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Written by Father Dougal on June 22 2022

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Hi Everybody!

So, remember last week, when I suggested Luke Jackson in the dodgy advice section?


Well, that advice is now getting promoted.


Oh come on, I do not think that is gasp-worthy.


Ok, maybe. So….If you have lots of trade left, well, nevermind. But for most of us, trades are getting scarce and the ruck carnage has been pretty epic. I could swear I had like 5-6 play rucks at one point….

Anyways, Luke Kackson and Todd Goldstein cost a combined $914,100. Butters and Preuss sell for a combined $915,100.  That’s a sign!


Um, get two ruck forwards into your team because you may need them?

At this point having say English and those two, and a rookie Ruck/Fwd playing or not, may be the best chance of having two playing rucks each week. If you have Witts even better, as you only need one of three to cover the ruck and the others can, hopefully, play forward. Yes, Jackson may go back to being a backup when Gawn gets back


…ok, I’m gonna go with when….

Up to 8 rounds right? That’s back R23. And who says it will be just 8?

Ok….so it could be less….but ok, well, at this point I will take Jackson for however long Gawn is out and then either playing forward or just being looped or cover.

That was awfully specific. Don’t you usually try to give general useful stuff rather than tell people to do a specific thing?

Well, yeah

It’s not like you do that well that you should be giving do this sorts of stuff.

Yes, I know, very much know thank you.

So you should point out how useful DPP is right about now, and that keeping someone with a DPP and job security might be a good idea, and that making sure you can somehow cover short term injuries is getting more and more important. 

Um, I think you just did.

Go me! 




Noah Answerth: Did not play

Jake Bowey: Did not play

Heath Chapman: Did not play

Sam De Koning: Did not play

Josh Gibcus: Well….he is at the toppish of his range, could make money, but if you are keeping him now it is probably for cover. If a good downgrade target shows up, he’s a good candidate to go. Of course he has good job security as far as I know.

Mitchell Hinge:  Did not play

Patrick McCartin: Sell now or hold long term I think. Not looking like he’ll make a lot more ash anytime soon.

Nathan O’Driscoll:  Did not play

Kidean Coleman:  Did not play

Jacob Wehr:  Gets added next week. Nobody trade him this week!


Jarrod Berry:  Did not play

Jye Caldwell: Well! Nice for those who has him for R14 cover.  Could be wrht holding for cash, but he won’t make so much that I;d hold off an important move to get more cash from him.

Nick Daicos: Did not play

Thomson Dow: Did not play

Dylan Stephens: Did not play

Josh Ward:  Did not play

Ben Hobbs:  Well, he is a playing DPP.  Probably will make a little more cash, but again, not enough to hold for if you need it this week.

Brady Hough:  Did anyone keep him until now? If so he may finally make money for you.

Robbie McComb:  More valuable for his role and DPP than cash at this point. 

Greg Clark: If he plays he stays….



Hugh Dixon:  Did not play

Tristan Xerri:  Did not play

Sam Hayes: Did not play.

Braydon Preuss:  Did play, briefly.  So…..Holding him a round, if you can cover him, is not that bad an idea. But, argh, hard to keep from replacing him and stopping the stress. But, one few trade, stress.  Big guys getting hurt in the load bearing parts is never good.



Charlie Curnow: Sell right now unless you plan to keep him, which seems maybe not ideal. But, if short on trades, not the very worst idea.

Jade Gresham: Suddenly looking like a keeper. Heck, he could even be brought in as a keeper.

Nicholas Martin: Looks a lot like a sell. Not scoring that well, is a rookie and likely to slow down, and lose money and not DPP

Josh Rachele: He played? Still putting up small forward scores though. But he is splaying

Hugo Ralphsmith:   Playing still

Malcolm Rosas:  Did not play.


Please let me know if I missed someone or messed something up.


Dodgy Advice: 

Yeah, see the main post……


Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Cow Talk R14->15”

  1. Love your work as always Father.

    Have now locked in my Rozee to Jackson trade.

    Rozee was my 23rd premium to cover MID and FWD but to cover the donut I’ll have to get Jackson in.



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