Flavour of The Week – Rd 20

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 11 2015

G’day Supercoaches!

The SC Gods are a fickle bunch. They left us without Fyfe, Beams, Wines, Buddy, Lids, Murph & Nic Nat all in the one round. After all the taunting from ‘ARC’, it seems they might be gracing us with some good luck this week. The imminent return of Fyfe, the possible return of Buddy, Lids and Murph and no major injuries/suspensions of note to SC-relevant players…………the SC Gods may have finally heard our prayers!! By now you have your team at full strength. If trades need to be made, it’s probably to plug a hole somewhere or upgrade your weakest link. Just a quick overview this time around. The Top 10 Most-Traded-IN players are (SC Gold at 8pm on 10.8.15):

1 – Shaun Higgins (NTH $528,900 DEF/FWD)
Never thought I’d see the day where he was No.1 on this list 😉 Usually he’s on the way out of our teams. If you took the chance on him at the start of the season at $411k then you’ve done well. Has played all 18 games at an average of 98.33 (never thought I’d say that either). Second-highest scoring defender with a three round avg of 124! Last four opponents: STK, FREO, DOGS, RICH.

2 – Patrick Dangerfield (ADE $621,900 MID)
Smashing it this year! Played all 17 (Crows) games at an average of 120. Five Round Average of 128! Last four opponents: ESS, BRIS, WCE, GEE.

3 – Brenton Payne (STK $102,400 MID/FWD)
In no danger of playing this season, is purely being used as a downgrade target & loophole option. Last four opponents: doesn’t matter 😉

4 – Rory Atkins (ADE $148,400 MID)
Has played the three games and had a price rise, but only really made an impact against the Tigers. Only the one clanger from 24 disposals for his 89 pts on the weekend. Last four opponents: ESS, BRIS, WCE, GEE.

5 – Bachar Houli (RIC $438,800 DEF)
Third-highest scoring defender for the year, having played all games for an average of 96.28. Last three games: 90, 96, 103. Still great value at $438k. Last four opponents: GCS, COLL, ESS, NTH.

No.6 – 10: Liam Picken (DOGS $525,200 DEF), Jonathon Marsh (COLL $123,900 DEF/FWD), Tom Fields (CAR $102,400 DEF), Dustin Martin (RIC $505,300 FWD/MID) & Billy Evans (BRI $124,900 MID)

If you haven’t already gone through the previous threads this week, SCT kicked up the weekly winner! Sodes didn’t just pull out a massive 2878 to take out the $3K. He also shot up the rankings to No.6 overall, only 62 pts off top spot!! Special mentions must also go to Andy B (no.18, 311 pts from top spot), Viper Death Squad (no.22, 346 pts behind) & nickoless (no.26, 398 pts behind). Four rounds to go (for overall) and SCT has four genuine chances to take out the $50K………just an awesome effort from you guys!! Very proud of your efforts and we wish you all the best of luck!!

Are you bringing in anyone this week? Need to make that final upgrade? Do you even have any trades left? Let us know in the poll below. As always, feel free to add your thoughts/questions in the comments below.

On a final note, this is the last Flavour of The Week post for 2015. It’s summer here in Germany and I’ll be off on holiday for a couple weeks. Heading to the beach up north……yes, even Germany has beaches 😉 I’ll still be floating around the site till seasons end, just won’t have the time for these larger posts. I‘d like to take this opportunity to thank Motts and MJ (!!) for letting me ramble on their site on a weekly basis. Many thanks to Badger, Thommo and Father Dougal for their outstanding contributions this year! And to you, the reader, thank you very much for coming back each week! More importantly, thanks for your critique and input……..without it, this site wouldn’t be the same. Good luck for the rest of the season, Supercoaches! I wish you many premiership Cups (and possibly, $50K!)………..


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28 thoughts on “Flavour of The Week – Rd 20”

  1. Shaun Higgins is the most popular ‘in’ this week – never thought I’d see the day.
    Thanks for all the Flavours this year, it’s been essential reading and always interesting to see what the most popular moves are each week.
    Side note – judging by your handle, I assume you’re based in SW Germany? I visited the Black Forest many moons ago – very beautiful part of the world.


  2. Interesting to see Payne on the list. If you’re going for a cheapo for loophole purposes it’s a great idea but I reckon people have plumped on the wrong guy.

    For loopholes you want a guy who is playing on Sunday’s and three teams play Sunday’s for the next three weeks – West Coast, Fremantle and Melbourne. Amongst those teams, there’s one guy who is dirt cheap who is also DPP.

    Everyone, meet Corey Adamson from the West Coast Eagles, a def/mid priced at $102,400.


  3. Can I please get a thumbs up for Schwarzwalder who has done a magnificent job this year with the FotW posts? Thank you mate! They have absolutely rocked the site.


  4. Schwarz you are amazing – have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and your wisdom. Sometimes we take for granted the time and effort people put into these weekly posts. Incredible commitment, thanks again mate!


  5. Cant real afford any of them, I am short 1 premo in my back line with 3 trades left
    I’m going

    out Steele and Colquhoun
    in (via mckenzie) Marsh and Simpson

    leaves 1 trade (obviously) and 14k in bank to cover injury.

    Final team
    Shaw,Houli,Rance,McDonald,Gibson,Simpson (Beasley, Marsh)

    Pendles,Priddis,Dangerfield,Fyfe,Kennedy,Selwood,Bontempelli,Lewis (Maynard,McKenzie,Harmes)

    Goldstein,Maric (Wright)

    Swan,Martin,Gray,Dahlhaus,Zorko,Gawn (Daniel,Cox)

    Hopefully enough to win my leagues.


  6. Thanks for your weekly posts Schwartzwalder. Thanks also for rubbing in the fact that you’re warm while we’re freezing our butts off!


  7. Schwarzwalder,

    Thanks for all your work this year. It’s been a pleasure having you on board and you’ve brought a sensational amount of flair to the weekly SCT landscape. It hasn’t simply been the FOTW posts, but plenty of QxQ scores throughout the season. You and Chonks have been phenomenal.

    Enjoy the holidays and rest up for another massive SC season in 2016!



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