Captaincy Candidates – Round 20

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on July 28 2022

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

STEELE v Hawks

  • L3 v Hawks: 125, 91, 111 (109 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 133, 109, 107 (116 av.)

After a flat return, Steele’s back. 40 touches, 11 clearances, 8 tackles and 143 last week. A great sign that he popped off in a match up we expected him to. Should do the same to the Hawks this week. 140.


  • L3 v Hawks: 135, 108, 86 (110 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 133, 110, 150 (131 av.)

Didn’t feast as much as expected last week. Perhaps because with the sparing entries West Coast do get we’re oddly efficient? The Hawks developmental, care free style still sees them leak possessions and points at all ends of the ground. Sink can go 130 like he did in Round 4.


  • L3 v Cats: 109, 143, 122 (125 av.)
  • L3 @ GMHBA: 143, 96, 81 (107 av.)

Two consecutive Atlas performances for 181 and 161. No need to take his foot off the gas now. Blicavs been used defensively but not sure he gets cast in that role with Ceglar likely to ruck for the first time. Would just be a VC, so no risk and Bont a look for 125+.

Captaincy Candidates

MILLER v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 137, 80, 98 (105 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 135, 150, 100 (128 av.)

Forgot what a god Miller was didn’t we? 34 touches, 13 contested and 157 with Berry thrown to him late. Will decimate the Eagles at home no questions ask. Sails to 140.

NEALE v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 107, 149, 190 (149 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 111, 157, 190 (153 av.)

Carves it up against the Tigers and at the G as well. Really comfortable for a 140 with the Tigers a wounded animal.


  • L3 v Roos: 114, 117, 68 (100 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 136, 91, 108 (112 av.)

Looked to be constrained his use early last week, sitting on 27 from 13 touches at on point. Added a little grunt, polish and length to power through for a 133. Always give premo MIDs a look against North, 135 for Zerrett this week.

Steer Clear

SATAN v Dockers

  • L3 v Dockers: 113, 122, 94 (110 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 99, 98, 99 (99 av.)

By no means a hard steer clear, but doesn’t love Optus and just recall the Dockers threw Aish onto him last time they played and derailed him from a 140 trajectory. Fine to open your round with him, just be cognizant of a potential move mid-game. Still tons.

Smoky Pick

WALSH v Crows

  • L3 v Crows: 89, 131, 84 (101 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 115, 83 (99 av.)

Came back on after that ankle scare and somehow played better! Provided there’s no issue there, then the Crows make a habit of getting torn to shreds by slick MIDs with large tanks. Walsh to throw down for 140+ if he’s on early. Honestly, even Cripps could go okay!

LAIRD v Blues

  • L3 v Blues: 123, 109, 136 (123 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 154, 130, 136 (140 av.)

Also need to chuck in Laird to cover my bases. Blues been a steer clear for VC/C-ing MIDs into but much like the Swans last week Laird is just insane. 120 at a minimum.


Miller into the Neale the ideal combination this week, but perfectly fine if you’re liking VC action on any of the earlier options.


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43 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 20”

  1. In regards to the Miller / Neale VC/C loophole, it would be super risky for me (and most others I imagine) as I would have to C loophole tunstill in the midfield (with the E on Neale), and would remove MacDonald as my bench cover if Walsh is a late out.

    Have been using teakle as my low-risk ruck loophole but he’s been on early games lately!


      1. Touk’s game all but over before Lions play.

        Ludicrous comment….

        Miller into Neale a great play.


  2. Laird into Miller for me this week.

    Ideal world would love to go Miller into Neale but overlapping games makes it hard.


    1. 100% agree.

      Miller (vs WCE) into Merrett (vs Norf)

      Oliver is worth a look, but his broken hand worries me, he started on fire last week, but faded badly as the hand started to hurt.

      Gawn is also worth a look, but against Darcy and Meek he won’t be getting it all his own way



    Is anyone NOT actually watching Neighbours tonight?

    …..and a list of situations that got you out of it…….(pleeeassse)


  4. Awesome as usual GD.

    Cripps a smoky v Crows with Hewett out again? Went 151 granted at MVL rd 8…..could be a hail mary for Elim matchups! Will keep him in my back pocket


    1. Yeah, gave him a sparing mention. Looks very gassed and a ways off his form back in Round 8 though.

      With the safety of Neale and Miller, it wouldn’t be the worst dice roll. Don’t mind it…


  5. After the way Sinclair molested us last time (had great seats to witness it), I think Finn Maginness is going to him this week.

