mature age player without having a plan for them. Now while Stengle has never lit it up at AFL level he does have serious potential, otherwise this wouldn’t be the third club that has taken a chance on him. At that price, and with an almost guaranteed role in round 1, he’ll be in a lot of teams.


Currently I’m running with De Koning, while Stengle has been in and out of the forward line setup as I juggle what structure I’ll be starting with. Stewart would be a D1 lock for me, but with the foot issue in my mind, Lloyd has been his replacement.


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12 thoughts on “2022 Team Preview – Geelong Cats”

  1. I’m well aware that you probably wrote this a week or two back, but the words Duncan + calf injury came through Fri/Sat and he’s surely moved himself into “feeling lucky”. He was a lock for my fwd line but not now, too risky.


    1. Sure did RB and thanks for the heads up! I’ve been a touch behind on the injury front thus far! A calf injury for a guy of his age definitely makes Duncan much more a risk to start.


  2. Yep, had Duncan all pre season until the calf talk raised its ugly head. Replaced him with Thomas for the minute until I get more of a look at the trial games.


  3. Comprehensive again, Dane.

    Great stuff.

    Just watching the Cats’ rookies. Not interested in the aging, battered premos.


  4. Well done Dane. Thank you for your contribution.

    As a badly burnt owner of Duncan for the last two years.
    I had to laugh out loud at your typo

    you’ll find yourself quite “contempt” when watching Geelong games if you own Duncan this season.

    Haha, I sure you meant “content”

    With his calf injury it makes it all irrelevant.


  5. No Cats in the team at present, I think there will be plenty of fallen premium potential options later though. Wouldn’t be surprised if likes of Danger, Duncan, Hawkins etc are subject to a few polls and discussion here at some point. I also think there will be a week where we all bring in Stewart based on value/consistency.


  6. Well done Dane.

    Thanks for a very comprehensive preview.
    Stephens looks like a good kid, I’ve had him on my bench for a while.
    Like GD I’m very wary of starting any of the established Cats. Guthrie could average enough to be viable , I just see more potential upside in guys like Parish and Petracca for around the same price.

    When they get up and running..Duncan and Stewart are likely to manage top 3-4 like numbers ( 100-110 ) on their lines. I will be considering both ( and maybe Guthrie ) after their R13 Bye.

    Thanks again for a great Preview

    Cheers FT.


      1. I don’t remember him tagging for the last few years. Either Parfitt or O’Connor get the job in recent seasons.


  7. I’m weary of Stewart, I think he’s priced at his maximum plus coming back from a nasty foot injury. However, he says he was ready to play the GF if the cats had made it and has a history of recovering quickly. Fingers crossed!

    I’m a big wrap for de Koning. He’s beefed up, wrestling with Tom Hawkins every other day and was taking some good intercept marks in the intra-club. Geelong need another 200cm backman since Lonergan retired and he’s it!

    I like Stengel, but just not sure how he’s going to score and whether he will make as much money as a rookie. I am starting to look at Jeremy Cameron, he could be a smokey. Although it’s not very scientific… I just looked up his numbers. Averaged 81 in an injury plagued season with some very average scores. Big top end though!


  8. Great write up. Danger put up premo numbers on the run home but would take guts to pick him.

    Another rookie name there’s been some noise about is Francis Evans, a small forward.

    Only 123k but played two game last year. Battling with Stengel for a forward line spot.



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