Advising Kayley – R10

Written by Motts on May 15 2023

Kayley had a Barry Crocker this week on the back of Callum Mills’ 4 and going with Oliver’s 119 for her captaincy. She scored 1,973 but relative to the rest of the boys in her comp didn’t go backwards too far because they all didn’t have great weeks either.

The trades she made last week were: Maynard (76) to Ryan (85), Greene (DNP) to Drury (68), and using a Boost, Rachele (93) to Gulden (156). She was rapt with that last one!

So here’s where her team sits this week. What advice are we giving her for Round 10?



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13 thoughts on “Advising Kayley – R10”

  1. Drury only scored 17- I did have him pencilled in as a must in this week- but scared off due to high chance of being dropped now- although North did have a few injuries.
    I’d start by trading Mills & Chandler, and get in Coniglio & a mid.


  2. Chandler ($357,600) and McKenna ($296,000) have to go this week. I’d trade Chandler out for a $123k mid like Sharp or Tsitsas (via Davey swing). I’d then be bringing Redman ($444,800) into your backline for McKenna.


    1. Yeah Motts

      I would add in Mills and use a Boost.

      Bailey Smith and De Goey some cheap Mids to consider if it works.


  3. Would look at McKenna/Chandler out for that 200k Suns mid forward high draft pick rookie and Darcy Cameron

    Then boost to sideswap mills to your preferred mid premium


    1. Agree with boosting out those 3 players and bringing in Humphrey, just wonder if maybe Gawn is a better option instead? Still think he is amazing value. Swing Blivacs mid, Sheezel down back. Problem with that idea is that 490k ITB is a really awkward amount, looking at Liam Baker, Pendles, Redman types, Rare Gem territory


  4. If it were me, and byes in mind, McKenna and Mills (injury report pending) out for Serong and Sharp/Berry.
    If willing to use a boost also punt Chandler (or use him if Mills survives)


  5. Flick Chandler & Mckenna $653,600 $98,200 ITB = $751,800
    Use a Boost to flick Mills another $471,400
    Total Funds Available: $1,223,200

    Try for a two up and one downgrade.

    Plenty of options from that point.

    One is:
    Could move Sheezel to the Backline
    Could move Coniglio to the Forward line
    Then look at two value mid/fwds:

    e.g. Bring in:
    Sharp $123,900 which then leaves you $1,099,300 in the kitty.
    Two fallen premiums? who have the best byes for your team.
    Rozee, Andrew Brayshaw, Steele?


  6. Mills Chandler & McKenna out.
    Wilmot to DEF.
    Sharp, Merrett & Darcy Cameron in.
    About $35k left ITB
    Have to be wary of a Cincotta donut.


  7. Thank you again for the support! I think I spent the last two hours reading and thinking about these trades. Without this post and last week’s post, I probably would not have traded so much but it looks like you all agree on setting up the team for success sooner than later.

    I almost did a fun trade-in for my fellow American Mason Cox (my mom recently watched him on USA 60 minutes lol) – but – I resisted.

    Let me know if you have any last minute advice on the following plan:

    Giving Mills a rest
    Giving McKenna the Irish good-bye
    Waffled but decided to leave Chandler (that chin!)

    Humphrey (to be revealed to my league with “my humps” by black eyed peas)
    A Brayshaw
    D. Martin (even tho I traded him out earlier in the season. Now is his time?)

    VC – Oliver
    C – Gulden (playing North?)



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