Father Dougal’s Last Minute Team Picker

Written by Father Dougal on March 18 2021

Hi Everybody!


As is now tradition, here’s my hopefully helpful guide to picking a team at the last minute. Want to play but just signed up? Not had any time to research? This picker will help you get a team that is safe and follows conventional wisdom about team picking. There is a say that your starting team won’t make you win, but it can make you lose.  This is intended to help you not lose.  

Rookies are the basis of all teams. We need to start with those.  This year is a rough year for rookies, so we’re going to need some expensive ones to help out.  Mostly these are just the most popular at the time I’m writing.  


In Defense take: 

D4- Hayden Young 

D5- Jordan Clark

D6- Thomas Highmore

D7- Jacob Koschitzke

D8- Aiden Fyfe  (non-playing loophole) 


In the Midfield take: 

M5 – Errol Gulden

M6 – Tom Powell

M7 – Anthony Scott 

M8 – Paddy Dow

M9 – Connor Downie 

M10 – James Jordon 

M11 – Tanner Bruhn


In the Ruck take: 

R3 – Matt Flynn


Up Forward take: 

F3 – Jack Ziebell

F4 – Joe Daniher

F5 – Braeden Campbell

F6 – Chad Warner

F7 – Tyler Brockman

F8 – James Rowe


That should be 18 players selected with $6,975,100 left

If you want to just fill in the rest, then you now have a solid base to do that from.

Let’s complete the team with solid premiums. Normally I do a lot of this guy or that guy at this point, but this year I’m putting down specific ones and then listing some options afterward. 



D1 – Jake Lloyd

D2 – Rory Laird

D3 – Jordan Ridley



M1 – Lachie Neale

M2 – Clayton Oliver

M3 – Jack Macrae

M4 – Zach Merrett



R1 – Max Gawn

R2 – Brodie Grundy



F1 – Patrick Dangerfied

F2 – Dustin Martin


That fills the team up with just $6,300 left! 


Next put the VC on Grundy and the C on Gawn

Put Es on: Jacob Koschitzke, James Jordon , Matt Flynn, and Tyler Brockman


You should have something that looks like this:

(You can right click to open in a new window to see it larger)

The exact order of cows on the bench does not matter, as long as you have the E on the right one. 

If Grundy has a huge score you want as your captain score, Put A Fyfe on the field, and put Highmore on the Bench with the E one him, Then make A Fyfe the captain. 

So, not a lot of free cash to make changes.  Obviously you can change what you want, but here are a few I can think of offhand:


Rolling team announcements

One challenge this year will be teams not being named until the day before. The above rookies are mostly named already. If one missed be sure to note that and replace them with someone who has been named.  I did not put in any Port rookies because we don’t know if they will play any. If they do, you can bring them in for rookies you do not like, or for the $200+ players and free up funds for elsewhere. 

Players you might like better, who are not too high risk



Tom Stewart

Caleb Daniel

Jayden Short. 

Hunter Clark


If you hate Young or Clark, you can swap them for Butts, who has good job security although not a lot of scoring / earning potential. Nikolas Cox is maybe ok if you hate both of them. 



Marcus Bontempelli

Jack Steele



Riley O’Brian (but really, just stick with G & G)



Josh Dunkley


Players you might like better, who are sort of kind of dodgy


Orazio Fantasia


Josh Kelly

Nat Fyfe

Patrick Cripps

Matt Rowell


Paul Hunter (not that dodgy but might lose his job when the other StK rucks get back)



Tom Hawkins

Dayne Zorko

Issac Heeney

Zac Butters

Jordan De Goey

This team is heavy on bigger established players like Lloyd, Neale and Dangerfield. Expensive but good. There is nothing very “clever” about it, the idea being you can start like this and be ok to play the rest of the season. 

Sorry for the new “pick these exact guys and then adjust” approach, but it wasn’t working well to do it the other way.

Rookies are always hard to predict, feel free to move those to anyone you like better. 

Ok, That’s it for this year. 


Thanks for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Father Dougal’s Last Minute Team Picker”

  1. Jeez that’s a handy side there!! Haha
    Makes me re think my side a little!

    TU : Neale & L.jones

    TD : Walsh & Hunter clark

    I still have MacRae Oliver Gawn Grundy as captain options. Neale with a niggle is worrying and hunter Clarke means I don’t have to field two rookies down back which is a huge bonus.. also Clarke looks to have a CBA and midfield role at the saints.
    My midfield is Oliver MacRae Merrett Rowell and one of Walsh/Neale


      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence FD.
        I’m going to lock in Clarke and Walsh. I have them combining for 200 points and rock solid JS Vs Neale and kozi for 175ish and cruddy JS.



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