Breakout City #7 – Luke Davies-Uniacke

Written by Chillo on February 16 2021

In this ten-part series, we’ll try to find you that elusive breakout contender, the underpriced and undervalued gem who could decide your Supercoach season’s fate. Some basic criteria (which are a little flexible):

  • Player is entering their second, third or fourth season in the league,
  • Starting price somewhere between $350K and $500K, and
  • Averaged somewhere between 70 to 90 ppg the previous season.

Next up is a Roos midfielder ready to come of age….


2021 Starting Price: $432 800 midfielder

Scoring History (most recent first): 80.6 (9 games), 63.0 (14), 40.4 (7)

Why he will BREAKOUT this year: The much-hyped LDU was taken by the Roos at pick 4 in the 2017 draft, with the expectation that he could be the most AFL-ready player drafted that year. That hype turned out to be a horrible trap as Davies-Uniacke spluttered his way through his rookie season and the next as well, with a combination of injury, lack of confidence, and poor team performance contributing to sub-par performances. Groin soreness forced Davies-Uniacke to take some time off at the start of the 2020 season, but when he returned we saw a much improved version of this undoubted talent as he formed a promising midfield combination with the likes of Jy Simpkin and Jed Anderson. Davies-Uniacke is a contested ball specialist which equates to lots of Supercoachy goodness, and early signs are that he has finally got his body right for the rigours of a full AFL season.

Why he won’t: One, North Melbourne are not a very good football team, and two, no dual position status. I’m fully expecting big things from Davies-Uniacke this year though, and all you draft coaches need to stay awake during the later rounds if his name is still on the board.

VERDICT: The Shinboner hierarchy will be hoping for an injury-free year for this man, who showed some exciting signs last year that he may be finally living up to his pre-draft reputation. If he can add a greater defensive presence to his ball-winning abilities, there’s a future premo on the cards here.

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5 thoughts on “Breakout City #7 – Luke Davies-Uniacke”

  1. I think the issue comes at his price point. At $423K he’s not likely to generate 100K to be a stepping stone to a premo mid so the question is can he be a top 10 mid which most would quickly say no, not this year at least.

    I’d expect and am super hopeful that his game picks up like Simpkin did last year but like Chillo said he doesn’t get a DPP so he’s a no for me.


  2. I just dont think any of the guys in this price range average well enough, midfield isnt the position to stuff around.


    1. A lock? Really? Hadn’t even come into my considerations. As Shaunpro1 says above, the midfield is not where you mess around. At Simpkin’s price ($499,700) you’re buying him for the season so the question is do you think Simpkin is a top 10 mid this season? I’d say no (as a North supporter i bloody hope he is though!). He might be top 15 or 20 but top 10. For me if he averages 100, maybe 110 at most. If you discount his two injury effected games from last season his average was 98.

      For me at that price point Rowell is a far less risky option with far greater ceiling plus you’ve got the benefit that if it doesn’t work you’re with the masses on it. One thing i learnt last year is a POD is great when it works but when it fails you are on your own in your misery and you ground fast.



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