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Written by Schwarzwalder on February 19 2019

(Written & Created By NatoPotato88)


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 Coming up now is John ‘Woosha’ Worsfold and his Bombers. A team looking on improving this year, some players will hopefully get a boost in their supercoach scores!


Will we see Jumpin’ Joe back in the squad this year?


“Will Daniher play Rd1 and how much time before he recaptures 2017 form?”

To start things off, Daniher at 278k is currently in 7% of teams and is looking a semi-popular midpricer. Woosha starts off by saying that ‘Joe is tracking well and the club is hopeful he will be ready for Rd1.’ Just because they are aiming for Rd1 doesn’t mean it will be at all costs. He finishes by saying,’they will be confident they will have him ready to go. It was an unknown about his form, but he still has more in him.’

As it stands it is risky having Joe in your team, so you need to keep an good eye on how Joe is coming along and whether he is right for Rd1. The way it seems is, if he is named, he has then overcome any niggles and should be right to play the season unless something else comes up. They don’t want to risk him at all costs, but be cautious with this selection. Don’t just jump on bandwagon because he is named, as you don’t know what he could be hiding.


“Is Andrew McGrath ready to be set loose in the midfield?”

‘McGrath spent most of his midfield time on the wing last season and he has mainly been doing his training on the wing over the preseason.’ He is definitely expected to get a lot more time in the midfield this year, and is in better positions for more of an attacking impact.

His scores from last year however, are concerning with only 3 tonnes, twice in the 90’s and then everything else 80 or under. That’s 15 scores under 80 and of those, 8 were under 60. He is sitting in 11% of teams as it stands, but those scores from last year aren’t very appealing. Is it one year too early for McGrath? Would the likes of Newman or Williams be better options? I can see McGrath improving but will it be enough for a price rise as he is valued at 384k.  McGrath only reached that price at the beginning of last year because he started at it. Watch closely


“Which of the first year players look most likely to debut early?”

These are the questions I like to see! Sadly, anyone of them could put their name up for selection at the current stages and Woosha doesn’t think any of them will force their way into the 1st team for Rd1. He follows up with comments on Irving Mosquito ($117k MID/FWD) on how he is an exciting young player and will bring something to the competition but still doubts a Rd1 selection. He is yet to show how well he performs, as he hasn’t had the clearest opportunity yet. You can look at Mosquito as potentially a good downgrade rookie target as that DPP status gives him a lot more value.   Hopefully he gets a game at some stage……..


Francis is sure to see more game time in 2019


“How’s Stringer and Francis tracking?”

Stringer isn’t really SC-relevant and is more likely to be spending more time in the forward line now that the midfield has been strengthened with Shiel. It may free him up a bit more in the forward half. He does contribute to some of the on-ball work, so he will be on-ball at some points of the year, but steer clear of Stringer in SuperCoach.

As for Francis he is an intriguing prospect for SuperCoach. Having only played 5 games last year (the last 5), he came home with a 72, 42, 86, 94 and 104. It shows some real promise and he was Pick 6 in the 2015 Draft. The reason he was missing was not due to injury but mental health issues and he requested to go back to SA in 2017. It shows his body has held up well and he’s changed mentally, but only playing ten games in three seasons gives little information. He is having a good preseason, so are you game enough to back Francis in at $351k with another 8% of Coaches?


Woosha sharing a laugh with his most SC-relevant player……


My favourite comment is pretty irrelevant, but it came from Devon Smith about where he would play. Woosha said they might start him in the back pocket and it was like a joke to Devon, so no dramas. However, I was told by Matteo that “Woosha doesn’t joke.” So, you never know……….Matteo might be right.

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7 thoughts on “Ask The Coach – Essendon”

  1. Great stuff Nato. Merrett maybe, but no other Bombers for me. Langford is on my Watchlist and Daniher once he has some games into him.


    1. I’m considering Devon even though Shiel has come into the side, as I can’t put any faith in the other forward premos. I have Heeney and Danger but then who is 3rd? Devon looks the best for me and I still expect him to score well enough even though he may drop slightly


      1. Mundy? I’ve gone right back to where I started on the Team Picker … Tim Kelly!
        Yes they all have the same bye, but I should be able to shift at least one of them into the MIDs that week.
        I know Smith will tackle everything in sight, but am just not convinced. If his DE shoots up then you’ll be on a winner no doubt, but I’d rather wait and see.


        1. Mundy has been a thought, but it is tough on who to pick. Since I have a soft spot for Devon, that is why he is in the team. Have to wait and see how FURL plays Mundy in the JLT and how much time Devon spends forward.


    2. Merrett is a lock for mine while Fantasia & Parish are outside chances with Langford for mine as both had fantastic post-bye averages in a team more likely to resemble 2019 Bombers.


  2. “Woosha sharing a laugh” …follows up with ‘woosha doesn’t joke’.

    I am so confused I don’t know where I live or what my name is.

    Big bombers fan, and really wanted to find room for Moe Daniher and Pidge McGrath in my starting side, but just too much risk. Will keep an eye on them though, hope they tear it up!


    1. You never know with Woosha

      When I saw the comment about Devon my first thought was how serious should I take it? I was probably taking it too seriously at first, but now I think it is nothing. However, it sits in the back of my mind because of Matteo……



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