    If I grab Stewart, Stewart VC -> Merrett

    Otherwise, Neale -> Merrett


  6. Thanks GD 🙂

    Some great VC/C options this week – with Laird, Steele, Touk, Neale & Merrett all looking very strong to go 125+.

    My biggest issue is who to loophole for the VC/C – unless either M Rioli (M/F) or D’Ambrosio (DEF) don’t get a game (& are also not a possibility for a Medi Sub).

    The other players probably out of my side for this weekend all play early games:

    Worner (M/D – Frem – fri night game)
    Teakle (R/F – port – sat morning)
    Owens (MID – St K – sat afternoon)
    Hewett (carl – sat night)

    I’m expecting Culley & Cumberland to both play again this week, so probably need either M Rioli or Ambrosio to not be named – if I want to take advantage of the really good “later in the round” VC / C options

    Funny to be praying for someone not to be named at this time of the year 🙂


      1. Hey Brett

        looking at Sunday benches , I think Mass and Rioli jr could both be candidates for the Medi sub.

        I have the same problem. Might be forced to look at Oliver or Petracca as VC Friday night. Hamilton is my only bench player not listed to play or as an emergency.


        1. Thanks Freo Tragic 🙂

          I agree – unfortunately we can’t rely on either Massimo or Rioli Jnr to miss completely this week 🙁

          So I only have Hewett to use as my non player – and Carlton play in one of the Saturday night games.

          Which restricts me to either Oliver (vs Frem @ Optus) or Lukey Parker (vs GWS @ SCG) or Sinclair (vs Haw @ Marvel) as my VC?

          So may have to VC Oliver versus your mob on Friday night, and (as GD points out) hope that Aish doesn’t go to him.

          And then if the VC fails, it is “decision time for my Capt” this week between:

          Laird vs Carl at AO
          Miller vs WCE at Metricon
          Neale vs Rich at MCG
          Merrett vs Nth at Marvel

          There is no doubt I will somehow pull the “wrong rein” in amongst those 4 !!


  7. “Traditionally we don’t tag.. I’m not sure you can tag him either”

    Adam Simpson on Touk Miller


    1. Like that, Stewy. Couldn’t squeeze your boy Mills in but should pop off v Giants if you roll them early.


    1. Brayshaw been so disappointing lately. A inside premo MID should have gone 130 v Tigers last week.

      BRAYSHAW v Dees

      L3 v Dees: 100, 125, 118
      L3 @ OS: 96, 134, 135

      Think the candidates in the article are all well ahead of him, but up to you for the VC.


    1. Doesn’t exactly work like that. When Satan is tagged the Dees engine room suffers. Losing your #1 clearance/contested player means less chances to chain up and win clearance and contest.

      When Satan was tagged v Dockers last time Racca scored 53.

      Now, could still randomly fire up on a Friday night but don’t draw a line between Satan tagged and Racca scoring well.


  8. Thoughts on Stewart coming back after a 4 week holiday. For me VC on Stewsrt into Miller against West Coast


    1. Stewart a great candidate, just couldn’t squeeze him on ownership. Ceiling unlocked at home; got a 161 average in his last 3 there.

      Definitely worth considering if you’re bringing him in this week.

      STEWART v Dogs

      L3 v Dogs: 39, 120, 104
      L3 @ GMHBA: 174, 122, 187


  9. Can throw Andy B in the steer clear too after burning me the last two weeks!!

    Sinclair into Neale for me. 🙂


  10. All my non playing players are in the early rounds, so very restricted on VC options.

    Thinking about a Hail Mary option of Luke Ryan tonight vs the Dees. Ryan has scored 128 in his last 2 games and the Dees tend to give up big numbers to opposition defenders.

    If this fails I can captain Stewart, Laird or Miller.

    Will be pretty unique if Ryan goes huge!


  11. Say I’ve got an e on two people on the same line. One dnp will I get the score from the playing e? Or the dnp e?


  12. Guys thoughts on who to C between zerret, touk or Neale? I need the guy who will go 16 points better than Lairds 144 to win my matchup this week… thanks!



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